Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Take the medication increases the corn to rats as

Recently, a 28-year-old British girl, has become the man of substance abuse strain anabolic steroids. Due to improve his small stature, she had taken the drug increases the speed level. As a result, floating zone, rolling her hand, grow a mustache and face full of pimples. Shrunken breasts so well developed pectoral muscles too.

In Vietnam, many men also abuse drugs to increase muscle turn into tiny "David" but met with ironic consequences. Currently on the market there, there are dozens of drugs that increase the advertised explode like grenades: "Only a few months already taking his wolf body without heavy exercise."  

Join large displacement motorcycle club, Mr. Vu Ngoc Khoa (age 27, Hanoi)'d love to have muscular body, muscle mass to deserve steel rolling his 2,000 horsepower. As directed by the same guy a few episodes, he referred to the Faculty buy online and 3 increases the speedy vial, each vial 1 million.

In just 6 months, and medication intake with weight training, you Sciences has found his biceps as big as the famous mouse ... cat. abdominal muscles also appeared to be four zones, each time you move your biceps, his girlfriend are broken rules praise.

Nice body but something seems locked his crib diminished. The reason muscles "boy" seems to be meager. 1 year after pill, he "surrendered" entirely.  

At South Central School (Vietnam-Germany Hospital) after his visit to the Faculty, doctors diagnosed him with erectile Faculty side effects of the drug increases muscle. The drug L-Car ... he bought Sciences floating market is one of the drugs "growth hormone" also known as hormone male genital . If drug abuse to accelerate muscle growth, there will be many side effects, making the muscles stand but "your" meager, perish.

Take the medication increases the corn to rats as ... cats, "your" meager 1 

One does not go back

In addition, the drug market selling surf the net there are a lot of testerone hormone drugs enhance, enhance male sexual function guise of "functional foods".

The guy who "has yet to run out of money markets' self-esteem often do not dare to go to the doctor. Therefore, they usually investigate online "google" for diagnosis, drug loading yourself. Listen to the advertisement "panacea", turned into weak health, athletes turn into tiny, many people have bought the drugs enhance sexual function, to drink.

"Those who want to increase your exercise routine more muscle then have to go search for the oncologist to prescribe sport and manual correct dosage. Could not" speed training "to meet and graphics ". 


Dr. Le Vuong Van Ve - South Hospital School Director and infertility Hanoi said that the drug increases the particularly dangerous because it enhances the normal metabolic function of the body.

Even in the field of sports, many countries have banned the use of athletes. These drugs increase the body or enhance testergone overdose will disrupt hormone metabolism, hormonal influence, the ability to love that "fresh pork products lame pigs." Not only that, "seed" Caleb also vulnerable due to the side effects of the drug.

"Drug enhance male sex hormone can cause side effects such as reduced resistance, respiratory disorders, digestion, irritability, causing muscle cramping. In the long term, the drug can cause sexual dysfunction, testicular atrophy, weakness, physiology, no sperm, causing gynecomastia syndrome in men. In addition, it also causes inflammation of the liver, liver failure ... And women who abuse drugs are at increased risk of muscle turn into men when muscle development, fat atrophy, hirsutism see them, even the beard " - Guard said TS.   http://links28.com/News/vitiligo-miracle-review-|-is-david-paltrow-scam/

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