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Am I with nasopharyngitis? Ask questions about the symptoms

Nasopharyngitis and cold are the same thing. Although most pompous name, do not worry, it is a cold passenger. However, it can grow and affect your body everyday and really negative way, so know a bit more about the causes, symptoms, treatment options and how to prevent with everything attacking your immune system.
What are the most affected areas?

Although there is a specific remedy to cure nasopharyngitis (or cold ) we know that it is a mild infection (but with potential worsening) of the upper airways, nose and throat to know.

The treatment aims to alleviate only the symptoms, but complications arise if a health professional should be contacted immediately.
Onde vem ela?

It is estimated that there are over 200 types of viruses that cause this general malaise. The most common are the family of rhinoviruses, as coronovírus, also known as respiratory virus, influenza, and also, and adenovirus.
How often can it happen?

The "target audience" of the virus are  two to six years old (which incidence is low, reaching three to five times annually.

What are the most common symptoms?
The virus enters the respiratory tract and in a maximum of 12 hours the following symptoms appear:

Rhinopharyngitis is benign and self-limited, meaning that it will dissolve your body, regardless of the use of drugs, between 5 or 7 days. However, some complications can occur, such as sinusitis and bronchitis.
How to treat?

The classic statement is always the hydration intensive. But why? Simply because it will assist the process of elimination of secretions with infected items, making them more fluid.

Another indication is the application of saline in the nostrils, as well as natural and refreshing, it will relieve nasal congestion, the culprit for making his voice out of that special way.

  In the comfort of your home you can prepare some homemade syrups, being the most efficient and proven by all the grandmas of the world, the lemon with honey. Did not work? Follow for gargling with warm salt water can also add ginger and propolis .

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