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5 habits of healthy people thin that you should learn

Overweight people always want to lose weight but remain healthy as thin people. So, the secret of healthy lean people be?Nutrition for people who want to gain weight skinny "Super Green Food" from nature to help people gain weight skinny Thin people what to eat to gain weight?
Move more

Studies show that people can move more than 350 calories burned 1 day, equivalent to 60 minutes to talk and walk every day with speed 6,4km / h. If you are not a person to function, move the chair around or move your limbs.

Stand up when you talk on the phone, or when you think, stand up when you're sipping a glass of water, or just walk around the room, park the car further away, the stairs are also interesting activities. At first, you make these things on purpose, but it will soon become a habit.

These activities not only help lose weight but also enhance creativity and promote blood circulation. That is why those who sat less than less risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Concentrate feeding

We often do many things at once, such as eating while driving, working, reading and walking. Many people think that doing a lot of work for a while, it is more effective, but thin people, they eat concentrated and tend to eat less and feel more satisfied and delicious.
Moreover, the concentration of food will make people eat less than 300 calories per day. To begin, breathe deeply, relax, then eat, and focus attention on the flavors of the dish. Like meditation and yoga, exercise every day can make you focus more on meals, you may feel more tasty and less.

5 habits of healthy people thin that you should learn first

Change meals reasonably

Changing diet is a rule and a habit of skinny people. It is important that they change their habits is not to reduce calories but eat to feel better.

A further experience is to think about the most recent meal make you feel no tension, then re-write the way you will improve your meal so that just enough, not too little, not too much. Make sure your meals then more balanced, less calories.

Do not eat leftovers

Many women have the habit of eating the leftovers of their children. When talking about the cause, many women realize that they do not want to be wasting food. This led after each meal, they feel uncomfortable.

They are amazed that so many people leave leftovers on the plate. However, when making a list of pros and cons of continuing to eat the leftovers notes, they realized that eating the leftovers cause many more negative effects. Eat more than your body needs will make you full and uncomfortable, and makes you gain weight. One piece of advice is to pay attention to your body, eat when hungry, stop when full, proper meal preparation for your family.

Eat what you like

Many women often eat what they do not really like, that's what thin people never do. When you start eating a deliberate way, do not eat what does not taste, do not you feel full and satisfied.

You also do not eat something too much or eating something will always make you feel boring, even though you have tried to keep eating your body does not mak

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