Wednesday, 20 August 2014

6 Bedrooms baby to inspire you

One of the favorite moments of the new moms and dads before the birth of the baby is decorating the little room. All the details are a cuteness: from layette to the stuffed animals. But before you go out and buy everything you see ahead, you think, where you'll store all this? It is best to put on the brakes. However, there are beautiful and creative solutions to the lack of space. A team of professional shows how to leave the baby room a charm, even if the space is tiny.

The expert Marise Field worked for 25 years advising parents to purchase the trousseau and organizing the room of infants. His first tip is to buy what is really needed. "A client once told me he did not use 50 clothes she bought for her son. It is a phase that passes very quickly, "he says.

Marise believes that to do no wrong in choosing the position of objects and furniture in the room, the ideal is to ask the advice of an architect. But indicates that mothers make choices, especially the colors according to the taste of them, because they will spend much time in the home environment.

"Pink is still the champion in preference to the rooms of girl, in milder tones combined with white. "The green and beige (nude) are also among the favorite colors. Regarding the closet boys, the predominant colors are: blue, navy, green and acqua, in some cases, the yellow "he says.

Leticia Santos for the architect in designing baby rooms is important to keep in mind the functionality. "One should understand and facilitate the routine generated by the care that will be needed. In compact room, you should prioritize the location of key elements such as crib and changing table.

 And enjoy, with creativity, all the space possible, to add cabinets, drawers, shelves and niches. " She also recommends choosing fabrics and soft colors, light and delicate prints.

There are furniture options that allow the use of room even with the growth of the child. For example, the choice of reversible cot can be the most suitable for those

who do not want to bother with the redecoration so early in the child's room, because after being used as a dresser, futon and crib turns into bed (adult pattern), bunk bed and one nightstand.

This phase is really a delight, is not it? Knowing this, the Doutíssima prepared a photo gallery with 6 Bedrooms baby for you to be inspired! Check it out!

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