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Turmoil in the crowd could leave injured. Know first aid

Situations of turmoil , like football matches or demonstrations, have accidents and unforeseen, which need immediate care first aid . Among the most common cases are the fainting , beyond the shock developed by some situation of the moment.
Prepares to react in an uproar

To let you know a little more about how to react in cases of riot and first aid, it is important to be prepared, starting from faints, falls are caused by a state of semi-consciousness or sudden unconsciousness.

Turmoil can cause pain requiring fast service. Photo: AntonioOn the occasion of fainting in turmoil , the brain stops receiving the proper support of oxygen or sugar that retains its fully active functions.

During the turmoil , fainting can be caused by reasons such as extreme heat, long periods without eating food, and fatigue and very strong emotions . Generally, we note that the person presents pallor , low pulse, cold sweat and weakness, with symptoms resembling the shock.

As rescue unconscious victim in turmoil
If you notice that the person is about to faint , it is necessary to do it sit with your head between your knees and legs at an angle, or throw it with legs raised. The following is more information regarding first aid in case of turmoil with fainting patient:

- Wet the forehead of the person with cool water;
- If the person is already unconscious, throw it in the recovery position and, preferably, with the head slightly lower than his legs;

- Leave the looser clothes and keep the victim comfortable and heated manner;
- Upon regaining his senses, the victim should drink something sugary to take in order to recover the lost sugar levels - which may have been the cause of fainting;            

- If a site with riot often becomes difficult to make the person to retrieve directions . So it is recommended to be administered a kind of paste made ​​with water and sugar with a little water and more sugar. The folder should be placed under the tongue of even unconscious person until medical help arrives;

- Avoid giving something to drink while the victim is unconscious, because it can drown or choke with liquids.
Shock in turmoil

The shock in turmoil is a state of semi-consciousness in which the person has pallor of face , blurred or dim vision, cold sweat and dizziness, rapid pulse, though weak, chills, nausea or vomiting, short and shallow breathing.

Commonly, it is caused as a consequence of other events on the occasion of tumult or a fall, in addition to high blood loss, poisoning or poisoning by chemicals.

During shock, the individual usually have a sudden drop in blood pressure , which can lead to death if not adopted the correct techniques for help in a timely manner.
Help the individual in shock in turmoil

It is important to keep the victim lying down, warm and comfortable, and control any possible bleeding .
If there is vomiting, turn the victim with his head to the side so there is no choking. Put your legs up if no fractures are identified, so that one occurs venous return

 . The head should be lower than the trunk.
Always try to remove the victim from the midst of turmoil , if possible. Realizing the lack of pulse , apply the technique of CPR until help comes.

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