Monday, 11 August 2014

The knowledge of the health care that you need to know

 In fact, people often exaggerated renal failure, many people often take a number of signs such as sweating, back pain, frequent urination, decreased libido is thought that he was kidney failure . As soon as these symptoms appear immediately nourish kidney automatic blindly without understanding the illness.

Here is the knowledge of health care that you need to know

Oriental medicine is also considered kidney yang master gas agency body, the main driving force in the life activity of the body, the origin of life. Thus, the human body is not healthy or are closely linked to the physiological functions of the kidney.

Women also need to protect the kidneys

Many people believe that the disease Nephrotic of men, but in reality, women are affected in human physiology and disease are also prone to kidney damage, more women nephrotic rate is relatively higher, not lower than men.

Many women often psychological stress, work overload, mental decline, the risk of kidney damage but also increase accordingly. Kidney symbolizing beauty and health, if women are not only causing beauty but also decrease the appearance of health problems such as hair loss, bad skin, depression, reduced memory ...

Even more gynecological problems such as irregular menstruation , vaginal discharge much, fetus vulnerable to action, economic principles, decreased libido, breast hyperplasia, uterine . as well as premature menopause syndrome are related to fatigue and nephrotic kidney. Therefore, women should also take care of the kidney.

The knowledge of the health care that you need to know 1

Shortness of breath can be caused by kidney failure

Speaking of breathing, most people can only think of the lungs, actually not entirely so. Shortness of breath, rapid breathing may be due to kidney failure, can not receive gas in the lungs causing, the expression is a bit too strong movement immediately feel the lack of oxygen, gasping.

Although respiratory closely related to kidney lungs, but the root cause was kidney. Full regalia, can load enough air to help the body to breathe smoke free. Renal not enough gas, may lack the air, affecting respiration. Therefore, to improve the state of shortness of breath not only think of the lungs, but also should not forget that more careful.

Diarrhea in the morning and be aware of nephrotic

Some elderly people are being kept up to 5am diarrhea , just wanted to lay down the toilet, just about 2-3 times. In addition, this phenomenon occurs most often when the seasons change.

According to Oriental medicine, diarrhea in the morning mainly due to shaft failure, patients' diarrhea 5am "mainly negative kidney deficiency, kidney, causing cold, when it warms up tri kidney, spleen conditions, diarrhea . In addition, the expression is weak kidney yang deficiency gas, which is fed by the need to dish - appropriate drugs to nursing care, protection of health conditions.

Children may also have kidney failure

We often for young children as the early morning sun, the ocean air that a lot of babies can not be spoiled, actually not quite like that, the mothers during pregnancy body more frail patients, or pregnant after drinking, late childbearing, or premature birth, the child may be kidney failure. physiological role of the kidneys is to stimulate body growth and development as well as help the body with adequate fertility. Expression in childhood nephrotic condition is usually not a good development of children, particularly vulnerable to flu, frequent coughing, bedwetting, teeth slowly, slowly. For these children should nourish the kidneys.

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