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5 The main advantages which can be obtained using rowing machines
At a time when not rowing season, paddlers are not the only ones who can benefit from the rowing machines .

In fact, the main 5 benefits that can be gained by using rowing machines, can help anyone who wants to engage in a general fitness . Rowing movement involves several major muscle groups and help you develop both your upper body and the lower part. Even more - rowing machines makes your heart and lungs to work, giving a serious aerobic workout.

Benefits to be obtained by using rowing machines:

1 Effective aerobic training. Due to the fact that the movement would involve the use of so many major muscle groups, rowing device is an effective way to speed up the heart rate and increase oxygen intake. Adjustable resistance, which is available for most rowing machines,

allowing you to easily reach your target heart rate, as well as slow down the recovery back to in a heartbeat. Some of these home gyms devices to be equipped with a wireless heart rate chest belt to help you monitor your heart rate hands-free.

2 Effective calorie burning. Training on rowing machines burns about 600 calories an hour. It is much more effective than many other home gym equipment in the relevant market has to offer. On the stationary exercise bike without hand involvement should you train for about an hour and 18 minutes to achieve the same result as the rowing simulator.

3 upper body physical fitness improvement. As you suspect, rowing device provides proper upper body workout. They involve the rhomboid muscles in the shoulders, upper back muscles trapezoidal back in wide and the muscles in the lower back. Your biceps, chest muscles and abdominal muscles

  and take a little work, although on a small scale. Since during exercise to maintain a strong grip rowing, you the hands and wrists, which are benefit to be gained from many sports.

4 Body bottom fitness improvement. Perhaps it is a surprise, but one of the rowing device main intended benefits are training they provide to cover the lower part of the body.

 In fact, rowing rowing enthusiasts primarily viewed as lower body workout. Key actors in the leg muscles are the quadriceps muscles on the front of the upper thigh, but the workout is employed in the eggs and pelvic muscles (ass). To the best lower body workout, select the device with sliding rowing seat.

5 Low risk of injury. Bird movement is natural and low-impact effects, thereby imposing a minimal burden on the joints. As you sit low to the floor, there is less risk of falling than exercising on a stationary exercise bike. While there back sastiepšanas risk, you can reduce, with a proper rowing position and movement sequences. Proper rowing posture allows you to work your legs, removing stress on your lower back.

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