Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meet blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery improves facial appearance

People who seek to rejuvenate the face and eliminate some marks of age have the option toThe surgical procedure, which is also known as the eyelid surgery eliminates small wrinkles, excess skin and even the popular "pockets" which can arise under the eyes.

Understand how it is done Excess fat, a lot of people present on the upper eyelid, is a major reason for resorting to Also, the sagging and elasticity in this region, resulting in small creases are also treatable. The wrinkles and small "pockets" that form  under the eyes can be removed. And until the fall of the lower eyelids can be avoided through the procedure. 

The surgical procedure can be performed by persons of the female and male. The only requirements are: being healthy skin face, not having any kind of pathology that may cause complications in surgery or even in healing and not have any eye problem serious level.

However, before going to the operating table, the most important thing is to talk to the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Make an appointment and pass you all the important information about your health. Chronic diseases, allergies, medications which makes frequent use and all that is relevant should be passed on to the doctor.

The professional who will be responsible for   has an obligation to talk about the procedure, its results in a realistic conversation. He also will make clear the possible complications that may arise.
Infections, poor wound healing , difficulty closing the eyes, anesthetic risks and even loss of vision are some negative possibilities. The patient must also sign a certificate stating that they are aware of all the risks.

Step 1 : the patient receives the necessary medicines. The doctor will also assess whether receive general anesthesia or sedation intravenously.

2nd Step : all cuts leave scars that are thought, trying to hide as much as possible these brands in their own natural folds of the region. To correct the fall of the upper eyelid , an incision is made ​​in your crease. This will cause the repositioning of the contraction of muscles, fat deposits and tissues. Already the lower eyelid is corrected with an incision in the lower eyelash line.

3rd Step : The incisions of blepharoplasty are closed.
4th Step : Are you ready surgery. Now, it is recommended to stay home and wait for the redness and swelling go away to assess the final outcome.
Post surgery care

At the time of going home, the patient will be passed guidelines: which medications to take, their quantity, frequency, how to perform the healing and how to get them. The end result of can only be evaluated after a few weeks when fully recovered.             

And never forget to be sure who is performing the surgery. The physician must be a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the office should be authorized by the Health Surveillance to perform the procedure.

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