Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Thermogenic diet emphasizes foods that speed metabolism.

The thermogenic diet is based on the intake of carbohydrate restricted , while emphasizing the consumption of foods with low glycemic index and a thermogenic effect. But the secret of this diet is in its action to promote thermogenesis during the digestion process.

How the diet works of With the increase in body temperature , less fat is stored and this is the focus of the diet to promote weight loss. If you want to know more about how it can help you lose weight in a short time, see this article as it works and what the menu below.

Lean meats and fish, like salmon, are the highlight of Adherents of the diet of can choose between two options , and each one carbohydrate intake depends on body shape.  http://jobsjee.com/node/105787   

Apple body shape : the concentration of fat is located around the waist, it is recommended to plan "Cleanout".

Pear body shape : the concentration of fat is located mainly in the hips, it is recommended c plan.
Of thermogenic diet plans 

Cleanout Plan : allows unlimited consumption of vegetables, but limit your carbohydrate intake to two meals per day. Also, you should not eat more than two fruits per day. Fish, lean meat and poultry are recommended as sources of protein . The daily menu should contain three main meals, a snack and a dessert.  http://denegdai.ru/node/6717   

Glycemic Plan : allows higher carbohydrate intake in relation to  Plan, but also recommends whole foods , avoid refined white flour and products.

Intake of fruits, vegetables and lean meat is recommended, although it is necessary to significantly limit red meat. This diet plan consists of three meals a day and a dessert, and you are encouraged to eat a snack 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dietary restrictions
Although both methods allow the consumption of a dessert per day, alcohol is not released, at least during the first weeks of the plan. You should continue to follow this plan of  diet after reaching the desired weight, but may gradually increasing quantities of food. http://jobsjee.com/node/105787   

Foods that should form the basis of nutrition are avocados , beans, fruits, spices (especially pepper), dairy products with low fat, eggs, fish (especially salmon and tuna), fruits (especially citrus), lean meat, nuts, oils (olive and canola), rice and other whole grains, seafood, vegetables and lots of water.

Foods that can be eaten as snacks include cheese, chicken, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, ice cream, low fat, sugar free jello and pudding, milk, protein shakes, fresh or cooked vegetables and nonfat yogurt.

Furthermore, the thermogenic diet recommends include the daily  foods like pepper, balsamic vinegar , coconut oil, celery, cinnamon, mustard, ginger, saffron, salmon, tuna, and green tea.

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