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You fall in myths about female fertility? Discover the truths

Myths, rumors and legends are part of human society for many years. How could it be, they are also present in the lives of women, especially the psychological impact those who wish to become mothers. Did you know identify the truths and myths about female fertility ?

The use of certain medication, a certain sexual position, age , alcohol consumption and even the weight of the woman. Which of these situations fit between the myths about female fertility ? Believe me, there are some truths between what seems just rumor.

According to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 80 million couples worldwide with fertility problems. For this reason, experts recommend that a physician be sought if a couple, apparently with no history of factors related to fertility, face a year of pregnancy attempts without success. To understand what these factors are, it is important to know more about the myths about female fertility .
Truths and myths about female fertility

Prepare a list of truths and myths about female fertility for you better understand everything about a possible botched attempt pregnancy. Stay informed and be successful in their quest for motherhood!

1 Prolonged use of birth : ever you may have heard that prolonged use of contraceptive pill causes infertility. But this is just myth! There are already studies that suggest the opposite, that the contraceptive protects female fertility. But be careful: the pill does not replace condoms in preventing

2 Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs : this is another of the myths about female fertility . Although its consumption is bad for health, no study proves the interference of substances on fertility. What can happen, however, are negative impacts on pregnancy, raising the risk of malformation of the baby.
3 The influence of the weight of the woman : she being far above or far below the ideal weight, the woman may present absence of ovulation. It is myth, not! Body fat (missing or in excess of it) can interfere with hormones that act on the menstrual cycle by stopping ovulation.

4 Polycystic ovary syndrome : is it true that women affected by the condition can not become pregnant. What happens is that the carriers of the syndrome tend to ovulate less. Thus, the condition reduces the chances of a pregnancy, but does not stop.

5 Advanced age : age really interfere, but only in female fertility. The woman does not produce new eggs, and of course, the amount will fall over the years. 

 Already the man renews his sperm every 65 days.
6 Sexual intercourse in the fertile period : is myth to think that they are guaranteed pregnancy. Even among young couples, the chance of success in the first month is only 20%. However, a unique relationship in the month can result in pregnancy.
Other myths

Also part of the relationship myths about female fertility two alleged ajudinhas: eating aphrodisiac foods or practice a particular position during intercourse. None of them is able to help or hinder fertilization.

Another myth is the idea that those who have suffered a miscarriage is less likely to get pregnant again. What can lead to infertility are the procedure sequelae post-abortion.

Also, contrary to what many think, it is possible to get pregnant with only one ovary and tube, as well as the use of the morning after pill does not lead to infertility, although his frequent use is contraindicated.

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