Monday, 25 August 2014

Potency and your weight

Cooking was a favorite pastime of many prominent politicians - Richelieu, Mazarin, Louis XIV, Nelson, Frederick the Great ...

Men usually do not associate their failures in the intimate sphere with weight gain. For many, a discovery that excess weight (especially obesity) - a major cause of the most common sexual dysfunction: impotence, decreased libido, often - infertility.
The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men who are overweight is quite high - over 50%. The man production of sex hormones and fertility depends on a sufficient amount of fat, since it is a synthesis of these principal male hormone - testosterone.

 However, if you receive an excess of fat in the body accumulates fat tissue, which gives the production of hormones, causing sexual dysfunction, decreased sexual desire,

and, in some cases, infertility. Look at your reflection in the mirror. Whether you have not exceeded the allowable fat stores? The great philosopher and physician Avicenna said: "In the treatment of each disease struggle with obesity should be considered as the first step."

In men, women as opposed to, the greatest accumulation of fat occurs in the abdomen. In addition to violations of the synthesis and release of testosterone, adipose tissue affects many factors

 that have a negative effect on the central mechanisms regulating the functions of the male genital organs. Furthermore, disturbed carbohydrate and fat metabolism, develop hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. These conditions also inhibit sexual function.

If you note decreased sexual desire and failure in sex life, you should consult your doctor andrologu. Who is not familiar with the man's health, knows all the secrets of different periods of life of men and their relationship to metabolic processes in the body. 

 Especially as the link between the violation of gonadal function and the development of obesity has long been known. Obesity occurs in men with initially normal reproductive system, as well as the progression of obesity there is a reduction of testosterone in the body content.

 His failure in obese men is a significant factor in treatment and an important role to play therapy aimed at normalization of testosterone in the blood plasma.

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