Thursday, 21 August 2014

Yoga for Kids: Discover the benefits of practicing family

It is not only adults who suffer from the rush and stress of everyday life. Children also experience similar situations: busy parents, pressure at school, changing technology and language learning, for example. In these cases, yoga for kids can be the difference to find serenity.
Yoga for kids relaxes the kids

The hectic pace of children's lives can have a profound influence on one of the characteristics of children: the joy. And this is not a positive change. A new and fun way to reduce stress is small in yoga for children , a method of relaxation that kids will love.

Yoga for children from sedentary
In addition to providing relaxation, yoga for kids is an exercise, which can remove your child's sedentary lifestyle. The yoga for kids improves self-esteem and body awareness , but unlike other activities, is not competitive.   

The idea goes to children is cooperation rather than competitiveness. However, the greatest benefit that can be seen is the increased flexibility and motor coordination, beyond the power of concentration through meditation. These points are crucial in the development of children.

The practice of the postures of yoga for children starting from 3 years old and can be traced to adolescence. In addition to the exercises adapted to posture and breathing, a class of yoga for children has other kinds of language through stories, games and music, all the kids like best. These benefits are high when the practice of yoga for kids is made ​​with the whole family.
Yoga for children near the family

The yoga for kids , when practiced in family, can strengthen family ties. In addition, parents and children can learn together the strength of truth , self-discipline and simplicity not fundamental in yogic philosophy.
Other benefits are the development of communication , because the child's own family and feel more

confident to follow the same philosophy. How about now even begin to enjoy the benefits of yoga for children with your child and still spend quality time with him? Just find a quiet place.
Yoga postures for kids

Explain to your child what is yoga and how you can have fun by imitating some positions with animal names. It is also important to say how important is concentration during exercise . Remind your child to breathe deeply through your nose. Hold the position for two to five breaths. Check out some yoga postures that you can do at home:

1 Tadasana : standing, try to let both feet close together and lift your toes up. Then put your shoulders back and hands on belly. Take 5 deep breaths and feel their movement in the belly.

2 Pose ostrich : backs to each other, departing feet. Then it is necessary to inspire and then release the breath and arms until they touch the ground. So you can see through the legs . Ask your child why the name of this posture. The answer is: ostriches sleep with your head buried in the ground.

3 Pose sapo : the feet should be at hip. Now, bend your knees and place your hands on the floor. Then hold your child's hand and lie back his head.

4 Butterfly Pose :. sit facing your child, joining the soles of the feet, forming a butterfly Interlace your fingers and place on tiptoe. Stretch out and take a deep breath. Then how about, move his legs?

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