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Flour passion: meet this food that controls cholesterol and diabetes

Flour passion emerged in the natural products market with reputed to lower the rate of blood sugar , which favors very people who have spent some time diabetes.Mas was discovered that in addition to promoting diabetes control it also shows excellent results as fat blocker, also aiding the control of cholesterol .

Flour passion fruit has about 10 times more fiber than juice made with passion fruit saves. The main fiber pectin that food is responsible for a large part of their benefits.passion fruit flour

This substance found in the flour of passion fruit, pectin , causes satiety in addition to being responsible for inhibiting the absorption of fats found in some foods, its greatest feature is actually absorb liquid and gel then become capable of retaining the bolus longer by slowing the absorption of nutrients,

  so the feeling of being satisfied. Laura Maria Alvares Lobo, head of pharmaceutical Meissen, states that "The blocking action of fats, promoted by pectin, is milder than the medications used for this same purpose, but his performance is even more effective."

Among some other benefits of passion fruit flour. she also has detoxifying power. Its use helps to cleanse the body, which eliminates various toxins, which when accumulated can disrupt metabolism and impair organ function.

Nutrients like calcium that promotes muscle contraction and strengthen the bones, the iron , which helps prevent anemia and increases your energy and mood, phosphorous, which collaborates with blood circulation, oxygenation of cells,

 contributing to the improvement of memory and the strength of bones and vitamin B3, which acts directly on hormone production, reducing anxiety and protecting the stomach wall, are also found in large quantities in the maracuj√°.O flour which makes it a great food to introduce in their diet.

Benefits of passion fruit flour:
Of nutrients which has a slower absorption due to the use of passion fruit flour is glucose , which results in less production of insulin, which is responsible for sugar to put in cells, which is beneficial in the prevention of diabetes.

  When insulin is produced in large quantities some tissues and organs of the body begin to reduce response to the hormone, being necessary to produce more insulin to store the same amount of glicose.Esse process known as insulin resistance, if not reversed, can evolve for type 2 diabetes.
A study done by the University of Paraíba has shown that women who experience promoted with flour passion, not only lost weight, as were the rates of cholesterol and triglycerides

O same gel formed by pectin, not only lowers cholesterol, but unites this fat facilitating their elimination at the end of digestion.

Flour passion, as well as all food rich in fiber helps in the digestion process. Fiber facilitates the passage of the bolus through the large intestine optimizing intestinal transit. Moreover the fermentation of the fibers in the gut microbiota stimulates bacteria which aid digestion.
The use of passion fruit flour:

passion fruit flour

The passion fruit flour is made from the white part of the peel, which is the richest portion of nutrientes.Ela can be found in any health food store and some supermarkets.

  On the internet you can also find, but care must be taken when choosing a reliable brand. If you prefer is simple to make it at home:

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