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Year-old child after eating mango actually change

  Hefei, a 3-year-old children eating mangoes , the mouth started to itch, even after the swelling has become "sausage mouth." Dermatologists advise, allergies baby to Shensi mango, pineapple, so children raised rash dermatitis.
Reporters learned that the 3-year-old Taurus usually do not eat fruit, but it happens a soft spot for mango. "My son, let him eat fruit usually harder than medicine, but it is to eat mangoes, saying that like it sweet and soft." Taurus mother introduced himself a few days ago from the supermarket to buy a couple

  of pounds just listed Mango to children early adopters, I did not expect not long after eating beef yell his mouth itching, swollen lips and then scratched up. To the hospital dermatology clinic, the beef is not only mouth swollen like a root small sausages, and both sides of the cheeks is also red and swollen.
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  Year-old child after eating mango actually change "sausage mouth"
   Anhui Children's Hospital, director of dermatology physician  Song introduction, pineapple, mango contains large amounts of acid, amino acids and proteins, these substances contain irritating substances more, after contact with human skin, it will cause allergies, there will be serious redness

 , pain phenomenon. The children eat fruit, often "face" type of eating, fruit juice often contaminated a large area to the child's mouth and facial week, because the child delicate skin, resulting in irritation after skin allergy is much higher than the probability of adults.

  "These days, more than a dozen cases of consecutive admissions to finish after eating mango or pineapple appeared itching , redness, pain, skin allergies in children like. " Song introduced into the April admissions to the" Fruit dermatitis " The number of children increased significantly compared with the previous, 

 accompanied by the seasonal characteristics. In general, children with mild symptoms of lead in stopping eating fruit after his allergies and wash hands and face, a few days will be restored. But if more serious symptoms, such as lips, perioral, ears, neck, large areas of erythema,

  edema and even slightly, it should go to the hospital, taken under the guidance of a doctor, apply anti-allergy drugs, generally do not have serious adverse consequences .

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