Thursday, 4 September 2014

Re Books On Yoga

The Council is obsessed with fighting aging so anti-aging programs bring huge profits: anti aging fitness, anti-aging super foods and nutritional supplements

Anti-aging cosmetics, aesthetic surgery, bioidentični hormones ... For thousands of years it is in the hands and feet everyman free tool to enhance the youthful body,

Calmness of the soul and the spirit of creativity - yoga. The book Hormonal and yoga courses this important energy ...odpri


Alenka Košorok Humar is the anatomy of movement (yoga, pilates, dance) and Kinesiology words (amateur also writes and plays with words) has been working for over thirty years. Red thread and lead it has always been the center of interest and depth of movement and words

 . He is a teacher of hatha yoga with an additional diploma holders from hormonal Yoga (Yoga Hormone Therapy) at the famous Brazilian professor Dinah Rodrigues. It also has a Diploma in Reflexology. ...odpri

I had a great and wonderful opportunity of a lifetime that I realized renowned Brazilian teacher Dinah Rodrigues, who has developed a method of hormone yoga

 Therapy, which has been working for about twenty years (Hormone Yoga or Yoga Therapy Hormone), also on a scientific level. A few years ago

I read about it in a German magazine. I first visited her initial course in Paris (June 2009, Rasa Yoga Center, Paris) and then me ...odpri

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


There are many types of yoga. What's the real yoga?
"The goal jogičkih practice is to raise the level of your life, that the vehicle of your spiritual development in first gear. Then you can go into second gear, perhaps in the third, and then, after the initial climb, but you can safely cruise the hills.

This is not typical of most secular people who just fall down the cliff hills not knowing how to stop thinking that happiness is somewhere below that awaits them.

 They are going straight down the hill, faster and faster in many accidents such as cancer, AIDS, high blood pressure, heart disease. Soon it becomes too late for them and they experience a breakdown. Although it is a path of least resistance, please, do not fall. We will show you a different way.

way is lighted, he was beaten by Hata Yoga Pradipika e, an ancient text that yogis used to gain power through which you can climb to the top. Way paved the enlightened teachers who were appointed by the big things: Macjendranat, his pupil Gorakšanat and others, which is fourteen.

  Pradipika is one of the oldest debates (scriptures) of hata yoga; all of today's books on yoga are based on that discussion. This is a pivotal time. What all we can do is only to spread it out and offer a variety of interpretations. "

Hata Yoga pradikpika a collection of classic texts on advanced exercises hata yoga (Kundalini yoga). Compiled by them in the 17th century Himalayan yogi Svatmarama.

 Book is intended for those who wish to to practice the advanced stages of hata yoga which gradually change in kundalini yoga. purpose of the exercise was exposed

 To through spiritual practice starts sakti (kundalini energy) from its dormant or stationary states in a dynamic situation.

Shakti Yoga Studio

The balance of mind opens the way for the admission of internal and external knowledge; and the closer we are inside igazságunkhoz, the simpler and more authentic átformálóbb strength of our experience of life. Regular exercise will help you to recognize the truth that the creative force within us and our world. occupied our place in the universe and seeks to create perfection for perfection.

 When we make our inner reality object of contemplation, the endless levels revealed in us.

 The richness of reality in this case is actually naked in front of his courage and determination, the human mind is skeptical weakness leaving to climb the path.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga legösszetetebb kind. Powerful breathing exercises (Pranayamas) combines dynamic test situations (asanas), testizomzárakkal

 , sacred hand and finger detentions (mudrákkal), and the practice of meditation and mantrazengetéssel close. Practices directly affect the nervous system and the endocrine glands,

 sso vigorously cleansing, detoxification and also refreshing and energizing effect. Optimal health keeps the body, stimulate the mind, increase resistance to stress, peace of mind,

  gives you confidence. It promotes the release of internal energy, positive and constructive direction in Hungary.

What happens in the lessons?

The sessions provide insights into the world of yoga and spirituality for thousands of years. The Foundation course in the basic techniques are acquired through Kundalini Yoga,

  Kriya easier (asana sequences), is associated. The practicing intense immersion classes provide an opportunity, while the Shakti, female yoga greater emphasis on both physical and spiritual levels of the female areas. Yoga helps you to find within our bodies were hidden creative

life force and creative energy, which is self-healing power of the subconscious to unlock the potential of our sorrows, fears, . Although Kundalini Yoga

Is an intense, vigorous yoga practice beyond the physical body Move. Physical, emotional and mental levels include challenges not require prior yoga experience. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Healthier Start with Yoga

Movement of our time in one of the trendiest form of yoga, which has been the gyerkőcös circles appear. Few people know, however, that one of the most effective forms of development as well as a playful way to know the world and the socialization begins early, the parent child relationship closer, babies and mothers become more balanced.

The purpose and benefits of the yoga classes Yoga Mamas The doll
The doll Mamas yoga help to resolve traumatic experiences surrounding the birth. (Féloldalasság knitted hips, weak muscles, teething, colic, agreement nsúly problems,problems, etc..) In today's fast-paced world we have to meet a serious challenge if

 we are to avoid the stress and almost impracticable undertaking. Instead, it is better to learn the tools with which we can reduce the impact of yoga is an excellent way for the doll as well. Yoga and massage are intertwined in many cultures, massage is part of child rearing. India, for example, from the birth of the baby through daily massaging with oil.

  As our culture is not so pronounced, but the little doll dolls massaging yoga classes start after the tuning and request permission to carry dry massage .. Dress your baby every parent. But at home feasible oily version. We try to mention all of the body while respecting the needs of the baby and inclusive rhythm. The little doll is very gentle yoga class to practice,

 because there is still a szó.6 of infants from the age of seven may have been carried out. The whole hour is taking place in accordance with the needs of the baby. This is followed by exercises, breathing exercises, mantras, intimate exercises and relaxation or meditation
How is it different to any other child yoga exercise form?
The education is often the case in the wrong expectations to the point where every kid the same time, however, we can see the performance.

  The baby yoga classes, where the freedom of children, but not of the libertine. Learn the practices through imitation. Shoulder into one of the game through the activity. Evolves through the movement of all children, compared to their own abilities, which unfolds by the individual real Self.
What is the doll yoga?

Every parent wants the child is developing at the right pace and in the best possible circumstances, both mentally and physically.

 The yoga exercises are ideal to during pregnancy and childbirth has changed a woman's body and return to the form of old, and that was to help the world move acquainted with the newborn. Yoga has five thousand years of history, philosophy and traditional lifestyle concept with many branches and a common goal of everyone based on absolute consciousness

 , self-will, having the soul awakening. Francoise Freedman to Barbie met a young anthropologist in the Amazon forests of native people in residential child-care habits and yoga instructor has combined this knowledge and acquired skills of a mother of four children.   

The anthropologist shares these experiences in his book on the doll yoga, which is now available in English as well. Find out jógázónak not have to be active to anyone together  her baby because the description is sufficiently detailed, the

 Photos are beautiful and well presented for each exercise, but do not consider this bookTo inaugurate the lives of regular yoga, you have to get a tutorial on the basics of yoga books and are not hurt by a qualified instructor-led course to walk.

Papas-doll yoga on Saturdays
Today's dads are more open agreement, father of many children in need is time to realize that the old model family in the morning when dad worked and mom was home so no more children work in the evening.

 Today, the family model has also changed. Today's mothers also need, to learn, to relax, to build a career. The Papas sessions  are on Saturdays from Location: Boloria Baby Mama Studio XI. David Ferenc u. 9th

Ayurvedic Health Care And Medical Procedures

Ayurvedic health care and healing processes
of the ancient Vedic tradition, every man can be found in the core of perfect health. The overall teachings of Ayurveda show the way in which we can reach peace and quiet of this place.

Below we can recognize various options to restore the balance. The home can be carried out can be done without undue fatigue without practice divided into two parts.

1: Purification 2: Regeneration first Cleaning every other activity is a prerequisite to detoxify the body and remove waste products. Therefore, we propose a 10-day course that helps ama, ie the removal of toxins and metabolic products. Key elements of this therapy light meals and improve digestion.

Ama-Home Therapy: Nutritional requirements: morning after getting up to drink a glass of warm boiled water with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

 Breakfast may be omitted if hungry balanced prítós bread. lunch: noon light, warm rich food drink. Listen to live well, but avoid too belakjon. dinner: It is best if you skipped the dinner.

  In case of severe hunger, like the breakfast, freshly squeezed juices or rice and vegetable soup consumption recommend. should dine between 18 and 19 hours. strictly avoided during the course of treatment: the fried, fatty,

Acidic foods, raw food, raw cereal grains made ​​from cereals, fish , pork and beef, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt. Recommended foods: white (basmati) rice, leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, fresh salads, vegetables and grain soups. Massages: To get your body rid of it accumulated slag and toxins Ayurveda recommends regular massage. The invigorating massage and a balanced effect

 Good effects on the body, the spirit and the soul. Oily massage: rub the use of good quality, cold-pressed sesame oil. The oil slowly heat up to 110 degrees.

  To monitor the temperature, use a thermometer. Oil lingers in my massage is suitable for long periods of time and can be stored. bath set to heat up the water body temperature, as warm oil is not only pleasant, but quickly seeping into the skin

 . massages in the morning also carried out before showering. Lubricate all of us from head to toe. Smoothing a circular motion. contains more than 40 kinds of rare herbal extracts, this classic massage oil that have excellent skin nourishing and anti-inflammatory effects.

 The oil nourishes, softens, smoothes your skin, improve the texture, the stiffness of the muscles and helps to block the release of the stress, increases circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins. Regular use can increase the skin cell regeneration, delaying the aging process

  Regeneration of detoxification relieve the body, allows the renewal. According to the Ayurvedic approach to regeneration means to stabilize and restore our balance.

 Healthy Exercise: According to Ayurveda, a natural form of exercise or activity specific exercise is very important. The movement should be easily enforceable, pleasant

 Friendly and body be to fill up with fresh energy. The best corresponds to the free nature walk at this goal, as the walk is a natural activity that brings everything balanced. designed exercises: yoga exercises yoga breathing exercises

Ab Exercises And Helpful Tips

The abdominal condition is not merely a question of aesthetics, regular exercise is very important as a central holding role plays with the

 The abdominal and back muscles in shape healthy behavior and appearance so good. Deterrent: it turns out for many people suffering spinal problem that the source of the problem abs underdevelopment.

larger belly does not necessarily mean that the abdominal muscle is underdeveloped. Often, strong muscles, fat cover on the sight is roughly equal to the untrained stomach to rest. Thus, the primary goal has zsírdepók over filling.

At this point, many people are committing another mistake, because it is thought that many of the "belly of use" easily disappear abdominal fatness. However, it is important to stress that the scientific evidence

 available today does not really exist localized fat loss, so it is not certain that the performance of abdominal exercises during the abdominal area is running out 

 . When you burn body fat, the whole body starts losing weight, not just a targeted area. lot of people confuse the local body shaping local zsírégetéssel. the latter does not exist, however, special aerobic exercises that determine the shape model in which

 take place. waist circumference reducing the list of cosmetic and medical procedures can be found at the end of the article! Or problems with the elongated abdomen skin?

  Even hardened fogyóztál, even skin folds bikinis the overall picture? find HERE abdominal skin tightening aesthetic medical and cosmetic solutions rushing before giving up and plastic

surgery! stretching of the abdominal skin is perhaps one of the most common female problem.

  Already after 4-6 kg weight gain after weight loss will be the looser skin, not to mention the greater weight loss or fluctuating bőrredőkről after pregnancy.

 Really annoying and aesthetically disturbing, if not the abdominal skinfold fits several months of training sequence or not following a strict diet.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stress is only bad and can be harmful?

When we hear the word stress, in most cases some kind of unpleasant, negative things or events we think. However, Hans Selye, a Hungarian-born researcher in the world-famous, put it in terms of survival is necessary to stress. In fact, stress is nothing more than the body's response to the stimuli, situations which require adaptation. Such as heat, noise or even the strength of the crowd.

 But the underlying stress factors are not necessarily bad, threatening. Sometimes, because of the positive and unexpected events specifically similar tension in us. Think back to before the last date of our preparation for, or when a loved one have prepared a birthday surprise!

 Thus, without the stress of our lives would definitely boring. And specifically dealing with little if anything good happens to us. But these processes are an integral part of our lives.

However, differ significantly from each other in what situations we wake up they dangerous or tension. An even greater difference can be observed in how we react to these situations, that is how we cope with stress. Just look at how differently people behave in a supermarket cashier in the standing long queue! Some people quietly standing or talking, because any stress for no expectations.

 Others are a little tense, and with their feet "drumming" in big sigh or complain about their standing around. Still others will react even more strongly, and the cashier or quarreling loudly demanding a new cash register be opened. Ie other stressful situation, the other in a neutral or even positive

  events may be one person. In addition, if you wake up they both voltage is maintained at the situation, you can react to it very differently. In addition, we also differ in how stress intensity can tolerate without significant mental or physical impairment, that is how we are resistant.

However, it must be recognized that these mental and physical illnesses are mostly really depressing situations and distractions of everyday sense-called stress are caused. In themselves, however, these situations do not necessarily cause problems. This is partly dependent on how long it takes for that event. The existing short-term threat or negative events are less burdened by us,

 so you are less likely to experience physical and psychological symptoms. Far more damaging to our health, the persistent or recurrent stress situations again and again. It is worth to point out the relationship and work problems, given that most of them are a major source of stress.

Even these long standing stress situations can only pose a problem if you can not deal with them properly. In such cases, the physical and psychological symptoms reveal that something is wrong. The physical symptoms of the most common gastrointestinal and cardiovascular complaints

 . These include indigestion, stomach cramps, blood pressure fluctuation, frequent dizziness or palpitations. Among the psychological symptoms of fatigue, constant fatigue, sleep problems, restlessness, loss of appetite may appear.

In this case, it is essential to seek professional, organizational and personal because we can not continue to fight the stress-inducing situation in such cases. First, you should definitely consult a doctor to find out the cause of the complaint and, if necessary, to find the right treatment option.  

  In addition, it is advisable to visit a psychologist who can help you effectively coping with the specific problem of appropriate therapeutic methods or advice. So you can easily find the right solution for the specific situation, in fact, it is likely that a similar situation has been playing these coping.

In this case, however, it is true that all these troubles and inconveniences can be more practical to prevent, and not to wait for either physical or psychological symptoms cause stress.

 There are many ways kivédhetőek because the negative effects of stress. One of the best methods of regular exercise. Moderate exercise three times a week is a significant amount of tension to release, in addition to improving the health of our state as well. Specifically to reduce stress serves

  as a form of exercise like yoga, meditation or relaxation. It is also important and the right amount of restful sleep, a balanced lifestyle and to take the time to nurture relationships.