Monday, 18 August 2014

5 Foods that help fight bad breath

Everyone knows that garlic and onions are certain causes of bad breath, but the biggest reason for the recurrence of this illness is the bungled oral hygiene or lack thereof. If halitosis persists

even when you try to keep good oral hygiene habits, see a dentist. But if the cause of bad breath is only the lack of time to brush your teeth, bet on some foods that will alleviate the odor.

When consumed with peel, apple is able to complement the action of flossing, scraping the teeth and preventing the accumulation of unwanted bacteria odors.

Take the test: when your teeth feel a bit rough, which is a sign of plaque, eat an apple. Then pass the language for them and for sure you will feel smoother. Foods such as carrots and cucumber have the same effect and, therefore, they are known as "detergents foods".

Did you know that bad breath can not be directly linked to poor oral hygiene? There are cases where bad breath is the result of poor digestion, this occurs when the intestine to the stomach gases deviate and this frees them into the respiratory tract. In this case, tea and other digestive boldo can aid in digestion, avoiding this constraint.

Another food that aids digestion ginger is due to its astringent factor. So take ginger candies in the bag or add it to meals, may be good strategies to avoid bad breath.

One of the causes of bad breath is the high level of hydrogen sulfide in our body, in this case natural unsweetened yogurt may be the solution because it reduces the levels of this gas.

Why even brushing your teeth before bed, I wake up with bad breath? This occurs because when we sleep our body slows down and, naturally, the rhythm of salivation also decreases, which contributes to the proliferation of oral bacteria.

So the tip is to drink lots of water because it stimulates the salivary glands and also helps eliminate waste throughout our bodies.

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