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Stress is only bad and can be harmful?

When we hear the word stress, in most cases some kind of unpleasant, negative things or events we think. However, Hans Selye, a Hungarian-born researcher in the world-famous, put it in terms of survival is necessary to stress. In fact, stress is nothing more than the body's response to the stimuli, situations which require adaptation. Such as heat, noise or even the strength of the crowd.

 But the underlying stress factors are not necessarily bad, threatening. Sometimes, because of the positive and unexpected events specifically similar tension in us. Think back to before the last date of our preparation for, or when a loved one have prepared a birthday surprise!

 Thus, without the stress of our lives would definitely boring. And specifically dealing with little if anything good happens to us. But these processes are an integral part of our lives.

However, differ significantly from each other in what situations we wake up they dangerous or tension. An even greater difference can be observed in how we react to these situations, that is how we cope with stress. Just look at how differently people behave in a supermarket cashier in the standing long queue! Some people quietly standing or talking, because any stress for no expectations.

 Others are a little tense, and with their feet "drumming" in big sigh or complain about their standing around. Still others will react even more strongly, and the cashier or quarreling loudly demanding a new cash register be opened. Ie other stressful situation, the other in a neutral or even positive

  events may be one person. In addition, if you wake up they both voltage is maintained at the situation, you can react to it very differently. In addition, we also differ in how stress intensity can tolerate without significant mental or physical impairment, that is how we are resistant.

However, it must be recognized that these mental and physical illnesses are mostly really depressing situations and distractions of everyday sense-called stress are caused. In themselves, however, these situations do not necessarily cause problems. This is partly dependent on how long it takes for that event. The existing short-term threat or negative events are less burdened by us,

 so you are less likely to experience physical and psychological symptoms. Far more damaging to our health, the persistent or recurrent stress situations again and again. It is worth to point out the relationship and work problems, given that most of them are a major source of stress.

Even these long standing stress situations can only pose a problem if you can not deal with them properly. In such cases, the physical and psychological symptoms reveal that something is wrong. The physical symptoms of the most common gastrointestinal and cardiovascular complaints

 . These include indigestion, stomach cramps, blood pressure fluctuation, frequent dizziness or palpitations. Among the psychological symptoms of fatigue, constant fatigue, sleep problems, restlessness, loss of appetite may appear.

In this case, it is essential to seek professional, organizational and personal because we can not continue to fight the stress-inducing situation in such cases. First, you should definitely consult a doctor to find out the cause of the complaint and, if necessary, to find the right treatment option.  

  In addition, it is advisable to visit a psychologist who can help you effectively coping with the specific problem of appropriate therapeutic methods or advice. So you can easily find the right solution for the specific situation, in fact, it is likely that a similar situation has been playing these coping.

In this case, however, it is true that all these troubles and inconveniences can be more practical to prevent, and not to wait for either physical or psychological symptoms cause stress.

 There are many ways kivédhetőek because the negative effects of stress. One of the best methods of regular exercise. Moderate exercise three times a week is a significant amount of tension to release, in addition to improving the health of our state as well. Specifically to reduce stress serves

  as a form of exercise like yoga, meditation or relaxation. It is also important and the right amount of restful sleep, a balanced lifestyle and to take the time to nurture relationships.

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Tharaszban during Lent everyone

Tharaszban during Lent everyone - the kids and the adults too - he fasted until the ninth hour * Parents gathered up the kids and toys were given to play, and three in the afternoon, when he spoke of the temple bell the Forward Dedicated Donations liturgy, they went to church

 . and took part in the Holy Communion.  said: "The kids play all day, did not occur to them to get food. Well you can not stand it now fasting when fasting also helps them to Christ? "

For adults who do not fast, speak their conscience when they see children fasting. I remember when I was younger and my master of a house we worked.

 We had lunch there as well. Wednesdays and Fridays I did not stay for lunch, but I went home because they were not fasting.

  Once, I remember, it was Wednesday, and the cakes were and wanted to offer him. "Thank you - I told them - but I am fasting." - "No longer look - amazed - so young and fasts, and we are adult people, we just eat constantly."  

* That is, until three in the afternoon - until the ninth hour, according to the Byzantine time. (3) Fasting for good törekvésből of fasting shows the intention of the people. Those who start with good

 asceticism, to help God. However, if a man raped herself and says, "Well, what can I do? Friday again - obligatory fasting ", you just torturing yourself. However

 , when you get to the meaning of Lent and keep it out of love for Christ, you will spend a pleasure. "On this day Christ was crucified. - Will think that man, -

 . Did not give him any more water, vinegar watered by * Today I will not drink of water. " If the start of the fasting person so, you will feel more joy than those who consumed the best cooling drinks.

Yoga in Daily Life

The day conversation Czéh Emilia guild president departmental information  More and more people recognize the benefits of yoga which is expressed in the human life healthier happier more balanced composition of our county Esztergom Lábatlan Tata and Tatabanya is teaching the last two locations of the clubs operate Czéh Emilia Tatabánya Yoga ... 
The day conversation Czéh Emilia guild president
County Information / Tatabanya

More and more people recognize the benefits of yoga, which is expressed in the human life healthier, happier, more balanced in nature. Esztergom county, Lábatlan, Tata and Tatabanya's

 education, the latter two works at the clubs. Czéh Emilia, Tatabánya Yoga in Daily Life Association President talked.

- Paramhans Swami Mahesh warananda the north-western Indian Rajasthan born in 1945 - the president began. - In 1972, he founded the Austrian Vienna -

 Indian Yoga-Vedanta Society. The life of humanity and all creatures of devoted service, and to this end, tirelessly traveling around the world.
- How introduced by the new master yoga Europe?

- The original yoga tradition of combining western scientific knowledge and masterful created a comprehensive system, called Yoga Daily Life. This corresponds to the mentality of people today, the needs and lifestyle as well.
- What is the international association of yoga life?

- In 1990, the International Sri Deep Mad-havananda Ashram Society, which mainly carries out humanitarian tasks. Centre in Vienna, and a member of the organization Tatabanya Yoga in Daily Life non-profit associations.
- The European Yoga founder had been Tatabanya?

- Swamiji in 1978, first visited Hungary in 1992 Tatabanya greet him. Staying in our country several times a year, so we can meet more often with him.

- What are the main principles of yoga?
- The love for all living beings and help is on the physical health, respect for life in yoga for mental health. Peace on earth is a social health, the natural environment and the protection of the rights of the spiritual health. Very important to have a culture of respect for all nations and religions, which is self-realization. We organize Yoga clubs to this end, tea house programs, and courses.  

- What are the characteristics of the courses?
- our courses in the postures and lots and breathing exercising can prevent health problems are, we can improve physical health, our gradually you get to the ellazultság, the inner peace and harmony in the sense of. Yoga in Daily Life system consists of eight levels, which is learned in three years.      

The first level is called Sarawak Hitta exercises that anyone can start to practice, additional techniques of hatha yoga cleansing exercises, deep relaxation, concentration and some special posture.
- I know yoga is combined with a special meal.

- The energy source of vitality the corresponding positive energy from cereals, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, honey, herbs and spices provide - either raw or freshly cooked. Meat, fish, eggs is not recommended, alcohol, nicotine and drugs ruin the body. Sandor Friday

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 The first real multipurpose gloves suitable for varied indoor activities. These gloves fill all requests of women for modern gloves. Mechanical protection of hands during exercising with dumb-bells or on machines is matter of course. Women ask more often for hygienic protection of hands during cardio-activities.

There are mineral salts, grease, microbes and fungi in grips of cardio machines and gloves ensure hygienic protection of hands against fungi and mycosis. The most of common gloves aren't designed for these activities and ensure only mechanical protection of hands.

 Women accentuate on aesthetic value of gloves it means they ask the gloves are made in modern colours and modern design and gloves become as fashion accessory. Gloves must be made from materials ensured high comfort of using (possibility of repeated washing, airiness, transport of moisture and quick drying).

 Design of gloves and used materials must contribute to freedom of movement and gloves must not to embarrass during exercising. We are absolutely sure, that our new gloves fromTATTOO collection fill all these requests and offers even more!

- All used materials are from top class producers from South Korea and ensure possibility of repeated washing it means high hygiene of using, but lightness, airiness, active transport of moisture from hand and quick drying as well.

- Gloves have been designed to fill function of mechanical and hygienic protection of hands but fill aesthetic request of women and be fashion accessory of modern active women during exercising. Gloves don't limit free movement of whole hand including wrist.
- A new type of closure strap with fastener of type "microplastic moulded hooks" which is very thin, flexible and light helps to whole lightness of gloves. Used fastener is produced by well-known producer - Gloves are equipped by comfortable sweat wristband made from excellent terry towel.

 It allow to wipe sweat from face and forehead during exercising. Whole effective area of sweat wristband is 2,5 times higher than area of towel on thumbs of some models of gloves.

 Terry towel used for wristband has better ability to absorb sweat, than towel used for thumbs.Wristband tones to colour of gloves of course.

- The real goody is chip integrated into gloves. Women will not need to take money, pass and key into gym more. A lot of wellequipped gyms has special identification system based just on chips of size as common visa card. It allow women to identify themselves, cash deposit at gym, pay for services and goods,
  buy goods from vending machines, lock and unlock locker. Our gloves are equipped by chip of thickness less than 1mm and of diameter 25 mm which is put into special pocket of right glove.

  It is necessary only to register this chip and gym, cash deposit and it isn't necessary to take anything else into gym. Size of chip and its placement brings hight comfort and freedom during exercising.


5 The main advantages which can be obtained using rowing machines
At a time when not rowing season, paddlers are not the only ones who can benefit from the rowing machines .

In fact, the main 5 benefits that can be gained by using rowing machines, can help anyone who wants to engage in a general fitness . Rowing movement involves several major muscle groups and help you develop both your upper body and the lower part. Even more - rowing machines makes your heart and lungs to work, giving a serious aerobic workout.

Benefits to be obtained by using rowing machines:

1 Effective aerobic training. Due to the fact that the movement would involve the use of so many major muscle groups, rowing device is an effective way to speed up the heart rate and increase oxygen intake. Adjustable resistance, which is available for most rowing machines,

allowing you to easily reach your target heart rate, as well as slow down the recovery back to in a heartbeat. Some of these home gyms devices to be equipped with a wireless heart rate chest belt to help you monitor your heart rate hands-free.

2 Effective calorie burning. Training on rowing machines burns about 600 calories an hour. It is much more effective than many other home gym equipment in the relevant market has to offer. On the stationary exercise bike without hand involvement should you train for about an hour and 18 minutes to achieve the same result as the rowing simulator.

3 upper body physical fitness improvement. As you suspect, rowing device provides proper upper body workout. They involve the rhomboid muscles in the shoulders, upper back muscles trapezoidal back in wide and the muscles in the lower back. Your biceps, chest muscles and abdominal muscles

  and take a little work, although on a small scale. Since during exercise to maintain a strong grip rowing, you the hands and wrists, which are benefit to be gained from many sports.

4 Body bottom fitness improvement. Perhaps it is a surprise, but one of the rowing device main intended benefits are training they provide to cover the lower part of the body.

 In fact, rowing rowing enthusiasts primarily viewed as lower body workout. Key actors in the leg muscles are the quadriceps muscles on the front of the upper thigh, but the workout is employed in the eggs and pelvic muscles (ass). To the best lower body workout, select the device with sliding rowing seat.

5 Low risk of injury. Bird movement is natural and low-impact effects, thereby imposing a minimal burden on the joints. As you sit low to the floor, there is less risk of falling than exercising on a stationary exercise bike. While there back sastiepšanas risk, you can reduce, with a proper rowing position and movement sequences. Proper rowing posture allows you to work your legs, removing stress on your lower back.


Pliometrijas workouts have long been known as one of the most effective and efficient ways of training, because it burns calories at the same time and grow muscles. Pliometrijas method is a type of exercise that promotes muscle development, strength, speed and endurance. They can even make the contribution of bone mass production. Get all the benefits of adding exercises to your workout pliometrijas arrangements under the Life Fitness tips:

What is pliometrijas method?

Pliometrijas training methods are used in explosive, fast movements to be made in order to develop muscle strength. In other words, they have a high level of impact movement that involves jumping.

Why is it worth it to try?

Introducing pliometrijas methods training your cardio and strength workout mode, you will help transform fat on slides muscles at the same time speeding up the heart rate and burning calories.

What kind of exercise is added to the pliometrijas methods?

Pliometrijas methods of training includes all exercises that involve jumping. Start with something less complex, as, for example, learn how to jump rope, make the leap, jump rope or apļojot Hop, travel high knees. Gradually add the touchdown squats jumps, lunge jumps, changing feet, or jump to the gym boxes. Try to good old exercise: from squatting into rest - rest lying down, leaning on his hands - rest squatting - leap up. You'll notice in the short term strength and confidence increase.

How to start these exercises if you have never tried pliometrijas method?

• Make sure you properly iesildāties. Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes to warm up your joints, muscles and heart can move faster.

• Begin your workout with the basic elements of a soft surface, such as carpet, rubber mat or grass. Check that the destination is not intrusive elements.

• Begin your workout at a slower pace, with less range of motion and reduced the number of repetitions. Improving your form, increase speed, range of motion and the number of repetitions.

• If you feel pain, stop the workout.

• Between workouts Enjoy a one or two day break to allow the muscles to recover and repair. Always listen to your body.

Potency and your weight

Cooking was a favorite pastime of many prominent politicians - Richelieu, Mazarin, Louis XIV, Nelson, Frederick the Great ...

Men usually do not associate their failures in the intimate sphere with weight gain. For many, a discovery that excess weight (especially obesity) - a major cause of the most common sexual dysfunction: impotence, decreased libido, often - infertility.
The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men who are overweight is quite high - over 50%. The man production of sex hormones and fertility depends on a sufficient amount of fat, since it is a synthesis of these principal male hormone - testosterone.

 However, if you receive an excess of fat in the body accumulates fat tissue, which gives the production of hormones, causing sexual dysfunction, decreased sexual desire,

and, in some cases, infertility. Look at your reflection in the mirror. Whether you have not exceeded the allowable fat stores? The great philosopher and physician Avicenna said: "In the treatment of each disease struggle with obesity should be considered as the first step."

In men, women as opposed to, the greatest accumulation of fat occurs in the abdomen. In addition to violations of the synthesis and release of testosterone, adipose tissue affects many factors

 that have a negative effect on the central mechanisms regulating the functions of the male genital organs. Furthermore, disturbed carbohydrate and fat metabolism, develop hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. These conditions also inhibit sexual function.

If you note decreased sexual desire and failure in sex life, you should consult your doctor andrologu. Who is not familiar with the man's health, knows all the secrets of different periods of life of men and their relationship to metabolic processes in the body. 

 Especially as the link between the violation of gonadal function and the development of obesity has long been known. Obesity occurs in men with initially normal reproductive system, as well as the progression of obesity there is a reduction of testosterone in the body content.

 His failure in obese men is a significant factor in treatment and an important role to play therapy aimed at normalization of testosterone in the blood plasma.

A set of exercises for weight loss for pregnant women

Waving its arms:
put your feet shoulder-width apart, fingers clenched in a fist, alternately flap arms outstretched, one ahead - up, the other - back; breathing arbitrary, without delay, the rate of the average (repeat 8-15 times).

- "Box":
put your feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, arms bent; the boxing punches forward right and left fist alternately blows accompanying half-turn of the housing; breathing arbitrary average pace (repeat 10-20 times).

Exercises for the legs

- Poluprisedaniya:
put your feet shoulder-width apart, springy poluprisedaniya holding his chair; breathing arbitrary, without delay, the rate of the average (repeat 6-12 times).

- Squats with support:
from a standing position with your feet together (arms down), squat, holding the chair, breathing arbitrary, without delay, slow tempo (repeat 4-6 times).

- The spring leg curls:
from a standing position with your feet together (arms down), raise your hands up, put aside his left leg far away at the toe and at the same time on the right foot to make three springy squats; return to the starting position; perform the same movement, putting the other foot; breathing arbitrary average pace (repeat 3-6 times on each leg).
Exercises for the muscles of the trunk

- The spring side bends:
put your feet shoulder-width apart (arms down), bend your torso to the left, raising his right arm up - (left bent behind his back), make two more resilient tilt in the same direction, to return to its original position; do the same movement on the right side, breathing arbitrary average pace (repeat 3-6 times on each side).

- "Propeller":
put your feet shoulder-width apart, arms dissolve in hand, lean forward, and turning the body, to get the right hand toe of the left foot (exhalation), return to the starting position (inhale); do the same movement in the opposite direction (legs bend); average pace (repeat 3-6 times on each side).

- "Lumberjack":
put your feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised up, brush concatenate "lock"; lean forward and vigorously throw up (exhale), return to the starting position (inhale); average pace (repeat 6-15 times).

- "Angle":
lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, raise the straightened leg up (before the formation of the angle with the body) and then widely spread them apart and return to its original position; breathing arbitrary, without delay, slow tempo (repeat 3-8 times).

- "Raising the body":
lie on your back, fasten your feet, sit down and bending the body forward, to get his hands a foot socks - exhale; return to its original position - a breath; average pace (repeat 4-15 times).

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Smelly discharge: how to treat

The discharge with bad smell can be a warning of the presence of infections such as bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis or sores on the cervix. So he always deserves attention and tratamento.

O stench of discharge resembles the odor of rotten fish, and in most cases, occurs along with itching in the genital area, burning during urination and pain during intercourse. He usually has a greenish-yellow color. If such symptoms are shown, consultation with a gynecologist so that he can identify the cause and begin treatment of the discharge is indicated.

Treatment for discharge with foul smell

The gynecologist indicate a specific remedy will depend on the cause of the discharge with bad odor. Treatment options used today are oral tablets, vaginal tablets and ointments. 

It is important to remember that the duration of treatment will also depend on the type of discharge and pregnanc. In some cases, the sexual partner will also need to undergo treatment. Thus, the gynecologist will guide the couple avoid intimate sexual contact until the infection is cured.
discharge with foul smell

Boil 1 liter of water and turn off the heat soon after. Immediately add the 30 g of guava leaves and cover the pan for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, strain it to remove the leaves, pouring

 all the tea in a bowl. When the tea is at a temperature you stand, sit in the bowl, naked, doing the sitz bath. You should carefully wash the entire genital area until the tea cools. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.

Besides the sitz bath, some foods can help in healing the discharge smelly. The indicated is that you keep a natural and balanced diet, fruit and vegetables, staying away from processed foods.

Check out the list of
The foods mentioned above are capable of altering the pH of the blood and also the feminine area, which helps the body to rebalance the bacterial flora of the region.

Important: If the smell continues after three days doing home treatment, see a gynecologist . He should conduct a bacteriological examination of the discharge to find out what the offending agent and perform a medical treatment to cure smelly discharge.

Know the most common remedies for hair loss

A major concern with regard to hair for both men and women, is falling wires. Every day, we lose 50-70 hairs , especially during sleep, because of friction on the pillow, and the time to wash and comb.
The loss is typically considered a natural and very common according to dermatologists . When the condition worsens, however, it may be necessary to resort to remedies for hair loss .

The problem starts when the fall increases, surpassing over 200 wires. Thus, the hair starts to get shorter, thin, fragile and color loss. The result can be baldness installing new wiring, and not compensate for losses.

It is known that 80% of men have expressed the problem until 70 years, and 30% of women will have up to 50 years of age. However, currently there are remedies for hair loss that can help treat and help alleviate the problem.

Use of remedies for hair loss
Farewell to the fall of the wires is not easy, but it is possible to make use of remedies for hair loss . No cure baldness or androgenetic alopecia , which affect both men and women, manifested progressively

. In case of suspicion, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to get a better chance to control the process.\

There are only two ways of trying to lock the miniaturization of wiring and promote growth of new: medicine and surgery . Who do not get results with remedies for hair loss , you can resort to capillaries.

The basis of medical treatment is the reduction of DHT and the protection of receptors against their action. The usual benefits are the reduction of speed of installation of baldness after 6 or 8 months

of continuous use.
Besides not exist in short-term treatment, the patient needs to understand that therapy should be continuous between 16 and 50 years old. This period is that occurs miniaturization process , noting that the aggressions between 25 and 35 years are the strongest.

Types of remedies
By adopting remedies for hair loss , management varies with each patient, before their clinical and personal characteristics. Treatment should always be accompanied by a doctor. Meet some remedies for hair loss that can be used in the prevention or treatment against baldness:

- Zymo HSOR : enzyme complex which increases by 73% the number of wires after 6 months of treatment;
- Minoxidil : improves circulation to the scalp and retards hair fall;

- Finasteride : blocks the action of DHT on the hair bulbs of receptors predisposed to baldness wires;
- 17 Alpha Estradiol : indicated in cases of decreases in the anagen hair loss by hormonal factors;

- Ketoconazole Shampoo : antifungal used topically to the scalp to reduce the population of fungi and excess oil;
 Revivogen : contains natural ingredients that reduce the local production of DHT, block the androgen receptors and stimulate hair growth;

- Tricógena Auxin : improves blood flow in the scalp and intercellular exchanges, strengthening the root and the wires;

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What is the best haircut for each type of face?

Will cut the hair to change your look? When choosing the haircut, it is essential to take into account the shape of your face. Women who have square face

, as  and Angelina Jolie, for example, have a wide face, with strong features and a large jaw and ask more basic and cuts medium or long to soften the features of the face length .        

Who has the round face has no defined angles, the forehead is generally small and the traces are usually wider in the area of ​​the cheekbones and jaw. Some tricks for cutting hair can hide the salient details, helping to stretch or thin the face.

As for the oval faces, ie, with forehead and chin at the same distance, almost all types of cuts are released, which is not the case of those who have square or round face. Women with oval face can change cutting easier, without worrying so much.

Learn now what is the haircut for each type of face! See our gallery and get inspired!

Haircut for each type of face: square face

haircut for each type of roster

Generally, those with square face has good protruding jaw, forming a straight line with your forehead. Agyness Deyn A, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes model have this face shape.

For anyone who has that kind of face, irregular cuts are a good choice as they have the advantage of providing a lightness to the face that has most marked traits.

People with square face should avoid the straight and short cuts, because they usually further accentuate the jaw.

Haircut for each type of roster: round roster

haircut for each type of roster

As the name suggests, the face is shaped like a circle and usually more common in those who have high cheekbones. Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz have your face with this format.
The ideal cuts for those with round face are more frayed medium and long cuts, to give the impression that the face is thinner.

Johnny's hair type or volume on top is not recommended because, with them, the cheeks are very exposed, leaving the further round face.

Haircut for each type of roster: oval roster

haircut for each type of roster

Who has oval face usually have thinner lines, which decrease slightly in size from forehead to chin. Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and  Knowles have this face shape.
This type of face combines with almost all cuts. It is a full plate for those who like to innovate!

But some cuts like chanel should be avoided by those with long neck. The short fringe is also not ideal if you have very large forehead.

Liked the article? What is your opinion about it? Come share your experiences and take your questions in the  Discussion Forum Doutíssima !

Check out five options for male lighten hair without damaging

Passed up the time that techniques for more beautiful hair and different things were just the woman. Currently, the blonde , for example, is not only a female preference and men are increasingly looking for ways to gain a clearer and more appropriate to the fashion trends hair. However, male lighten hair without The challenge to lighten hair male

Men do not like to undergo time-consuming techniques that will bring aggressive and subsequent treatment needs such as hydration, for example. Thinking about it, this article offers some tips that may assist you in this process to whiten men's hair without damage, just with a little patience.

The strained lemon juice is a natural choice for anyone looking male lighten hair without aggression, bringing the light effect . You need only the strained juice of two lemons diluted in the same amount of water in a spray bottle - preferably new so there is no mixing with other possible substances.

Spray the hair, concentrating on the strands you want to clear. After, let the sun dry the mixture for about 30 minutes. As the hair is dry, it brightens. After this time, rinse the wires - do not let the lemon for more time to avoid burning hair leather and damage the hair. 
Chamomile tea

An easy and known recipe is also a good option to lighten male hair without damaging the wire. To do so, you only need a pot of chamomile tea very concentrated and cold. Pass the strands you want to whiten and dry it in the sun. Then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
Honey and olive oil

Another natural mixture to lighten hair male is the combination made ​​with ¼ cup olive oil and the same measure of honey. Whisk both ingredients in a bowl and spread evenly on the hair as if to apply a portion of shampoo. Let the mixture sit in your hair for 30-60 minutes. The longer she stays in your hair, lighter hair will stay. After wash with shampoo and conditioner.

Add cinnamon to your conditioner, creating a thick paste , which is applied throughout the hair and cover with a plastic cap. Allow the mixture to take effect on your hair for at least 3-4 hours. Wash your hair and then rinse the mixture.

Hydrogen peroxide
One less natural, however, less damaging to the wire than procedures done at the salon, is to use the hydrogen peroxide . To do this, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and pour into a spray bottle new - Used may contain some substance that can react with hydrogen peroxide.

  Leave the mixture to take effect on the hair for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the mixture well, washing with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure entire mixture is withdrawn in its entirety.

Stretch marks in pregnancy can be alleviated. Find out how

The pregnancy is a magical time in a woman's life. But, after a certain stage of pregnancy, some more radical changes occur in the female body, resulting in weight gain and also the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy .
Appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy
They appear as red or pink specks in the abdomen, the breasts, buttocks and thighs. The stretch marks in pregnancy are injuries that occur by disruption of the elastic fibers of the skin , stretching and form some tags: are stretch marks.
Causes of stretch marks in pregnancy

Experts say the causes of the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy are genetic. For example, if your mother or sister had stretch marks during pregnancy, you will have a greater likelihood of having too. Therefore, not all women develop stretch marks during pregnancy , but it is estimated that 80% of them, stretch marks appear.

Furthermore, the hormones may affect the protein balance of the skin, causing it to be more delicate. Despite being common, there are some ways to mitigate the problems of stretch marks in pregnancy .
How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

- Check the weight : the development of stretch marks in pregnancy happens because the skin is forced to stretch rapidly. then the structure is broken. Thus, it is common during pregnancy have a very rapid increase in weight.

Look eat foods rich in vitamin C, E and Zinc, which stimulate the production of collagen and proteins. Therefore, controlling the feed and get the right foods is essential. In fact, a healthy and balanced diet will bring much benefits for you and the baby.

- Moisturize skin : Besides drinking plenty of water to keep skin hydrated in a natural way, try some creams and oils based grape seed, urea, collagen and elastin, which can help maintain skin integrity.
It is noteworthy that they are allies, but no other care alone probably will not bring results. Honey is a great natural moisturizer and can be used while bathing.

- Exercise : besides helping to maintain weight, do light exercises such as walking, activate circulation . This causes streaks in pregnancy can be prevented.
Treatments for stretch marks in pregnancy

For those who could not prevent and ended up with stretch marks, there are cosmetic treatments that can help to give a better appearance to the affected region. Know which treatments for stretch marks in pregnancy can help:

- Carboxitherapy : in each of the grooves, is carbon dioxide injected through a fine needle. With this, improves blood circulation and stimulates the local production of collagen.

- Peel : the peeling smoothly removes the top layer of skin and then cell turnover occurs, causing a new skin arising on site. You can also, after doing the peeling, apply an acid on site (chemical peel).
- CO2 Fractional Laser : The laser beam creates an inflammatory process in place, which stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen, promotes skin renewal.

- Fill with hyaluronic acid : hyaluronic acid is injected into the entire length of the groove , improving the appearance of the affected area.

Meet blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery improves facial appearance

People who seek to rejuvenate the face and eliminate some marks of age have the option toThe surgical procedure, which is also known as the eyelid surgery eliminates small wrinkles, excess skin and even the popular "pockets" which can arise under the eyes.

Understand how it is done Excess fat, a lot of people present on the upper eyelid, is a major reason for resorting to Also, the sagging and elasticity in this region, resulting in small creases are also treatable. The wrinkles and small "pockets" that form  under the eyes can be removed. And until the fall of the lower eyelids can be avoided through the procedure. 

The surgical procedure can be performed by persons of the female and male. The only requirements are: being healthy skin face, not having any kind of pathology that may cause complications in surgery or even in healing and not have any eye problem serious level.

However, before going to the operating table, the most important thing is to talk to the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Make an appointment and pass you all the important information about your health. Chronic diseases, allergies, medications which makes frequent use and all that is relevant should be passed on to the doctor.

The professional who will be responsible for   has an obligation to talk about the procedure, its results in a realistic conversation. He also will make clear the possible complications that may arise.
Infections, poor wound healing , difficulty closing the eyes, anesthetic risks and even loss of vision are some negative possibilities. The patient must also sign a certificate stating that they are aware of all the risks.

Step 1 : the patient receives the necessary medicines. The doctor will also assess whether receive general anesthesia or sedation intravenously.

2nd Step : all cuts leave scars that are thought, trying to hide as much as possible these brands in their own natural folds of the region. To correct the fall of the upper eyelid , an incision is made ​​in your crease. This will cause the repositioning of the contraction of muscles, fat deposits and tissues. Already the lower eyelid is corrected with an incision in the lower eyelash line.

3rd Step : The incisions of blepharoplasty are closed.
4th Step : Are you ready surgery. Now, it is recommended to stay home and wait for the redness and swelling go away to assess the final outcome.
Post surgery care

At the time of going home, the patient will be passed guidelines: which medications to take, their quantity, frequency, how to perform the healing and how to get them. The end result of can only be evaluated after a few weeks when fully recovered.             

And never forget to be sure who is performing the surgery. The physician must be a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the office should be authorized by the Health Surveillance to perform the procedure.

Yoga for Kids: Discover the benefits of practicing family

It is not only adults who suffer from the rush and stress of everyday life. Children also experience similar situations: busy parents, pressure at school, changing technology and language learning, for example. In these cases, yoga for kids can be the difference to find serenity.
Yoga for kids relaxes the kids

The hectic pace of children's lives can have a profound influence on one of the characteristics of children: the joy. And this is not a positive change. A new and fun way to reduce stress is small in yoga for children , a method of relaxation that kids will love.

Yoga for children from sedentary
In addition to providing relaxation, yoga for kids is an exercise, which can remove your child's sedentary lifestyle. The yoga for kids improves self-esteem and body awareness , but unlike other activities, is not competitive.   

The idea goes to children is cooperation rather than competitiveness. However, the greatest benefit that can be seen is the increased flexibility and motor coordination, beyond the power of concentration through meditation. These points are crucial in the development of children.

The practice of the postures of yoga for children starting from 3 years old and can be traced to adolescence. In addition to the exercises adapted to posture and breathing, a class of yoga for children has other kinds of language through stories, games and music, all the kids like best. These benefits are high when the practice of yoga for kids is made ​​with the whole family.
Yoga for children near the family

The yoga for kids , when practiced in family, can strengthen family ties. In addition, parents and children can learn together the strength of truth , self-discipline and simplicity not fundamental in yogic philosophy.
Other benefits are the development of communication , because the child's own family and feel more

confident to follow the same philosophy. How about now even begin to enjoy the benefits of yoga for children with your child and still spend quality time with him? Just find a quiet place.
Yoga postures for kids

Explain to your child what is yoga and how you can have fun by imitating some positions with animal names. It is also important to say how important is concentration during exercise . Remind your child to breathe deeply through your nose. Hold the position for two to five breaths. Check out some yoga postures that you can do at home:

1 Tadasana : standing, try to let both feet close together and lift your toes up. Then put your shoulders back and hands on belly. Take 5 deep breaths and feel their movement in the belly.

2 Pose ostrich : backs to each other, departing feet. Then it is necessary to inspire and then release the breath and arms until they touch the ground. So you can see through the legs . Ask your child why the name of this posture. The answer is: ostriches sleep with your head buried in the ground.

3 Pose sapo : the feet should be at hip. Now, bend your knees and place your hands on the floor. Then hold your child's hand and lie back his head.

4 Butterfly Pose :. sit facing your child, joining the soles of the feet, forming a butterfly Interlace your fingers and place on tiptoe. Stretch out and take a deep breath. Then how about, move his legs?

Childhood stuttering: 7 tips for parents to assist their children

The childhood stuttering tends to appear between 2 and 4 years of age, during which children begin to form larger phrases. Therefore, it is normal to forget some words, not present in speech fluency, as well as stuttering frames due to insecurity to express themselves.
Infant stuttering decreases with time

How to childhood stuttering is a result of insecurity, it tends to fade over time. Often, as the child matures, she'll lose the shame, acquiring fluency and, consequently, decreasing the occurrence of tripping over syllables , which is the main characteristic of stuttering.
stuttering and child

7 boards against childhood stuttering
Once your child may be going through it due to shyness , it is important that parents follow some steps to support children in this moment of stuttering children. See how to help your child:

One. Discuss with the child unhurried and always making possible breaks so she can assimilate the process. Expect your child finish talking before you start talking. Incidentally, take a few seconds before running over the child's speech.

When you speak slowly, you stimulate the child to speak slowly . This is also much more useful than stimulate it through orders as "speak more slowly." The tendency of the child is much more to imitate than to obey actions.

Two. Rather than ask questions, make comments about what your son said, showing that you are paying attention . Children tend to speak more freely to express their own ideas rather than answer questions from adults.

Three. statements Make use of attention to his son . He needs to feel that you are more interested in what he is saying than the way he is saying.

4. Each day, take the time to give attention to your child. Let him lead the activities and do not forget to make a soft-spoken and quiet when interacting with the child.         

These moments are crucial for the child to go acquiring confidence and this will automatically reduce the difficulty of main expression responsible for childhood stuttering.

5. Encourage all family members to adopt practices speaks calmly and slowly to the child. The passage of tranquility is a process that must be constant in the life of the little suffering with stuttering.

Not to mention that it is easier for the child that there are few interruptions until it acquires the security needed to talk. Also, feel that people are paying attention brings a natural feel secure.

6. Whenever possible, show your child that you are paying attention to him. Avoid criticizing the difficulty he has in the formation of sentences and demonstrate maximum attention to him. It is paramount that he feels supported.

The child should not see the problem as a matter of fact and calm and support from adults is essential for her to learn and childhood stuttering pass naturally without generating major traumas.

7. Above all, make your child know that you accept him as he is . The most important for your child will be your support, whether it stutter or not.

Helping your baby to talk

You progressed much, baby. Of a newborn who only communicated crying and did not understand anything beyond their basic needs, going to a baby of six months beginning to articulate sounds, understand words and express anger, frustration and happiness, even a baby eight months that was capable of transmitting messages by primitive sounds and gestures, and now a baby for ten months who spoke his first words.

Teaching your baby to talk
Here's how you can help in language development of your baby:
Label, label, label. Everything in the world your baby has a name - use it. Verbally label objects in the household baby, play of 'eyes, nose, mouth' point and other body parts. Point birds,

  dogs, trees, lakes, flowers, cars, trucks and fire trucks to the floor. Do not let outsiders - point moms, dads, babies, women, men, girls, boys. For baby - use their name frequently to help develop a sense of identity.

Listen, listen, listen. What makes you say your baby is as important as what you say to him. Even if you have not yet identified any words, listen to your babbling and answer: 'Oh, how interesting' or 'Really?' When you ask a question, wait for an answer, even if it's just a smile, agitated body language or unintelligible babbling. Make a special effort to understand the words in speech incoherent baby;

  many first words are so confusing that parents do not understand them. Try to associate the words unrecognizable baby to objects that they can represent; they can not sound even a little correct, but if the child uses the same 'word' for the same object consistently, that counts. When you have problems to translate what your baby is asking, point possible alternatives, giving you the chance to say if you guessed correctly.

  There will be frustration on both sides until the order baby become smarter, but their continual attempts to act as an interpreter will help accelerate the development of language, as well as give the baby the satisfaction of being at least partially understood.

Focus on concepts. The baby still need to learn many things that you understand how basic. Here are just a few concepts. You can probably think of several others. Be sure to say the word for the concept and when you interpret your baby.

Explain the environment and the law of cause and effect. 'The sun shines, then have light.' 'The fridge gets cold food to be tasty and fresh', 'Mama uses a brush to brush his teeth and a medium brush to scrub the floor.' 'Turning the switch on the wall, the room has light. Hanging up, it gets dark. '

  And so on. An expanded consciousness and understanding of their environment, as well as the perception of other people and their needs and feelings, is much more important for your baby to understand well the language and reading to learn to repeat a lot of meaningless words.

Realize colors. Begin to identify colors where appropriate. 'Look, that balloon is red, or that your shirt' or 'That truck is green. Your cart is green too. ' or 'Look at those, that beautiful yellow flowers.' Remember, however, that most children do not 'learn' colors until about three years old.

Contact one of two ways. Use adult sentences and then translate them to the simple baby speaks: 'Now we'll both walk. Dad, Paul, is bye-bye. ' 'Ah, you have just consumed. all '. Double-talk helps.

Do not talk like a baby. Use speech simplified adults instead of tatibitate will help your baby learn to speak properly fastest 'Julinha or bottle?' is better than 'Baby Tetê qué?' Forms as 'dog' or 'doll', however, can be used with young children - are of course more enjoyable.

Enter pronouns. Although your baby probably will not be using pronouns correctly for a year or more, the end of the first year is a good time to start developing a familiarity with the baby pronouns using them with names. 'Daddy will pick up food for Paulinho - I'll give you food.' 'This book is the mother - is my - and this book is the Tatiana - is yours.' This latest version also teaches the concept of ownership.

Encourage the baby to respond. Use any medium you can think of to make your baby respond in words or gestures. Present choices: 'Whether bread or biscuit?' or 'You wear pajamas Mickey or airplanes?' and then give the baby a chance to indicate the alternative you want, which you should then give a name. Ask questions: 'Tá tired?' "Want to eat? ' 'You go on the swing?

' A nod probably goes before a yes or no, but it is still an answer. Ask your baby to help her find things (even if they are not lost): '? Can find the ball' Give the baby long enough to show the object, and reward greeting. Even looking in the direction account - 'That's right. The ball's there! '

Never force. Encourage your baby to talk by saying 'Tell Mom what you want' when he use nonverbal communication to indicate a need. If the baby grunt or point again, offer a choice: for example, 'You bear or dog?' If you do not receive a verbal response, name the object, 'Oh, you want the dog', and delivered. Never forget to take something because your child can not ask for anything by name or because he or she pronounces the name incorrectly. Sooner or later, the verbal responses will be more than the non-verbal.

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6 Bedrooms baby to inspire you

One of the favorite moments of the new moms and dads before the birth of the baby is decorating the little room. All the details are a cuteness: from layette to the stuffed animals. But before you go out and buy everything you see ahead, you think, where you'll store all this? It is best to put on the brakes. However, there are beautiful and creative solutions to the lack of space. A team of professional shows how to leave the baby room a charm, even if the space is tiny.

The expert Marise Field worked for 25 years advising parents to purchase the trousseau and organizing the room of infants. His first tip is to buy what is really needed. "A client once told me he did not use 50 clothes she bought for her son. It is a phase that passes very quickly, "he says.

Marise believes that to do no wrong in choosing the position of objects and furniture in the room, the ideal is to ask the advice of an architect. But indicates that mothers make choices, especially the colors according to the taste of them, because they will spend much time in the home environment.

"Pink is still the champion in preference to the rooms of girl, in milder tones combined with white. "The green and beige (nude) are also among the favorite colors. Regarding the closet boys, the predominant colors are: blue, navy, green and acqua, in some cases, the yellow "he says.

Leticia Santos for the architect in designing baby rooms is important to keep in mind the functionality. "One should understand and facilitate the routine generated by the care that will be needed. In compact room, you should prioritize the location of key elements such as crib and changing table.

 And enjoy, with creativity, all the space possible, to add cabinets, drawers, shelves and niches. " She also recommends choosing fabrics and soft colors, light and delicate prints.

There are furniture options that allow the use of room even with the growth of the child. For example, the choice of reversible cot can be the most suitable for those

who do not want to bother with the redecoration so early in the child's room, because after being used as a dresser, futon and crib turns into bed (adult pattern), bunk bed and one nightstand.

This phase is really a delight, is not it? Knowing this, the Doutíssima prepared a photo gallery with 6 Bedrooms baby for you to be inspired! Check it out!

You fall in myths about female fertility? Discover the truths

Myths, rumors and legends are part of human society for many years. How could it be, they are also present in the lives of women, especially the psychological impact those who wish to become mothers. Did you know identify the truths and myths about female fertility ?

The use of certain medication, a certain sexual position, age , alcohol consumption and even the weight of the woman. Which of these situations fit between the myths about female fertility ? Believe me, there are some truths between what seems just rumor.

According to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 80 million couples worldwide with fertility problems. For this reason, experts recommend that a physician be sought if a couple, apparently with no history of factors related to fertility, face a year of pregnancy attempts without success. To understand what these factors are, it is important to know more about the myths about female fertility .
Truths and myths about female fertility

Prepare a list of truths and myths about female fertility for you better understand everything about a possible botched attempt pregnancy. Stay informed and be successful in their quest for motherhood!

1 Prolonged use of birth : ever you may have heard that prolonged use of contraceptive pill causes infertility. But this is just myth! There are already studies that suggest the opposite, that the contraceptive protects female fertility. But be careful: the pill does not replace condoms in preventing

2 Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs : this is another of the myths about female fertility . Although its consumption is bad for health, no study proves the interference of substances on fertility. What can happen, however, are negative impacts on pregnancy, raising the risk of malformation of the baby.
3 The influence of the weight of the woman : she being far above or far below the ideal weight, the woman may present absence of ovulation. It is myth, not! Body fat (missing or in excess of it) can interfere with hormones that act on the menstrual cycle by stopping ovulation.

4 Polycystic ovary syndrome : is it true that women affected by the condition can not become pregnant. What happens is that the carriers of the syndrome tend to ovulate less. Thus, the condition reduces the chances of a pregnancy, but does not stop.

5 Advanced age : age really interfere, but only in female fertility. The woman does not produce new eggs, and of course, the amount will fall over the years. 

 Already the man renews his sperm every 65 days.
6 Sexual intercourse in the fertile period : is myth to think that they are guaranteed pregnancy. Even among young couples, the chance of success in the first month is only 20%. However, a unique relationship in the month can result in pregnancy.
Other myths

Also part of the relationship myths about female fertility two alleged ajudinhas: eating aphrodisiac foods or practice a particular position during intercourse. None of them is able to help or hinder fertilization.

Another myth is the idea that those who have suffered a miscarriage is less likely to get pregnant again. What can lead to infertility are the procedure sequelae post-abortion.

Also, contrary to what many think, it is possible to get pregnant with only one ovary and tube, as well as the use of the morning after pill does not lead to infertility, although his frequent use is contraindicated.

How to know if I'm depressed in pregnancy?

Your pregnancy test came back positive and you want to share the good news with everyone. Congratulations! Yes, you're happy to be pregnant, but in the background is not expected ecstasy. A little discouragement appears, you feel guilty for feeling sad, anyway, is not feeling well. You're not alone: ​​some moms go through this delicate phase.

Symptoms of depression in pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a serene and even very happy period. Unfortunately, we are not all in the same boat. At least 10% of women suffer from depression periods during pregnancy.

And this is taboo for some moms. We've heard all your life that pregnancy is a time of endless joys. People often blame the times of stress and moodiness of pregnancy by the sadness that occurs to some women. But depression can be a real problem!

There is a list of symptoms very precise to indicate depression, because they vary from woman to woman. Some are sad permanently, others get angry, others live still crying, feel worthless. A depression can affect her emotionally and physically. Here are some symptoms that may suggest a depression in pregnancy:
Inability to concentrate;
Sleep disorders;

Extreme tiredness or permanent;
Desire to overeat or total loss of appetite;
Utter indifference, takes no pleasure in doing nothing;
Permanent sadness.

What causes the depression?
For a long time it was thought that the hormones of pregnancy had a protective effect against depression because of this feeling of well-being felt by most pregnant women. However, it is known that stress and tension by which moms go make them vulnerable. The same goes for moms of newborn children.

If some things are not going well in your life at any given time, you become more vulnerable to depression. For example, during pregnancy problems bed are the cause of many depressions. If your love relationship is in trouble, or if you are living alone at the time of pregnancy, you will present more risk of suffering from depression.

When really we care?
If you have very dark and sad ideas, if you feel disoriented, unable to manage your daily life, or if you are taken by crises of anguish, contact your doctor immediately. If your relationship with food is hard to remember that the baby needs you to feed for it to develop, so enlist the help of your doctor.

Consult with a therapist is not a sign of weakness. Rather, you are a good mother who wants to take control of health and protect the baby!

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6 Benefits of Vitamin C for health

Orange juice every day is not only a refreshing routine, vitamin C present in the fruit provides numerous health benefits. Passing through the skin, taking care of the eyes and to the heart, this vitamin can be easily consumed in our day to day through the consumption of tomatoes, strawberries, passion fruit, vegetables in general, berries and citrus fruits like orange, lemon and pineapple. We highlight below, six benefits that vitamin C provides us. Check out:

vitamin c

1 Allied flu and colds:  Research has shown that frequent consumption of vitamin C does not prevent colds and flu, but helps in the treatment in order to reduce the severity of symptoms and their duration. Vitamin does also reduce the risk of the frame or progress to pneumonia infection in the lungs.

2 Decrease stress: A great evil of our society, the stress causes a low immune body. With the consumption of vitamin C enhances immunity and is decreased release of the hormone cortisol, a hormone responsible for advertising the whole body about stress. Thus the stress is relieved. 

3 Prevents skin aging:  A study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" found a relationship between the intake of vitamin C higher with a lower likelihood of having a wrinkled appearance and parched skin. Vitamin C is rich in ascorbic acid, an excellent antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents aging of cells.

. 4 Prevents eye diseases: A survey conducted by the "National Institutes of Health," found that eating together of certain vitamins and minerals (vitamin C (500 mg), vitamin E (400 IU), beta carotene (15 mg) , zinc (80 mg) and copper (2 mg)) prevents against loss of vision related to old age.

5 reduces the risk of stroke: Another American study, "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition", found that people with higher concentrations of vitamin C in blood may have a 42% lower risk of suffering from stroke (stroke) than those at low concentrations in the body. 

6 assists against anemia:  This vitamin can increase iron absorption offered by other foods, preventing anemia. Due to its antioxidant character, vitamin C can modify the chemical structure of the mineral to more easily absorbed by the body shape.

Treatment for anemia: how to treat iron deficiency

How to treat low iron?
In scientific terms, the anemia is characterized by a lack of iron in the human body, causing a decrease in red blood cells. But what does this mean in practice?

Why this is a disease that affects so many people today? How can we do to treat it, and the best, prevent it? The answers are simple and prepared a list below for you to understand everything about it, and may even recognize it before its installation marked in the body.
lack of iron

1 Coma, of course, foods rich in iron
As we have seen, it is the iron (or rather, lack thereof) responsible for the arrival of anemia. To do this, choose foods like parsley, beans and açaí. But do not stop there: if possible, merge these delicacies with other foods rich in vitamin C , like acerola, orange, grapes,

, apricot, rose apple and fig. Also, if you are finding this diet without a little color & grace, do not worry: using flour and milk enriched your special cake of the weekend will also serve as an element of combat anemia, due to its richness in iron. How about, then fill it up cake with fruits? Delicacy (for good!) Guaranteed.

lack of iron
2 Avoid foods that impair iron absorption
It may seem pretty obvious but that just is not: to avoid foods that impair iron absorption you leave your more prepared to precisely capture this substance more easily in other foods body.

 Is perhaps a little difficult, but avoid: coffee, black tea, colas, chocolate , beer and alcoholic beverages in general. Also, avoid eating calcium-rich foods, as they compete absorption of iron in the body.
3 In early childhood, breast milk

That goes for anyone who has a baby in the family still lactating. Studies indicate that those who consume breast milk at this time are less affected by the so-called iron deficiency anemia, precisely this which we are skinning this post, caused by lack of iron in the body.

So, whether you're responsible for this baby or a friend / close relative, recommend an intake of breast milk as a preventative measure in the long run.

Then realize the vital importance of the element iron in our body. He is, in fact, one of the most important pillars for our health, so abuse of foods rich in this substance and continue avoiding those that impair their complete absorption.

Find out more about the benefits of Vitamin K in the prevention of diseases

Vitamin K is essential for bone health, and can be found exists in two main forms: K1 and K2. Variables, despite being considered the same family, are not interchangeable, according to clinical studies. Within the chain of vitamin K2 are the menaquinones, among which we can highlight the menaquinone-4 and menaquinone-7 (these are the main sources of the form K2).

In our daily diet the main sources of these vitamins are green leafy vegetables, in the case of vitamin K1, plus cheese and natto (fermented soybeans) to K2.

Vitamin K2 is mainly related to blood clotting , integrity of the walls of the arteries, and regulation of bone mineral content. It is synthesized by the intestinal bacteria and to form menaquinone-7 is superior when compared with other vitamin of the same family.

The use of this vitamin as an ingredient in Brazil's ANVISA approved, and is recommended to help maintain bones. This vitamin also enhances the action of vitamin D

 and helps protect the body against the accumulation of calcium in the blood vessel wall, also improving cardiovascular health. Storage of calcium in the arteries can cause osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis and renal calculi.

Knowing this helps in maintaining the vitamin bones , their intake helps prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease characterized by low bone mineral density.

  Thus, decreases the chance of fractures caused by this disease, which is considered as a major health problem in modern societies.
Health problems caused by the deficiency of Vitamin K:
- Bleeding
- Deficiency in the process of blood clotting
- Formation of hardened plaque in arteries
- Osteoporosis

Foods and simple habits that help lower bad cholesterol

High cholesterol increases the risk of an individual suffering a heart attack or a stroke accident ). Despite being a type of fat essential for the functioning of the metabolism and is present in all cells of the body, it needs to be controlled. We must know more about it to learn how to lower cholesterol.

There are two types of cholesterol: HDL, called good cholesterol, and LDL, the bad cholesterol. In excess, the latter can produce several complications for the cardiovascular health . Therefore, those who suffer from this clinical picture, need to follow a healthy diet and adopt healthy habits in your daily life to lower bad cholesterol.

A small habit that can be inserted in their day to day to lower cholesterol is the use of olive oil . Besides helping to reduce bad cholesterol, it increases the good cholesterol. This is because olive oil has antioxidants such as monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.

However, olive oil should not be used in order to prepare fried foods. Despite its benefits, like the ability to control diabetes, the best for frying is the Soybean oil, once it shows more strength to the formation of toxic compounds when heated.

Replace meat with fish also help in this process. In addition to being a good fat, which lowers the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood , the fish helps prevent the formation of clots which may block vessels. 

To enlarge the chances of lowering cholesterol, look add the oats in your meals. Studies show that oats plays a prominent role in the fight against this disease, since it promotes the feeling of fullness for longer, improves circulation, controls the amount of sugar in the blood and also decreases the absorption of fat by the body. Therefore, make the association of oatmeal with fruit, pasta and salads.

Another beneficial eating habits is to give preference to foods based on soy . Like olive oil, soy not only combats bad cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol. Furthermore, it helps create a barrier body against infections.

The intake of fiber also can not stay out of the menu of those who want lower bad cholesterol. Besides decreasing the absorption of fats by the body, fiber reduces the level of LDL in the blood. Whole foods and fruit shell and assist in the prognosis.
Other healthy habits

Regularly perform one physical activity is an effective way to increase the burning of body fat, which consequently will lower bad cholesterol. The practice is also involved in weight loss and control of diabetes and high blood pressure, diseases that are often associated with high cholesterol.

 The individual may choose any physical activity, provided it is practiced at least three times a week with a duration of one hour.

Cigarette smoking is a major partner of the bad cholesterol. Therefore, it is extremely important that people who suffer from high cholesterol stop smoking effectively. Besides smokers have higher chances of
developing cardiovascular problems , the cigarette still accelerates the development of atherosclerosis, which is responsible for the buildup of fatty substances inside the arteries. With this, the risk of clogging a vessel increase significantly, doubling the probability of poor circulation and a heart attack.

Fat burners are indicated for weight loss. Meet!

In the quest for the perfect body, use only physical activity and a balanced diet can cause the results to be slower. Who seeks the fat burners  to boost the weight loss ends up choosing thefor this purpose.
Supplements are  fat burners

The supplements have several substances that accelerate metabolism , thereby increasing the burning of fat accumulated. There are several formulas  supplements, so their use is recommended with guidance from a professional
To eliminate love handles, opt for more natural fat burners. Photo For those who want the benefits of fat burners in a natural way, some foods have this property. Know the main food fat burners .
1 Fat Burners: beans

Loaded with resistant starch, beans are one of the fat burners more effective. That's because half cup of beans has about 10 grams of resistant starch , which combined with other foods with this same substance can burn up to 25% more fat. Therefore, the beans should be on your daily menu.
2 Fat Burners: Green Tea

Several studies suggest green tea can promote weight loss, it stimulates the body to burn abdominal fat. Green tea contains , a type of  that can stimulate the metabolism, so he is a member of the group of fat burners .

For this benefit, it is necessary to drink the green tea several times a day, preferably hot , because it takes longer for drinking, providing a conscious experience.
3 Fat Burners: Grapefruit

Another important food is grapefruit or grapefruit . Although not one of the fat burners with a magic formula, can help the feeling of satiety . This happens because grapefruit has abundant amounts of soluble fiber, which take longer to digest.

Eat half a grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice before a meal can help you feel satiated, consuming fewer calories during the,250511.html?from=0

4 Fat burners: pepper
Peppers comprise a compound called  This compound reduces appetite and speeds up your metabolism a bit, so it is a and one of the most popular fat burners . Use the red peppers in your recipes, but careful with the amount.
Supplements only with guidance

There are other types of fat burners . One of them are appetite suppressants , which, besides being also help control hunger. So, you end up consuming fewer calories, ensuring weight loss. With this, the body begins to burn stored fat.

 Most of these types of supplement is banned by health agencies.
Also on the list of fat burners , fat blockers and carb are supplements that act by preventing or decreasing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body, eliminating excess feces. A more natural way to consume fat blockers is safflower oil

 which has this property.
Despite the search for the perfect silhouette, it is necessary to use the fat burners of a conscious and moderately.

 Many people, in trying to achieve a rapid effect, or without a balanced diet and regular exercise, exceed the recommended dose, which can lead to serious health consequences. So, find a professional you trust, which will specify a formula specified for each case.            

Dukan diet secrets.

A little before he married with Prince William, Duchess Kate Middleton faced a dietary reeducation process known as Dukan Diet , and the goal, of course, was to perform with her ​​slender body on the day of your wedding.
Due to the results obtained at the time, there were many speculations that Kate had not followed a healthy diet, mainly because losing weight too fast, weighing on the date of your wedding about 50 pounds, a weight considered slim for her to have one 80 high.

After much buzz, Kate eventually take have made  diet that is based on minimum consumption of carbohydrates and healthy fats,  and foods rich in protein such as eggs, cheese and meat, this diet that unfortunately the Duchess could not do more recently after giving birth to their son .
The reason Kate could not repeat the diet is that it is not recommended the restriction of nutrients for breastfeeding, the risk of impairing the health of the baby. According to experts, the first 6 months after delivery should be dedicated exclusively to the child, remembering that only with breastfeeding there is a possibility of the mother lose 300-400 calories per day.

To better inform our readers about the diet followed by the Duchess, we bring specific information accordingly soon following.
Check the Dukan diet secrets used by Kate Middleton

kate Middleton, Dukan diet
The method of the Dukan Diet was developed by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, and is divided basically into four phases , the first of which is the attack, the second transition, the third and the fourth consolidation stabilization.

First phase of the Dukan Diet
In the first phase of the diet that is the attack phase , where it is necessary to completely eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates and healthy fats. Foods that become part of the menu are beef, chicken, fish , egg, cheese and skim milk.

This first phase depends greatly on the body and the need for each of which the period is generally recommended for an average of 3 to 4 days. At this stage it is possible to lose up to 2 pounds, because the body responds quickly since there is a lack of glucose, it will lead to increased production of glucagon which causes the breakdown of fat accumulated by the accumulation of glucose.
Second phase Dukan Diet

In the second phase of the Dukan diet, called the transition , it is possible to add to the menu and vegetables, not being allowed ingesting anything that is made ​​with white flour or wheat.
Third phase Dukan Diet
The third phase of the Dukan diet, called consolidation , is the stage that one passes to combat weight cycling (which is back to the old weight or even gain more weight than you had before). At that stage the person can already eat without guilt and moderately learning to control themselves, gradually adding to the menu whole foods, cheese, fruit and starchy foods.
Fourth phase of the Dukan Diet

The fourth phase of the Dukan diet called stabilization , is that the person has reached the ideal weight, so it is free to eat anything, however, it is important to be aware of their limits and go taking advantage of freedom to the performing moderately once a week diet of the attack phase to maintain weight.

Thermogenic diet emphasizes foods that speed metabolism.

The thermogenic diet is based on the intake of carbohydrate restricted , while emphasizing the consumption of foods with low glycemic index and a thermogenic effect. But the secret of this diet is in its action to promote thermogenesis during the digestion process.

How the diet works of With the increase in body temperature , less fat is stored and this is the focus of the diet to promote weight loss. If you want to know more about how it can help you lose weight in a short time, see this article as it works and what the menu below.

Lean meats and fish, like salmon, are the highlight of Adherents of the diet of can choose between two options , and each one carbohydrate intake depends on body shape.   

Apple body shape : the concentration of fat is located around the waist, it is recommended to plan "Cleanout".

Pear body shape : the concentration of fat is located mainly in the hips, it is recommended c plan.
Of thermogenic diet plans 

Cleanout Plan : allows unlimited consumption of vegetables, but limit your carbohydrate intake to two meals per day. Also, you should not eat more than two fruits per day. Fish, lean meat and poultry are recommended as sources of protein . The daily menu should contain three main meals, a snack and a dessert.   

Glycemic Plan : allows higher carbohydrate intake in relation to  Plan, but also recommends whole foods , avoid refined white flour and products.

Intake of fruits, vegetables and lean meat is recommended, although it is necessary to significantly limit red meat. This diet plan consists of three meals a day and a dessert, and you are encouraged to eat a snack 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dietary restrictions
Although both methods allow the consumption of a dessert per day, alcohol is not released, at least during the first weeks of the plan. You should continue to follow this plan of  diet after reaching the desired weight, but may gradually increasing quantities of food.   

Foods that should form the basis of nutrition are avocados , beans, fruits, spices (especially pepper), dairy products with low fat, eggs, fish (especially salmon and tuna), fruits (especially citrus), lean meat, nuts, oils (olive and canola), rice and other whole grains, seafood, vegetables and lots of water.

Foods that can be eaten as snacks include cheese, chicken, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, ice cream, low fat, sugar free jello and pudding, milk, protein shakes, fresh or cooked vegetables and nonfat yogurt.

Furthermore, the thermogenic diet recommends include the daily  foods like pepper, balsamic vinegar , coconut oil, celery, cinnamon, mustard, ginger, saffron, salmon, tuna, and green tea.