Monday, 25 August 2014


Pliometrijas workouts have long been known as one of the most effective and efficient ways of training, because it burns calories at the same time and grow muscles. Pliometrijas method is a type of exercise that promotes muscle development, strength, speed and endurance. They can even make the contribution of bone mass production. Get all the benefits of adding exercises to your workout pliometrijas arrangements under the Life Fitness tips:

What is pliometrijas method?

Pliometrijas training methods are used in explosive, fast movements to be made in order to develop muscle strength. In other words, they have a high level of impact movement that involves jumping.

Why is it worth it to try?

Introducing pliometrijas methods training your cardio and strength workout mode, you will help transform fat on slides muscles at the same time speeding up the heart rate and burning calories.

What kind of exercise is added to the pliometrijas methods?

Pliometrijas methods of training includes all exercises that involve jumping. Start with something less complex, as, for example, learn how to jump rope, make the leap, jump rope or apļojot Hop, travel high knees. Gradually add the touchdown squats jumps, lunge jumps, changing feet, or jump to the gym boxes. Try to good old exercise: from squatting into rest - rest lying down, leaning on his hands - rest squatting - leap up. You'll notice in the short term strength and confidence increase.

How to start these exercises if you have never tried pliometrijas method?

• Make sure you properly iesildāties. Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes to warm up your joints, muscles and heart can move faster.

• Begin your workout with the basic elements of a soft surface, such as carpet, rubber mat or grass. Check that the destination is not intrusive elements.

• Begin your workout at a slower pace, with less range of motion and reduced the number of repetitions. Improving your form, increase speed, range of motion and the number of repetitions.

• If you feel pain, stop the workout.

• Between workouts Enjoy a one or two day break to allow the muscles to recover and repair. Always listen to your body.

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