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Visible manifestation of breast fiber tumor

Common causes of fibroid breast disease is caused by hormones secreted much, comes from the state of hormonal imbalance.23 year old breast fibrosis 19-year-old breast fibrosis Breast fibroids: u just sprang up the new operation

2 years ago in my left breast with one small department. I went to visit, a biopsy many places both in the hospital and K are concluded breast fibroid left. At the time of diagnosis,

  I'm still breastfeeding should not do surgery immediately. So far, more than 1 year, I was weaned but somehow still cracked a chicken (accompanied by symptoms of pain and itching). Chicken neck cracking occurs throughout the year, even though I have a clean toilet.
I am very worried about his illness. I do not know why this is so, is because breast fibroids made me be like that or other reasons. Now I want to treat it how? Expect consult your doctor to help me. I sincerely thank you! (Raw bar)

BS. Roses advice:

You Nguyen Thanh dear,

Fibroids are a form of mammary tumors, localized or diffuse, occurs in women of childbearing age or menopause . Common cause of the disease is due to secretion of many hormones, derived from the hormonal imbalance of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin.

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There are also health professionals called fibroids that when breast development organizations fibers predominate organization epithelium and vice versa when the epithelium organizations develop more dominant fiber organization is called the fibrous adenomas.

Although the cause of the disease and treatment is a bit different but basically fibroids or mammary gland fibers are classified as benign breast disease.

Depending on the treatment of this disease depends on the nature, extent, location and number of tumors. You should see the doctor to get the proper diagnosis of the disease in the present time,

  there is thus effective new treatment. Doctors should consider applying the method of surgery or medication adjustments to the rate of endocrine estradiol / progesterone to normal would be more appropriate for you.

  Methods surgery (minor surgery) for two purposes: to have a tumor removed from patients recently treated to prevent benign tumors turn into malignant.

Also, surgery to cytology was significantly better prognosis and management of most of the tumor in order to detect early and prevent unrest in tumor cells.

Causes neck cracking your chest chicken may be due to improper breastfeeding, leading to inflammation . If no definite cure it easily cracked back, recurrent. On the other hand, fibroids in the nipple line also cause the condition of your chicken neck cracking difficult cure, treatment time lasts.

So you need to check and make fibroids surgically removed as soon as possible to no longer repeat a chicken cracking condition, moreover, although fibroids are benign tumors, but if so long can lead to complications of melanoma.

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