Monday, 25 August 2014

 The first real multipurpose gloves suitable for varied indoor activities. These gloves fill all requests of women for modern gloves. Mechanical protection of hands during exercising with dumb-bells or on machines is matter of course. Women ask more often for hygienic protection of hands during cardio-activities.

There are mineral salts, grease, microbes and fungi in grips of cardio machines and gloves ensure hygienic protection of hands against fungi and mycosis. The most of common gloves aren't designed for these activities and ensure only mechanical protection of hands.

 Women accentuate on aesthetic value of gloves it means they ask the gloves are made in modern colours and modern design and gloves become as fashion accessory. Gloves must be made from materials ensured high comfort of using (possibility of repeated washing, airiness, transport of moisture and quick drying).

 Design of gloves and used materials must contribute to freedom of movement and gloves must not to embarrass during exercising. We are absolutely sure, that our new gloves fromTATTOO collection fill all these requests and offers even more!

- All used materials are from top class producers from South Korea and ensure possibility of repeated washing it means high hygiene of using, but lightness, airiness, active transport of moisture from hand and quick drying as well.

- Gloves have been designed to fill function of mechanical and hygienic protection of hands but fill aesthetic request of women and be fashion accessory of modern active women during exercising. Gloves don't limit free movement of whole hand including wrist.
- A new type of closure strap with fastener of type "microplastic moulded hooks" which is very thin, flexible and light helps to whole lightness of gloves. Used fastener is produced by well-known producer - Gloves are equipped by comfortable sweat wristband made from excellent terry towel.

 It allow to wipe sweat from face and forehead during exercising. Whole effective area of sweat wristband is 2,5 times higher than area of towel on thumbs of some models of gloves.

 Terry towel used for wristband has better ability to absorb sweat, than towel used for thumbs.Wristband tones to colour of gloves of course.

- The real goody is chip integrated into gloves. Women will not need to take money, pass and key into gym more. A lot of wellequipped gyms has special identification system based just on chips of size as common visa card. It allow women to identify themselves, cash deposit at gym, pay for services and goods,
  buy goods from vending machines, lock and unlock locker. Our gloves are equipped by chip of thickness less than 1mm and of diameter 25 mm which is put into special pocket of right glove.

  It is necessary only to register this chip and gym, cash deposit and it isn't necessary to take anything else into gym. Size of chip and its placement brings hight comfort and freedom during exercising.

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