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What is the best haircut for each type of face?

Will cut the hair to change your look? When choosing the haircut, it is essential to take into account the shape of your face. Women who have square face

, as  and Angelina Jolie, for example, have a wide face, with strong features and a large jaw and ask more basic and cuts medium or long to soften the features of the face length .        

Who has the round face has no defined angles, the forehead is generally small and the traces are usually wider in the area of ​​the cheekbones and jaw. Some tricks for cutting hair can hide the salient details, helping to stretch or thin the face.

As for the oval faces, ie, with forehead and chin at the same distance, almost all types of cuts are released, which is not the case of those who have square or round face. Women with oval face can change cutting easier, without worrying so much.

Learn now what is the haircut for each type of face! See our gallery and get inspired!

Haircut for each type of face: square face

haircut for each type of roster

Generally, those with square face has good protruding jaw, forming a straight line with your forehead. Agyness Deyn A, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes model have this face shape.

For anyone who has that kind of face, irregular cuts are a good choice as they have the advantage of providing a lightness to the face that has most marked traits.

People with square face should avoid the straight and short cuts, because they usually further accentuate the jaw.

Haircut for each type of roster: round roster

haircut for each type of roster

As the name suggests, the face is shaped like a circle and usually more common in those who have high cheekbones. Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz have your face with this format.
The ideal cuts for those with round face are more frayed medium and long cuts, to give the impression that the face is thinner.

Johnny's hair type or volume on top is not recommended because, with them, the cheeks are very exposed, leaving the further round face.

Haircut for each type of roster: oval roster

haircut for each type of roster

Who has oval face usually have thinner lines, which decrease slightly in size from forehead to chin. Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and  Knowles have this face shape.
This type of face combines with almost all cuts. It is a full plate for those who like to innovate!

But some cuts like chanel should be avoided by those with long neck. The short fringe is also not ideal if you have very large forehead.

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