Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to know if I'm depressed in pregnancy?

Your pregnancy test came back positive and you want to share the good news with everyone. Congratulations! Yes, you're happy to be pregnant, but in the background is not expected ecstasy. A little discouragement appears, you feel guilty for feeling sad, anyway, is not feeling well. You're not alone: ​​some moms go through this delicate phase.

Symptoms of depression in pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a serene and even very happy period. Unfortunately, we are not all in the same boat. At least 10% of women suffer from depression periods during pregnancy.

And this is taboo for some moms. We've heard all your life that pregnancy is a time of endless joys. People often blame the times of stress and moodiness of pregnancy by the sadness that occurs to some women. But depression can be a real problem!

There is a list of symptoms very precise to indicate depression, because they vary from woman to woman. Some are sad permanently, others get angry, others live still crying, feel worthless. A depression can affect her emotionally and physically. Here are some symptoms that may suggest a depression in pregnancy:
Inability to concentrate;
Sleep disorders;

Extreme tiredness or permanent;
Desire to overeat or total loss of appetite;
Utter indifference, takes no pleasure in doing nothing;
Permanent sadness.

What causes the depression?
For a long time it was thought that the hormones of pregnancy had a protective effect against depression because of this feeling of well-being felt by most pregnant women. However, it is known that stress and tension by which moms go make them vulnerable. The same goes for moms of newborn children.

If some things are not going well in your life at any given time, you become more vulnerable to depression. For example, during pregnancy problems bed are the cause of many depressions. If your love relationship is in trouble, or if you are living alone at the time of pregnancy, you will present more risk of suffering from depression.

When really we care?
If you have very dark and sad ideas, if you feel disoriented, unable to manage your daily life, or if you are taken by crises of anguish, contact your doctor immediately. If your relationship with food is hard to remember that the baby needs you to feed for it to develop, so enlist the help of your doctor.

Consult with a therapist is not a sign of weakness. Rather, you are a good mother who wants to take control of health and protect the baby!

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