Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tharaszban during Lent everyone

Tharaszban during Lent everyone - the kids and the adults too - he fasted until the ninth hour * Parents gathered up the kids and toys were given to play, and three in the afternoon, when he spoke of the temple bell the Forward Dedicated Donations liturgy, they went to church

 . and took part in the Holy Communion.  said: "The kids play all day, did not occur to them to get food. Well you can not stand it now fasting when fasting also helps them to Christ? "

For adults who do not fast, speak their conscience when they see children fasting. I remember when I was younger and my master of a house we worked.

 We had lunch there as well. Wednesdays and Fridays I did not stay for lunch, but I went home because they were not fasting.

  Once, I remember, it was Wednesday, and the cakes were and wanted to offer him. "Thank you - I told them - but I am fasting." - "No longer look - amazed - so young and fasts, and we are adult people, we just eat constantly."  

* That is, until three in the afternoon - until the ninth hour, according to the Byzantine time. (3) Fasting for good törekvésből of fasting shows the intention of the people. Those who start with good

 asceticism, to help God. However, if a man raped herself and says, "Well, what can I do? Friday again - obligatory fasting ", you just torturing yourself. However

 , when you get to the meaning of Lent and keep it out of love for Christ, you will spend a pleasure. "On this day Christ was crucified. - Will think that man, -

 . Did not give him any more water, vinegar watered by * Today I will not drink of water. " If the start of the fasting person so, you will feel more joy than those who consumed the best cooling drinks.

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