Monday, 11 August 2014

The secret "hold fire" smart wife

Both of months, Xuan Thuy (40, District 6, HCMC) often angry husband. She does not understand why he just recently elusive when you want to "close". Even if you follow the trends, he also often fall into the situation "was not going to spend all the money markets". Suspecting her husband of adultery that has not found any evidence so my wife and then either butting together forever, making family fun.

And what do you Van (43, Hai Phong) recently disturbed her husband's frequent status "under the protection does not hear" that the couple's story of living no longer be fulfilled as before. Ms. Van and hence irritability, angry dissension in the family should be very common.
Common Mistakes of Women

Many women find husbands suddenly decreased libido as "close" wife or deny "love" then accept or tolerate doubts arise husband "two hearts". Very few women are interested in the physiological health of the men, especially when he turned forty.

 In fact, according to the laws of the natural aging process, when men turning 40 may encounter male menopause status, that desire "pillow blanket 'decline. And it has been discovered that there are many causes of this condition, namely:   

- Harmful effects of drinking too much alcohol.
- Hormonal disorders.
- Lack of sleep, lack of nutrients to help increase the production of male sex hormone testosterone as zinc.
- Side effects of the drug to treat other diseases. Stress, fatigue ...

So women need medical attention manifestation of her husband to be able to intervene in time, help restore the gentlemen soon "love train".

The trick to "keep the fire of love"

Depending on the cause of decreased libido "love" of her husband, sisters mate can help slow the male sexual satisfaction and maintain healthy physiological sustainable prolific in several ways:

- Ensure meals are enough nutrients. Can zinc supplements seafood such as oysters, cockles ...
- Take time to chat, talk to her husband more, asking for her husband's work, always create a fun atmosphere in the family if you feel stress on the job or are worried about this problem.

- Remind husband limiting alcohol, tobacco and work, proper rest. In particular, her husband admonished or build exercise routines regularly. This will not only benefit the health and physiology are very good for general health.
- Please advice your doctor to change medications if treatment after pill, libido, fertility of the husband of significant changes compared to the previous.

- Advise husband checked to see if the hormone is due to hormonal disorders or not and timely treatment.

- Hint husband use functional foods to help support the physiological ability for men. The precious herbs such as disease spread, humiliation blooded, velvet antler, ginseng ... good work helping kidney, pitch, sperm, enhance physiological naturally increase testosterone secretion, helps healthy body, fullness in a sustainable way. Healthy body, sexual sublimation will help to married life only see a year-round spring.

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