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Yoga in Daily Life

The day conversation Czéh Emilia guild president departmental information  More and more people recognize the benefits of yoga which is expressed in the human life healthier happier more balanced composition of our county Esztergom Lábatlan Tata and Tatabanya is teaching the last two locations of the clubs operate Czéh Emilia Tatabánya Yoga ... 
The day conversation Czéh Emilia guild president
County Information / Tatabanya

More and more people recognize the benefits of yoga, which is expressed in the human life healthier, happier, more balanced in nature. Esztergom county, Lábatlan, Tata and Tatabanya's

 education, the latter two works at the clubs. Czéh Emilia, Tatabánya Yoga in Daily Life Association President talked.

- Paramhans Swami Mahesh warananda the north-western Indian Rajasthan born in 1945 - the president began. - In 1972, he founded the Austrian Vienna -

 Indian Yoga-Vedanta Society. The life of humanity and all creatures of devoted service, and to this end, tirelessly traveling around the world.
- How introduced by the new master yoga Europe?

- The original yoga tradition of combining western scientific knowledge and masterful created a comprehensive system, called Yoga Daily Life. This corresponds to the mentality of people today, the needs and lifestyle as well.
- What is the international association of yoga life?

- In 1990, the International Sri Deep Mad-havananda Ashram Society, which mainly carries out humanitarian tasks. Centre in Vienna, and a member of the organization Tatabanya Yoga in Daily Life non-profit associations.
- The European Yoga founder had been Tatabanya?

- Swamiji in 1978, first visited Hungary in 1992 Tatabanya greet him. Staying in our country several times a year, so we can meet more often with him.

- What are the main principles of yoga?
- The love for all living beings and help is on the physical health, respect for life in yoga for mental health. Peace on earth is a social health, the natural environment and the protection of the rights of the spiritual health. Very important to have a culture of respect for all nations and religions, which is self-realization. We organize Yoga clubs to this end, tea house programs, and courses.  

- What are the characteristics of the courses?
- our courses in the postures and lots and breathing exercising can prevent health problems are, we can improve physical health, our gradually you get to the ellazultság, the inner peace and harmony in the sense of. Yoga in Daily Life system consists of eight levels, which is learned in three years.      

The first level is called Sarawak Hitta exercises that anyone can start to practice, additional techniques of hatha yoga cleansing exercises, deep relaxation, concentration and some special posture.
- I know yoga is combined with a special meal.

- The energy source of vitality the corresponding positive energy from cereals, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, honey, herbs and spices provide - either raw or freshly cooked. Meat, fish, eggs is not recommended, alcohol, nicotine and drugs ruin the body. Sandor Friday

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