Friday, 15 August 2014

summer, wear light-colored clothing and health care

Dark clothes absorb sunlight, makes body temperature hot; while the habits of mosquitoes have increasingly dark, dark tends to attract mosquitoes, especially black.
  Two, stay up late to get up early plus lunch

We have to change according to solar terms, relative to the winter season, you can later go to sleep, get up early in order to conform to the natural yang deficiency changes. But should increase nap, especially the elderly and more sleep is not real features, but need a nap.
 No noon nap habits, can listen to music or eyes closed, it is best not to work overtime. In general, half an hour to one hour lunch break is appropriate, time not too long, not to rush after waking up, lying on 10 minutes and then get better.

14:00 summer, wear light-colored clothing and health care to stay up late to get up early
  3, note that dry lean mix

  Health of eating every meal there is rare to have a dry, easy to digest. Can take pork, minced meat, braised minced meat soup, meatballs and other system of law, or with some rich nutritious foods common stew, braised fried, stewed pig spine such as kelp, spinach braised pork liver ,

  pork slices lettuce, seaweed bowl of soup and so on. Always eat dry food on the human gastrointestinal adverse, dry lean mix depending on the circumstances, not only can increase satiety, but also helps the body to digest and absorb. To remember "before eating soup, slim and healthy."

  In a hot environment, the body's tissue protein decomposition will increase, so do not increase the amount of protein supplement to balance, in addition, we must pay attention lysine supplement.

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