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Cabbage: what do we not know about it

Dishes of pickled cabbage - one of the cornerstones of Russian cuisine. And no wonder: after salting, pickling and urinating - the most natural ways of canning, preserving the best vitamins.

  And their cabbage in abundance. This amazing plant contains almost the entire range of vitamins necessary for normal human life: pro-vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin K and U, which prevents the occurrence of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. And the content of ascorbic acid cabbage (though in pickled form) exceeds orange.

Widely known in Russia use brine at hangover. Folk wisdom says: "Eat cabbage before drinking - not drunken, eat after - Overclocking hop . " Besides, the thus prepared Kocani appears lactic acid that kills disease-causing microbes.

Not by chance that in ancient times people called her orderly intestine and used for chronic constipation, as well as dysbiosis: Cabbage fiber improves intestinal motor activity and has a positive

 influence on the development of beneficial intestinal microflora. It promotes the excretion of toxins and cholesterol, and therefore indispensable for the prevention of atherosclerosis - one of the main culprits of cardiovascular ailments.

And when using cabbage juice surprisingly quickly treatable ulcers of the stomach and duodenum 12. Already in the first 5-10 days of receiving fresh cabbage juice in patients suffering from peptic ulcer positive changes: improved health, pain subside. Usually 1-1.5 months recovery occurs. As an external means cabbage leaf has long been successfully used to treat burns, eczema, festering wounds.

For all occasions

At a stomach ulcer and gastritis with low acidity drink 1.5-2 cup 2-3 times a day freshly prepared cabbage juice for 40-50 minutes before eating in the form of heat. The resulting juice is stored in the refrigerator no more than 2 days. With further keeping his anti-ulcer properties are lost.

When hemorrhoids half a cup of fresh juice for 30 minutes before a meal to help cope with constipation.
Gargle for sore throat diluted with warm water cabbage juice. And with hoarseness - cabbage juice is better to take 1 teaspoon several times a day. Fresh cabbage juice with honey is also considered a good expectorant and emollient for bronchitis, coughing.

Eczema bind to the sore spot fresh cabbage leaf. Keep 2-3 days until feel better. Then remove the sheet, wash the affected area and then tie a fresh sheet. And so a few times. Good cabbage compresses for burns and sciatica.
It's important

Contraindication for receiving fresh cabbage is gastric

Benefits and harms of sugar substitutes

Not imagine my life without sugar? Department for diabetics features: fructose,  ... But do not get lost in the range of sweeteners, get safe for figure and health. Brief guide for buyers attached.

It is no secret that the sweet recover much more than from fat. Excess carbohydrates the body instantly translates into the subcutaneous fat. To lose weight, you need to first limit the sugar. For some, a ban on sweet like death. Maybe they should find another source of sweetness?

From simple to complex

The sweet taste of food carbohydrates attached. They can be simple, such as sugar - its molecule consists of glucose and fructose, - and complex (starch

Benefits and harms of sugar vegetable fibers). The simpler, the calorie and worse for the figure!
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Each 25 g of excess sugar - that's 10 grams of fat, which you inadvertently burden themselves. However, it is impossible without the body carbohydrates - they should be 55-60% of the total dietary energy. It is about 350-500 grams per day, of which 80-100 g may consist of sugar.

 But we eat it a lot more - 130-140 g, because of what polneem. Here these extra 30-50 grams per day need to be replaced in the first place, not sweeteners, and complex

  carbohydrates of plant origin. Built on their diet is considered one of the most efficient and comfortable: food, consisting of complex carbohydrates take up much space in the stomach, but it contains fewer calories - there is a lot of water and fiber, which is practically not absorbed by the body.
U.S. Department of Agriculture, in which 55% of the population are overweight, diet analyzed 10,000 Americans. All respondents graded into 4 groups of carbohydrate in the diet quota: № 1 - less than 30%, № 2 - 30-45%, № 3 - 45-55%, and number 4 - more than 55%. Last consumed 300 calories a day less, although not limit yourself to food and did not have a weight problem.

Study leader Dr. Shanti Bowman said: "He who receives more than 55% of energy from complex carbohydrates of plant origin, sits on an ideal diet - low calorie, but at the same time very nutritious, maintains a stable weight without experiencing hunger."

The principle of selection of products is extremely simple: a little low-fat milk, meat and fish, less oil and sweets instead of sugar and curd porridge put raisins, prunes and apricots. The main focus - for fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, carrots and beets. These are sources of complex carbohydrates (they are digested slowly, creating a feeling of satiety).

By the way, an effective way to reduce the consumption of sugar and calories by 10-14%, not limiting themselves to the food - to abandon drinks: alcoholic (the higher the degree, the more dangerous for the figure) and soft (lots of sugar). American nutritionists post in foster plastic bottles of Coke, stuffed 30 pieces of refined sugar. As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Secrets of choice

Those struggling with excess weight, not suitable real sugar substitutes having not only a sweet taste, but also high-calorie. These synthetic compounds, xylitol and sorbitol. The general rule is: the sweet taste should cost you as less calories!

These requirements are met by a low-calorie synthetic sweeteners, based on saccharin, sodium cyclamate, acesulfame-K. They are ten times sweeter than sugar, but unlike him, can not be digested and excreted by the kidneys. If you have them working properly, the protein in the urine is missing or does not exceed the allowable limit (0.033 mmol / l), can freely use these sweeteners in a daily dose.

If the kidneys are not in order, it makes sense to go to the fructose: this natural carbohydrate, completely absorbed by the body, is especially popular in the United States and Japan. Fructose has the same caloric value as sugar (1 g - 4 kcal), but 2 times sweeter, so lets halve calorie diet.

Another alternative in a similar situation - the sweetener aspartame, which has a low energy content: a spoonful of sugar in the tea you get 20 calories, and a tablet of aspartame - only 0.2 kcal. In chemical composition is a peptide of two natural amino acids: they not only are ballast for the body, but on the contrary, are a vital building material for the synthesis of proteins, fully digested without additional load on the kidneys and liver. Therefore, the daily intake of aspartame secure much higher than other sweeteners, - 40 mg per kilogram. With a weight of 60 kg it will be 2400 mg, or about 120 tablets per day, which corresponds to about 500 grams of sugar! 

Navigator sweeteners

ASPARTAME - organic compound protein nature, 180-200 times sweeter than sugar. It is made ​​up of 10 thousand types of products - soft and instant drinks, yogurt, chewing gum, confectionery, dry and semi-frozen desserts, jelly, chewing gum, fruit juice, kvass, sodas marked light. However, with them you have to be careful, otherwise you might exceed the safe daily dose (40 mg / kg) of the substance, without even knowing it. Before you use these products, read the composition as indicated on the label and calculate how much aspartame already got into your body. Specialists of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. warns that his bust have to pay at least a headache.

Acesulfame - synthetic substance. The daily dose - 8 mg / kg, 40-60 g sugar substitutes and it is 80-130 times sweeter.

Xylitol - a synthetic product, less sweet than sugar, but equally caloric. From this replacement you do not win! Plus the fact that xylitol is almost completely absorbed by the body and also is not a foreign substance to it: in the cells produced daily 5-15 grams of xylitol. Used for preservation and as an additive in confectionery. Daily rate - 10-15 g 2-3 times a day.

SACCHARIN - synthetic substance in 300-500 times sweeter than sugar with very low safe daily dose - 2-2.5 mg / kg. Be careful with him saccharin should be strictly dosed - they can replace only part of the daily intake of sugar.

SORBITOL - product similar to xylitol, sweetness inferior sugar and caloric superior: to achieve the same taste, we have to put it twice! So this sweetener is not for those who are concerned about their weight. The daily dose of - not more than '40

7 tips for slimming unexpected

The fact that a person is not able to control the amount of food consumed, when focused on something else - reading, watching TV, chatting and so on. brain simply can not, and does not want to perform these two tasks simultaneously. As a result, according to research Vansinka, watching TV during the time of food consumption significantly increases the time and, of course, the amount eaten. And you doom your stomach into overdrive, and the waist - for the extra inches.

Tip 2. Hide all edible. Over 20% of dieters people admitted that they begin to eat even when just see food that they like. The conclusion is simple: do not keep candy , fruit and cookies on tables and shelves, where they are always in sight. Many housewives love to decorate the kitchen with different vazonchikom some goodies, but, besides decorative, no other benefits it will bring. And kids if you have them, carry these sweets a lot easier.

Tip 3. Notice dishes. Low utensils for drinking - a continuous optical illusion. As well as deep, but the small plates. Tall, narrow glasses create the illusion of a larger volume of fluid than it actually is, and their broad counterparts - on the contrary, because of them that you drink a lot and do not realize that.

As for the dishes, people probably just not geared to thinking "deep." Studies show that in a pot, we usually can not adequately assess the extent of their portions, which means that if you eat something other than soup or gruel conventional flat plate - the best option.

Tip 4. Learn to eat with chopsticks . Another result of scientific observations: overweight and obesity are mostly eaten European appliances even in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. A thin people increasingly prefer sticks. It's harder, slower and less convenient for us, and that is why does not overeat as a spoon or a fork.

By the way, the brain takes about 20 minutes to get a signal that we are full; hence, the longer you will have the same dish, the more likely it will feel complete satiety to its end. If you are quickly gobbled up even excessive portion sizes, can not immediately realize that no longer hungry, and continue there.

Tip 5. Semifinished not eat . Do not buy those foods that can be eaten without cooking or with minimal effort (heated in a microwave oven, for example). The quicker to bring a dish to manageable condition, the more chances you have to turn into some full meals snack, you'll chew and chew, without even noticing it. Besides cooking process spends any time you could spend on food and calories, so it does not settle in the form of extra pounds.

Tip 6. Rearrange refrigerator . Employees of the trade for a long time know that the first thing sold out what lies on the upper shelves. Specifically, on the shelves that are at eye level for the buyer. Therefore, items that need to sell quickly, lay literally in our faces, and all sorts of candy and coloring books, for example, lower - where they see a child.

With refrigerator situation is similar. Look into it in search of "something to eat", you are likely to take something from the top shelf; if you can not find there - go below the eyes, then vegetable drawers, door and certainly least, maybe look in the freezer (if completely starved). Conclusion: The most harmful and caloric need to hide it there. If harmful products should always be stored at the top, push them away and cover some safe saucepan: As we already know, out of sight out of mind.

Tip 7. Buy good bulbs . Lighting quality - as well as the outside temperature - a significant impact on how much we eat. Proved that in bright light a person eats a lot less than with a muted dim lighting; and there in the dark theater can do forever.

With the temperature dependence such as: hotter than on the street, in the kitchen, restaurant, etc., the less our body needs energy to keep warm; the fewer we therefore eat. But note: if the increase is justified in the cold portions unnecessary energy costs, the dim light no calories, of course, does not spend. So it is in your interest to have, where you eat a good chandelier, and in cafes and restaurants on the opportunity to choose a window or on the sundeck.

How to Choose the sweet watermelon?

Watermelons have already begun to fill the shelves in shops and markets. A good watermelon is very useful to both adults and children. He - a great base for

, best thirst quencher and just gives a lot of pleasure. However, unnatural fruit can bring a lot of problems, including severe poisoning. Therefore, we must be very careful to find the sweet, ripe and juicy treat for your table. Here are some tips that will help you in the difficult choice.

- Never buy watermelons "of the land" under the fruit must be flooring. The same applies to the dismantling roadside watermelon.

- Buy no watermelons in the markets and in stores - Council doubtful. And in fact, in both cases you can slip substandard skipjack.

- From slim watermelon series pick fruit is large, but not gigantic, and not the smallest. Small green, is likely to be just immature, and an unusually large size - a sign of "intensive production technologies."

  Best bidder for your table - large yet lightweight watermelon, he sang all.

- Dozrev, watermelon "detached" from the melon. It then ceases to have produced unwanted pigment chlorophyll, absorb sun light and provide food and development of plants in response to light yellowish spots appear. They - a sure sign that watermelon ripe.

- Remember the riddle: " Belly grows, dries and tail ... "? A sign of maturity - dry watermelon ponytail.

- Bright contrasting stripes on the jacket of watermelon - as a sign of maturity.

- Ripe watermelon simply not  fingernail. And all because of that "break" with the melon fields, watermelon do not absorb moisture, and its crust solidified. Well, if the nail easily within the watermelon skin - so it's not even peel and peel and fruit before you immature.

- Scratch and sniff watermelon - the smell of freshly cut grass, too, speaks of immaturity. Berry buggy.

- The "unnatural" watermelon cut surface glossy and smooth, and the "naturalization" - grainy.

- If ripe watermelon pat on his side, he will bounce sound must be ringing.

What products can not be mixed?

Cooking - the science is thin, almost as pharmaceuticals. The difference is that the drugs we do not confuse the matter and trust specialists, but in cooking have to rely only on themselves ...

Meanwhile, the simplest knowledge of chemistry and medicine would be useful to any responsible cook. So what ingredients should not mix?

Cutlets - with olive oil

Watching advertising, many housewives rushed substitute sunflower oil for olive oil, because the latter, they say, does not contain cholesterol, but on the contrary, it helps to reduce the level. Let's start with the fact that no one vegetable oil contain cholesterol can not in principle. As for the beneficial properties of olive, they "die" as soon as the miracle oil gets into the pan. Therefore it is not

pic.427024.3.329x237.jpgspend money for nothing and just add the olive oil in salads. And the best burgers in general steam thoroughly or bake in the oven, as when frying in oil form carcinogens.
Rye bread - with coffee

Sandwich on rye bread or whole grain loaf - great breakfast, rich in vitamins and minerals. And a cup of coffee is full of antioxidants that protect us from cancer and premature aging. Trouble one caffeine prevents the absorption of many nutrients, which means that all your efforts will go down the drain to eat properly.

Alcohol - Coke

Even tracking your figure ladies sometimes allow themselves to miss "the small." But at the same time do not forget to count calories - and diluted spirits Diet Coke, soda, etc.
From the perspective of weight loss, it may be true, but that's like "Desugared" soda very quickly absorbed in the intestine and is passed as quickly there alcohol. As a result, the number of ppm in your blood - is significantly higher than if you drank sweet cocktail; ie intoxicated you stronger, and the hangover will certainly tougher.

Peanuts - with beer

This bean (peanuts and refers specifically to the legume family and not to the nuts) combines a large amount of vitamins: D, E, PP and group B, and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron. But alcohol most of these nutrients breaks, so if you are used to consume peanuts just as beer snacks - wean.

Kiwi - with milk and yoghurt

It would seem that this tropical fruit will be an excellent addition to muesli, porridge, milkshakes or yogurt. Often kiwi slices and used to decorate cakes, so why not put it on top of the butter cream? 

The answer is simple: because the very nature made these culinary combinations impossible. The fact that the kiwi contained special enzyme which under the influence of milk protein ... decomposes and becomes very bitter. No harm from this, but the dish is, of course, is hopelessly flawed.

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight fast?

Usually the morning is not good, and at this time of the day did not want to do anything. Even there. Many drink only coffee. Many women even like it - at least calories without the fight against hunger.

 This is a mistake, this food helps to accumulate extra pounds increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2 and heart disease. More "hungry" breakfast upsets the whole metabolism slows and the brain. But the rich, protein-rich and well-off carbohydrates and fats helps to lose weight . And this is not fiction fashion nutritionists and scientific facts.

Even if there is no appetite in the morning, the body still craves protein and carbohydrates to give the body energy and strength. And we need that energy was the LP. Requires no fast-burning sugar and slow carbohydrates that are absorbed with difficulty. They feed off the energy furnace long and qualitatively.

 They can be found not in the ladle, which is so loved for breakfast, and not in the usual bread, which uses the most, and bread made ​​of flour , meal, in buckwheat, oatmeal (not the rice) and only in breakfast cereals, in that do not add sugar.

For many traditional bread and butter for breakfast - it's okay, but not necessarily more important than the morning is not fat, and proteins. This is a mandatory supplement to the right carbohydrates.

 Best proteins in eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, milk and meat products (sausages always worse ham, ham, bacon and other meat whole). All this is well combined with cereals, even if they seem redundant morning meal. That proteins create long satiety. Thanks to them, lunch does not start very early and, most importantly, does not stop overeating. Research shows that people who skip breakfast, lunch and dinner
 are often very abundant. We have breakfast as usual during the day there is no such brutal appetite, as those who have not had breakfast. It is interesting that attempts to move a hearty breakfast at a different time of the day did not reduce excessive consumption of calories. Ie breakfast indispensable and useful gluttony is only possible in the morning.

On a diet is better to eat breakfast almost half of all daily calories. Was a very interesting experiment involving overweight women. They were put on two different diets. The first is very tough, women received just 1,085 calories, about a quarter of them (290 kcal) could be eaten for breakfast. The second one was softer, it contained 1240 kcal, and of them half eaten for breakfast (610 kcal).

  At the beginning of the experiment on the strict diet women won by a narrow margin. But then again they scored more than 8 kg, previously lost, ending the test weight loss with a very modest result - minus 4.3 kg. But the second group of women strengthened success and by the end of 32 weeks of tests dropped

 18.1 kg! That is more than 4 times as much, and it's more nourishing and therefore easier to perform diet. All this underlines the particular importance of a dense and hearty breakfast throughout life - it helps maintain normal weight.

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Created a phone that will not allow too much to eat

According to the inventors, the new unit will facilitate the maintenance diet and will go on a healthy diet.

The Japanese company NTT Communication launched a new mobile phone , which will be indispensable for dieters. The device is able to instantly calculate the caloric content of any food.

The owner of this number is enough to take a picture with the dish, and the phone will calculate how many calories it contains.
 first recorded number plates on their hands. Or how people stormed carts with sausage. They simply pushed "behind the scenes" shop and started a dump. Remember rationed buyer tried to "grab" more pasta, and if you managed to take an extra two kilograms per card inscribed in mom and dad a child - it was bliss. I also remember that at some budget year our family has become so tenuous that we eat for weeks "dumplings" - meatballs of potato flour with salt, boiled, seasoned with soy sauce .

 All this was, I can not deny it. But those days are forever, I hope, left, and an assortment of products in stores changed. Of course, this is reflected in prices. But think about this. Saving on products you spoil your health and, as a consequence, their figure.
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I'm not saying that you need to eat pounds of caviar to be in shape. But once the heavy communist days are gone, is not it time to rethink their eating habits. Of course, make it difficult for one day, but gradually make small changes is quite real. Remember that the current addiction evolved over the years, so that there - for decades.
Recently my eyes came across an interesting information: a table called "Set of food for the main socio-demographic groups," and quite simply - minimum food basket for 2000. After examining her,

  I came to the indescribable horror. Following statistics, the average Russian woman aged 16 to 54 years old must do a certain amount of products. Performing calculations,

  I realized that every day you need to eat 340 grams of bread, 290 g potato, 20 g sugar, 30 g of oil, and it is not a complete list of hazards! But the share of vegetables, fruit, meat and cheese make respectively 200 g, 60 g, 70 g and 5 g!
You object that no one will refer to these data when drawing up its menu, because the table was compiled for the poorest. However, these are not taken from the ceiling. People accustomed to limit yourself to something that often can not change their thinking, even with a certain amount of money.

 We continue to stick bread dumplings, cook soups on fatty meat broth (to make it more filling), fry the potatoes in butter, mayonnaise and water dishes in large quantities.

I remember how one of my friends took a new au pair, complaining that she spends a bottle of vegetable oil per week for daily cooking dinner for three people!

 And my husband complains that I do not cook burgers, because they have too much meat! From childhood he used to, that they should be a large amount of bread.

Is it always will be, or you can change something today to shift their habits off the ground and begin to eat differently? I firmly believe that change will happen, if you want them to make. 

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Fasting days: 5 basic products

Evaluation of the results : A - 0 points, B - 1 point, B - 2 points.

0-2 points . You are in great shape. Need for weekly unloading days not, but you can arrange unloading after a hearty feast, a hearty dinner and confectionary frills that you afford.

3-4 points . It would not hurt to do them! Handling 1-2 days a week will come in handy.

5-6 . You are burdened with excess weight and continue to get better. To stabilize the weight, try to unload 1-2 times a week and more closely monitor their diet.

We have already told how to arrange fasting days . The main thing is to choose the right product for unloading that you truly love.

Options to choose from

Kefir. Kefir promotes the excretion of end products of fat metabolism, improves digestion, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, improves the complexion. Positive effect is felt within an hour - during which time 91% digestible yogurt.

Know-how . 1.5-2 l nonfat yogurt, acidophilus, yogurt or yogurt without sugar, divide into 5-6 portions and drink throughout the day. To hunger tormented every time take 5-6 tablets food cellulose creates a feeling of fullness of the stomach.

Curd. Curd fasting days - option for those who do not take yogurt as a meal, even if lightweight, and thinks like a drink of tea - unless they naeshsya! With this approach, kefir diet seems disguised hunger strike. Curd occupies a larger volume in the stomach and is absorbed slowly kefir, so unload on him more comfortable - less hungry.

Know-how. 600 g fat-free cottage cheese, 60 ml of low-fat sour cream, 2 cups of tea without sugar and 2 cups of broth hips or mineral water divide on 5 receptions.

Apple. Apples many metabolic stimulants - vitamin C, B1, B2, P, E, carotene, potassium, iron, organic acids, and also cellulose and pectin, and fats binding deducing them from the body. Prefer Sour Cherries (antonovka, Simirenko), sweet (such as Golden Delicious) is too high in calories.

Know-how . Buy 1.5-2 kg of apples and eat them in raw form, salads with vegetables or bake in the oven with raisins. Per day, drink 4-5 cups of apple juice or compote without sugar. Eat the peel too (unless, of course, do not suffer from gastritis or other diseases of the digestive system: in this case, sit on unloading diets generally can not - only treatment!). It is full of fiber, which creates a feeling of fullness, which regulates the bowels linking dietary fat and leading out toxins from the body.

Cucumber. Cucumbers are 95% of the water, and not the usual, and coinciding with the composition of the intracellular fluid. Cucumber diet activates the metabolism due to natural catalysts - potassium, folic acid, B vitamins Cucumber juice displays the body of excess fluid. Freed from unnecessary water (it raises blood pressure and increases the load on the heart), you can lose weight per day of 1-1.5 kg!

Know-how . Eat 5-6 meals a 15-20 cucumbers (about 2 kg). Not necessarily use them in the form in which they are growing in the beds. You can make a salad with greens, hodgepodge with egg on kefir (dilute it half with water) or kvass without sugar.

Orange. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner oranges - not less than 1.5-2 kg per day. Each - 45 mg of calcium and 100 mg (daily dose!) Vitamin C. Orange pulp acts as a mild laxative, promotes excretion of toxins, toxins and excess fatty acids received from food. In a lot of orange fiber, satisfy hunger, and only 40 kcal per 100 g, however, the propensity to gastritis with high acidity can not stage orange days, otherwise it will increase.

Know-how . You can cook orange salad 6 oranges, 4 carrots, 0.5 kg of cabbage, a cup of grapes and 4 teaspoons sesame. Carrot rub on a small grater, cut the rest, season with lemon juice, stir - salad is ready! Divide into 5 portions and eat health. A better mix of drink freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice (to taste) - this cocktail acts as a fat burner and reduces appetite.

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The Bible urges lose weight

American pastor Rick Warren offered an unusual way to fight the obesity epidemic that swept the United States. Given religiosity of many Americans, the pastor believes that scripture has more weight in society than words nutritionists, and by faith the problem of excess weight can be solved.

Pastor found in the Bible episode showing that God wants believers slender, not subject to the sin of gluttony. In the Scriptures, the prophet Daniel tells about three Christian youths who were not tempted by the tsarist
 refreshments Nebuchadnezzar and not disowned the faith and asked for vegetables and water for 10 days. After the "diet" and prayers they showed the difference between a king and chubby

  boys of the royal court. Nebuchadnezzar was convinced that Christians with God's help maintain their body slim and beautiful.

Preacher Warren believes that true believer is obliged to keep your body in shape, because man was created in the image and likeness of God. For many people, faith can become motivated to lose weight when other reasons to do them is not.

Juice diet does more harm than good

Diet based on fruit and vegetable juices, helps maintain the shape of the Hollywood stars. Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker does not hide the fact that regularly consume cocktails cucumber, beets, spinach, cabbage, celery, garlic, carrot
 and ginger.

 However, nutritionists warn that the immoderate use fruits and vegetables in liquid form may do more harm than good.

 Hollywood stars use vegetable juices and smoothies is not for weight loss - for this they have more effective methods. Vegetables, fruits and greens drink for bolus of vitamins and minerals, or to clear the stomach and intestines after a breakdown. If liquid vegetables consumed regularly for 3-4

  days, you may cause serious health problems: increased cholesterol in the blood, and constipation. After several months of juice diet possible loss of hair and premature skin aging.

  And all this against a background of chronic fatigue and apathy. Nutritionists recommend better use vegetables and fruits - eat them,

Americans throw away almost half of the food

Despite the ongoing financial crisis and the rise in food prices in the U.S., as if nothing had happened, emit huge amounts of quality food. According to rough estimates of the Council on the protection of natural resources, about 40% of the products are sent to the trash. The average American emits about 10 times more food than a resident of Southeast Asia.

Causes wasteful attitude to food in the United States a few. First, high quality standards forced shops to get rid of unsold goods. Fruits, vegetables, baked goods and other products are not the first, and, say, the second freshness can not be disposed of, and ruthlessly sent to the garbage cans.

  Second, large product losses occur already in the homes of Americans. Habit to fill the refrigerator with food in store and forget about them typical of many U.S. citizens.

  In addition, Americans are afraid to use products with expired shelf life, even if it took only a few days, and the product is not classified as

5 myths about healthy food

You see a gopher? - No. - And we're not. And he is! "Also the case with our meals. Buy products in the shop for dinner, choose all the most useful, without the "E-nis" and other elements of the periodic table, diligently consider calories , and then read on the Internet that store apples in wax, milk is not kisnet because entirely preservatives meat is impossible - mutiruesh, water to drink can not - become a kid. Understand this stream of consciousness sometimes very hard even dietitian specialist.!Ultimate-Herpes-Protocol---Planning-and-confirmation-of-newborn-childs-skin/c218b/FD4A7F0B-EE6C-40D8-911B-56F8B12BE864
But the author Ledi Alexander Trifonov coped with this task. So, on the agenda of the myths and legends associated with nutrition. 5 myths about healthy food The first myth. Bread - worst enemy figures See also: 9 most dangerous breakfast 5 easiest diets 10 habits that prevent us from losing weight 7 principles of good dinner

 Weight Loss eat: eat than 150 calories? In fact: the truth - but only partly. In blacklists worth bring white bread. Studies have shown that white bread of more than two-fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women. Baton and white baguettes absolutely no B vitamins, vitamin E and PP,
 as well as a serious shortage on selenium, which protects us from cancer all utility go during grinding grain. People who eat white bread daily for several pieces, more than others at risk of kidney cancer.

 Oil in the fire and pour yeast insidious: getting into our body, they multiply rapidly and suppress the normal flora that will surely only benefit the bacteria. With each new white bun we increase the chances amass problems with the pancreas, liver and intestines. Any indigestion, constipation,

 to buy bread useful: for example, sprouted grains (rye, wheat) - it is well absorbed by the body, protects against cancer and diabetes. Previously considered waste bran flour production, and now bran bread recognized physicians most useful. In coarse grain contains essential vitamins B and E and minerals, as well as vegetable fiber, useful for bowel. Myth two: alcohol - it's poison In fact:

 if you decide to lose weight, then yes - it is necessary to surrender not only cracklings, but also from goblets. Because alcohol increases appetite. And in liqueurs, dessert wines and soft drinks also contain a lot of sugar. But this particular. In general, alcohol in small doses very comme il faut.

American obstetricians, for example, do not mind that pregnant women drink daily glass of dry red wine (assuming that the first one is not followed by a second!). Red wine useful to use to improve metabolism, salt metabolism,

 you should take note of losing weight. Moderate consumption of wine strengthens arteries, lowers blood cholesterol and is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases. French, for example, like to appeal to all known data of the table hudeyuschego doctor Eylo whereby light white wine and champagne strengthen the heart muscle; hot red wine helps with bronchitis; small portions of port, Madeira, sherry - great help with loss of strength, and cold champagne facilitate state upon vomiting. But remember: alcohol and alcohol is not recommended if you have problems with the skin, as well as people who are prone to allergic reactions. Myth Three: raw vegetables - the most useful In fact: do raw foodists rule.

They get maximum fiber, useful for digestion and a whole list of vitamins and minerals to boot. But there are nuances. For example, in fresh spinach, sorrel and rhubarb contain acids that interfere with absorption of calcium. As a result - can form kidney stones. Fiber raw carrot prevents absorb vitamin A - so this orange vegetable is better to cook, rub on a grater and eat a small amount of vegetable oil. Zucchini,
carrots, cabbage, turnips, peppers, beets and cucumbers even better not to drink allergies and lady's finger, as well as people suffering from pancreatitis, pancreatic diseases, gall bladder and colitis. Myth Four: eggs - is a continuous cholesterol In fact: generally egg has always been a useful product.

But in the XXI century ponabezhalo many scientists with their research, resulting in egg accused in excess cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis. Cholesterol in the yolk really is. But that is no reason at all to deny from eggs in which a storehouse of vitamins A, E, D, B 3 , B 12 , selenium and magnesium.

 Just hand over the analysis on cholesterol and, if everything is normal, safely eat up to 5 eggs a week. If elevated cholesterol, reduce the dose to two egg yolks and four proteins. The smaller the heat treatment, the more useful the egg, so the best option - a soft boiled egg (or egg white is better absorbed). If you are a grandmother in a village and are confident in local products, you can use raw eggs.

 But with so shop the best not to experiment. Myth five: meat - "dead" junk food In fact: the argument from a staunch vegetarian sounds like: a poor cow for years stood in the stall deep in mud, forage fed with chemicals, and then it led to the slaughterhouse, where the poor animal to stand in line for death, feeling and absorbing the suffering of their tribeswoman

 Did you climb after such a lump in the throat? However, most physicians steadfast meat contains the necessary body proteins and amino acids (amino acid composition of meat proteins correspond to the structure of the human body to digest and contrary to many stereotypes is quite normal).

 In a lot of meat vitamins A and D (although they survived to better prepare meat for a couple and not put the chops). WHO both hands on the meat: a strict vegan (and even vegans do not eat eggs!) Experts rank to mental illness. However, life is possible without meat proteins can be produced from soy, fish, eggs, legumes and dairy products. And for those who can not no meat at all, recommend fish as an alternative.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Sushi can be high-calorie burgers

A study in the UK showed that the land had already lost the right to be a useful low-calorie food. Many of them are influenced by supply turned into a fast food like burgers and fries.

Victoria Beckham , Keira Knightley, Cheryl Cole and many other celebrities do not hide that often eat sushi and because of this are slim. Researchers do not have the opportunity

  to study the composition of sushi, which feed the star , but they analyzed similar dishes at affordable

  Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. It turned out that a small portion of the rolls has about 350 calories calories and lunch consisting entirely of sushi and rolls, may contain up

  to 1050 calories. In this sushi rice contains almost no vitamins, to improve the taste of Japanese food manufacturers often add them in sugar , cream cheese, mayonnaise and other fatty sauces.

Nothing superfluous: why am I not losing weight

Which tricks do not resort only girl, preoccupied overweight. It seems on this topic already says everything, and although every day there are modern tools that help us to achieve ideal weight, still not all of it is given simply. One of the main issues faced by the majority of the reason I'm losing weight slowly?

 Author found as many as 20 obstacles on the way to a slim figure. We want to highlight some of the mistakes which had not previously mentioned. Please note that doing them, you will not only discard pounds, but quite possibly typed too much.

Which tricks do not resort only girl, preoccupied overweight. It seems on this topic already says everything, and although every day there are modern tools that help us to achieve ideal weight, still not all of it is given simply. One of the main issues faced by the majority of the reason I'm losing weight slowly? Author found as many as 20 obstacles on the way to a slim figure. We want to highlight some of the mistakes which had not previously mentioned. Please note that doing them, you will not only discard pounds, but quite possibly typed too much.

Frequent snacking between meals

Even if you limit portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but indulge in snack can not, you are unlikely to lose weight. Piece of cake birthday colleagues, a packet of biscuits on the desktop - all this can sabotage any diet. If you do not pay attention to the amount of snacks, eaten between meals, you will not only reset, but are likely to put on weight. Better control snacking - write down everything you eat in a notebook.
Lack of snacking

If uncontrolled consumption of snacks can hurt, then snacking healthy foods in limited quantities just contribute to the process of losing weight. Those who does not eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat several small snacks, better control hunger. Healthy food snacks, such as nuts, rich in protein, stimulate metabolism.

Trust "skimmed" products

Fat-free products are the basis of almost every diet. But remember that low fat does not mean that the product contains less calories or sucrose. Do not abuse the ice cream, cakes and other products, the label which reads "degreased". A small portion of the conventional "fat" ice cream will cause less damage to the figure, rather than a large portion, but low fat."Drink" too many calories (calorie consumption of drinks / calories in liquid form)

When counting calories, many do not consider calorie drinks. And for good reason! Coffee with milk or syrup, some alcoholic beverages may contain more than 500 calories. A scientifically proven fact is that fruit juices and Coke slow down the process of losing weight. The danger is that "calorie drinks" does not satisfy hunger. So even after a cup of cappuccino or fruit juice you will not eat less at lunch.

Drink enough water

Water (the most common drinking) stimulates the burning of fat. When dehydrated, it leads to slower metabolism and accordingly slowing weight loss. Those who drank eight or more glasses of water daily to lose more calories than those who drink less. We strongly recommend drinking a glass of water after each meal and drink water snacks.

Exception of dairy products

Dieting, many completely eliminate "jelly": whole milk, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream. But in the course of investigations it was found that the absence of dairy products may again slow down weight loss. Body burns more fat if you get enough calcium, while at his lack of oil it produces intense. Part of any diet should be fat-free (or low-fat) dairy products.

Weigh every day

Becoming every day on the scales, you not only do not get adequate information about the process of losing weight, but often will be disappointed. Instead of always asking yourself "why I'm losing weight slowly?" And over and over again to study performance, change the test mode. The best option is a weekly check. So you will see a clear picture of the process of losing weight.

Excessive demands

You always have to soberly assess the ability of the organism. Never place unattainable goals and do not aspire to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood stars, losing tens of pounds per week. If you, for example, set itself the task to lose ten pounds in a week, and three fold, instead of rejoicing, you get frustrated and lose motivation. Your expectations should be realistic. If you do not know how many pounds can reset weekly - consult an expert.

Frequent snacking between meals

Even if you limit portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but indulge in snack can not, you are unlikely to lose weight. Piece of cake birthday colleagues, a packet of biscuits on the desktop - all this can sabotage any diet. If you do not pay attention to the amount of snacks, eaten between meals, you will not only reset, but are likely to put on weight. Better control snacking - write down everything you eat in a notebook.

Lack of snacking

If uncontrolled consumption of snacks can hurt, then snacking healthy foods in limited quantities just contribute to the process of losing weight. Those who does not eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat several small snacks, better control hunger. Healthy food snacks, such as nuts, rich in protein, stimulate metabolism.

Trust "skimmed" products

Fat-free products are the basis of almost every diet. But remember that low fat does not mean that the product contains less calories or sucrose. Do not abuse the ice cream, cakes and other products, the label which reads "degreased". A small portion of the conventional "fat" ice cream will cause less damage to the figure, rather than a large portion, but low fat.

When counting calories, many do not consider calorie drinks. And for good reason! Coffee with milk or syrup, some alcoholic beverages may contain more than 500 calories. A scientifically proven fact is that fruit juices and Coke slow down the process of losing weight. The danger is that "calorie drinks" does not satisfy hunger. So even after a cup of cappuccino or fruit juice you will not eat less at lunch.

Drink enough water

Water (the most common drinking) stimulates the burning of fat. When dehydrated, it leads to slower metabolism and accordingly slowing weight loss. Those who drank eight or more glasses of water daily to lose more calories than those who drink less. We strongly recommend drinking a glass of water after each meal and drink water snacks.

Exception of dairy products

Dieting, many completely eliminate "jelly": whole milk, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream. But in the course of investigations it was found that the absence of dairy products may again slow down weight loss. Body burns more fat if you get enough calcium, while at his lack of oil it produces intense. Part of any diet should be fat-free (or low-fat) dairy products.

Weigh every day

Becoming every day on the scales, you not only do not get adequate information about the process of losing weight, but often will be disappointed. Instead of always asking yourself "why I'm losing weight slowly?" And over and over again to study performance, change the test mode. The best option is a weekly check. So you will see a clear picture of the process of losing weight.

Excessive demands

You always have to soberly assess the ability of the organism. Never place unattainable goals and do not aspire to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood stars, losing tens of pounds per week. If you, for example, set itself the task to lose ten pounds in a week, and three fold, instead of rejoicing, you get frustrated and lose motivation. Your expectations should be realistic. If you do not know how many pounds can reset weekly - consult an expert.

Fiber: best friend slimming

Contribute to a better saturation. The more fiber in the product (leaders on its content - rye bran ), the faster we will not be satisfied, and longer experience hunger after its use. The mechanism is simple - in the stomach tissue absorbs water (like a sponge to wash dishes), and swells

 , creating a sense of fullness in the stomach. Since it is not digested, it will be long delayed us in the abdomen (stomach honestly tries to cope with it, but alas ...). Consequently, long hunger makes itself know - because the stomach is essentially complete.

Improve digestion and cleanse the body. Fiber passes through the stomach "in transit", the path of absorbing harmful substances: Toxins, cholesterol, fatty acids. Getting into the intestine, it provides its purification (will not describe a complex physiological process that facilitates this).

 As a result, you get rid of constipation and a small tummy, typical for women with irregular stools. For extra weight he has nothing to do, but how much experience delivers because of the inability to wear clothing line with exaggerated waist !

Non-nutritive. Since fiber is not absorbed by the body, it is not a source of energy for it. In fact, it - the extra ballast! That's why its rich savory fruit, green vegetables and berries are low in calories.

As for the actual energy value of whole-grain bread and cereals, fiber-rich, everything is not so simple. Yes, sprouted grain bread, raw brown rice, bulgur and barley grits can not be called low-calorie products: 100 g of finished garnish of large - about 150 calories, bread - 200-250, which is practically the same as in the white rice or wheat bread. But consider the fact that the processing of fiber stomach wastes energy. Consequently, mentally subtract a certain amount of calories from your useful garnish (just do not reset its calorie content - believe me, we are talking about a few dozen) and congratulate yourself for a successful choice.

Nuances norms

The daily requirement for fiber - 25-30 grams, and for women who want to lose weight - all 40. Important nuance: dial the 40 grams needed from various sources - like vegetables and whole grains.

The fact that the fiber composition in the fruit and vegetables by their structure differs from cereal: first better adsorbs toxic substances, its fibers are soft, the second - the best bowel cleans and absorbs fatty acid (1 g fiber grains can absorb up to 7 grams of fat!) with coarse fibers. While nutritionists consider the optimal 1:3 ratio - ie fiber with soft fibers losing weight should be used in an amount of 10 grams (maximum - 15) per day, and rough - 25-30. In terms of products get around this set: three 30-gram piece of wholemeal bread (10 g), carrots (3 g), the big apple (4 g), 300 g of the four types of cereal grains in the water (6 g), a cup of berries (4 g), a large portion of salad of cabbage and cucumber (3 g), large pear or banana (4 g), whole-grain pasta dish or a side dish of brown rice (8 g) and wholegrain toast (1 g).

Fiber: dieters best friend - photo 2
You find it difficult to imagine how to organize themselves such a diet ? Agree, those who work and dine in the cafe or dining room, breakfast and supper, and not too tight to ensure the rate of fiber products is difficult. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to add in food rye, wheat and oat bran, which are the leaders in its content. But not mindlessly pour them for food, guided by the principle of "more is better" and following certain rules - otherwise may have health problems - indigestion, beriberi and other troubles.

Simple rules

Finally the author asked for advice from a nutritionist, deputy chief physician of the clinic "weight factor" Marina Studenikina and learned five main rules for the use of bran.

Stick to 30-40 grams per day (3-4 tbsp. L) . Thus, you get 16-18 grams of fiber, for the most part - the rough. Rate should not exceed - coarse fibers can injure delicate mucosal tissue of the stomach. If we consider that the problems with the gastrointestinal tract have every second woman, do not be lazy to measure out the dose of bran spoons and not by eye.

Diversify types of bran: foods with not only wheat and rye, but also breakfast. Last, like fruits and vegetables, contain soft fiber, which excrete cholesterol and toxins. With a deficit of plant foods in the diet should not neglect them: let about a third of the daily value (10 g) bran will come through them.

Eat them for 2-3 hours before or after taking complexes with fat-soluble vitamins or drugs with Omega-3 , as well as foods rich in these substances

 . The fact that the fiber composition in the bran absorbs and removes from the body not only harmful substances like cholesterol, but also useful - those that belong to the class of fatty acids which can lead to deterioration of the skin and hair. Therefore sources containing Omega-3 (fatty fish, flaxseed oil), costs have some time after eating bran.

Wash down bran water (or dilute them in water). Important point in the use of bran should increase the amount of free fluid in the diet, otherwise it may cause constipation. If before your rate is about 1.5 liters per day, further still drink half a liter of liquid - per day to get two liters of free fluid, which is equivalent to eight glasses.

Gradually increase the amount of bran in the diet . Start with 10 grams and gradually, every two or three days, increase your daily rate of 5-10 grams. Otherwise unable to digest fat stomach (and such amount of concentrate fiber - a real shock for him!) Can rebel and be "whining."

Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week

 It may seem too thin, that to lose weight easily. In fact, the golden rule of "eat less, more move "does not always works, and reasons why it happens, can be set so that the experts do not understand without.

 That is why we started a new special - "Lose Weight with" Lady ", which we hope will inspire many feats.

More information about the menu girls you can read here . And today, you know, so the first heroine managed to not gain weight on vacation, as the second heroine experienced the pressotherapy, and what a
Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week

Upon returning from vacation, I thought that my weight has increased dramatically. Imagine the surprise when at the doctor's nutritionist told me that it took 400 grams of fat!

As I wrote previously, in Thailand 100% failed to comply with the diet, but I tried to stick to its maximum, however , the weight of the portion was more than my usual. Favored fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates strictly to 18 hours, three-four-hour intervals between meals

, dinner for three hours before bedtime, and of course plenty of water. Apparently, all these simple rules and helped me not to get better!

Morning after returning home immediately started correctly: an egg, a slice of bread with cheese, some vegetables, tea and, of course, walk with your favorite dogs!

In my fridge now always stored frozen vegetables and fish - if you do not have time to stop in the store for fresh food, always have stock. It was his and I left before leaving

, knowing that you will need. Half an hour - and ready for lunch and dinner a few days ahead to catch and acclimate to purchase everything you need. And when I have time, I usually experiment with dishes, try to cook something new.

I more and more like my new lifestyle. I always know what I eat and how much, and yet I am able to save not only time but also money, while eating healthy and healthy foods!

 My nutritionist is not just support me and inspires new feats (I first arrived from leave without new clothes size!), But also sends recommendations recipes, after a long break I again started to play sports, all thanks to her advice! It will be very sad when the project ends ...

Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week - photo 2

Very little is left to the first turning point numbers -10 kilograms. I so wanted to see the numbers on the scale desired in the early weeks, but the body has again decided on his own - again five days the weight was on the spot, and then two days flew 800 grams.

 Of course, much more interesting to observe stable results every day, but there is no way, the main thing that I was doing something right. May affect the body so the changed fiznagruzki. Volumes also go down, and finally began to diminish waist and hips.

This week I experienced the pressotherapy. This electric current is much nicer! The whole body below the chest is wrapped in a suit inflates gradually suit different areas filled with compressed air and turns feet, knees, hips, abdomen, stimulating blood circulation. To good hand massage is true, nedotyagivaet, but a feeling of lightness in the legs strongly increases.

On nutrition all turns out okay, I decided not to harass a chicken breasts and still gather additionally lack of protein curd and yogurt. Tips readers about separation of fruits and milk also took note of, well, my norm until carbohydrates - stogrammovye bag of cereal in the morning.

 With fat-containing products is not too scary: the maximum daily permissible to eat 50 grams of fat, but I'm not even that figure dohozhu despite not the dietary meat or fish, cheese and milk. Meat reason I have eaten well in the morning, fruit gradually shifted to the middle of the day, and evening milk remains.
At the beginning of the experiment, I was very afraid that will never be able to lose weight, that evil genes, bad heredity, poor metabolism, body memory, aliens and solar flares will force me to keep the weight off, but now coveted 65 kilograms seem to me a very real purpose.

  In my environment there are people who have already passed the same way of losing weight, they become much angrier and more critical to the food to the people, some even offering to buy banana scary - for them it would be an insult.

  I hope I will not have this fear or anger to food, which strongly manifested in the early weeks, and I can be adequate for a society.

3 heroine. Julia, 22 years old, height - 174 cm, weight (up to) - 101 kg. Observed in the clinic "weight factor". Slimmed down to a total of 6 kg.

Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week - photo 3

After returning from vacation, I found that the weight has shifted almost nowhere, ranges of which I was gone, he is firmly entrenched and standing in one place. On the one hand, it is good that he is not crawled up, and on the other - I was very active, I drank a lot of water and moved, ate only authorized products, although there was a sea of ​​temptations in the form of sweets, ice cream and other attributes of the rest.

Since most cooking does not go, I could not tell whether the food is cooked without adding extra oils - minus, of course, because the oil can not eat more than normal, and it was impossible to control.

Generally noticed that the best weight goes in the first week after the cycle, the water is not retained, and the most effective fasting days. Result after the discharge of the day I have not manifested the next day and the next day. So I plan to continue to arrange fasting day once a week,

  and my hope is what nutritionist and advised the meeting after my trip. But here's what else happened: Somehow, I do not know how, did not have time to track down,

I went to two meals a day, which clearly does not help in dropping weight in my main error in these one and a half weeks - is the conclusion that we have a nutritionist. So again rebuilt the entire diet, and now it is again pyatirazovoe, every 3.5 hours.

Let's see what happens, but I very much hope that it will work. I still could not find for themselves the very diet that gives stable and smooth weight loss - over this and will run until the end of the project after its completion to stick to the plan and further reduce weight.

The following Monday, read about how the girl for himself summed up the first results of the experiment. And, of course, remember that there  food diary  and  calculator for counting calories  - for those who inspired to lose weight with our heroines.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Interval training: Weight Loss professionally

Savvy athletes and fitness theorists know that the pulse - a sure indicator of how effectively you work. Heart rate at 65-75% of maximum (it is defined by the formula "220 minus your age")

 is optimal for the body began to burn fat. However, the release of fat cells and their transition into the muscles occurs no earlier than 30 minutes after the beginning of the exercise, so the optimal time employment, taking into account warm-up and cool-down will be one hour. Usually lasts much aerobic exercise.

Interval training offers a different approach. Calculation of the pulse in the time of such employment begins from 85 and up to 95 percent of maximum. During this exercise, the body "burns" 90% carbohydrates, 10% fat and 1% protein. However , at maximum speed pulse can be engaged only in the presence of an experienced coach.

Also, there are differences in muscle work. Most often interval training is aimed at stimulation of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Let me remind you that the slow responsible for overall stamina, fast - for the ability to rapidly develop speed or lift heavy weight. Therefore sprinters 70-90% of muscle tissue is made up of fast twitch fibers, while the marathoners 70-90% - of slow.

Laws governing the construction of interval training
- Activity should start with a warm up. Warm up using jumps, swings and running in place. Remember that the "cold" muscles will not work well.

- The duration of the load - from 2 to 12 minutes. Do not hesitate to start small, and only then move on to more serious training.

- Duration of the resting phase is always equal to the duration of the load phase.

- But do not rejoice, pulse rate resting phase should be at least 40-50 percent of the maximum. This leisurely sit-ups or running. Just catch his breath on the bench will not succeed.

Interval training: Weight Loss professionally - photo 2
- Do not run after records and did not increase the duration of the interval a heavy load for one lesson. Better to use the rule of ten percent - increase the load by ten percent per week.

- Cycles of exercise and rest in one workout repeated 5 to 10 times.

- Before you begin to engage in this system, you should consult with a cardiologist. And in case of sickness or pain in the heart, immediately stop training!

- Do not spend more than two interval workouts per week.

Following the basic principles of construction of interval training can be scheduled as cardio and power load. Interval training can be applied to any type of activity is: a running track , running in the street, walking, elliptical trainer, swimming, biking, etc. The possibilities are endless!


- Efficiency. Interval training is not for nothing are considered some of the most useful training. Body not only burns fat cells during the occupation, but also after it.

- Save time. Interval training suitable for those who do not have time to grade 4-5 classes per week and who wants to achieve the effect of "3 in 1". Studies show that interval training for 15 minutes three times a week can replace an hour on the treadmill the same three times a week.

- Will not be boring. During such sessions do not have to count the number of lifts lazily torso, gathering on the third and top ten in the break chatting with a girlfriend. Here have to work to wear, because high intensity - is, for example, 25 sit-ups in half a minute, then ten seconds of rest, then squats and stay again. And muscle escape the effect of habituation.

- Savings on clothing and equipment. Interval training - a new approach to old exercises. For it does not need any special hula-hoop or pylon, no special gloves. Only your desire for change and freedom.


With all the charm of interval training, I admit, they have three major shortcomings:

- Motivation. I will say from my own experience, interval training - it's hard. Body resists heavy load and wants to return to his native cardio. Without serious motivation for even interval training is not worth taking.

- Health. To participate in this system may not all. Untrained people or those with poor cardiovascular workout such contraindicated.

- Time. They are not suitable for regular classes. Interval training - it is rather basic training fitness SWAT weekly load than an ordinary girl. After several weeks of such sessions should be "rest" for 5-8 weeks, ie switch to your workout routine.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics

Exercise 1. Before starting a workout is best to warm up muscles with slow squats. Starting position: stand straight, stretched out at attention. Hands raise up. At the same time all the muscles maximally stretched. This is the essence Callanetics - even in the preparatory position of the entire body must work in full force. Bend your legs at the knees and drop the hands down. Squat stretch five accounts.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics
Linger at the bottom for 20 seconds. This time interval is negligible for Callanetics, but it is only warming up.

Exercise 2 . Take the chair (also suitable folding chair, sofa, or even a table), rely on his hands. Right leg slightly bent at the knee, and slowly raise allot ago. Linger in this position and count to thirty. Now this same leg moves forward, remove your hands from the chair and translate body slightly back. Another 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.  

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 2
Exercise 3. Performed on the floor. Sit on the leg bent at the knee. The second elongated side. Hands abut the floor . Raise a straight leg 25-30 degrees from the floor. Linger for 10 seconds, and then do 30-40 small springy lifts the same leg, without touching the floor.
Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 3
Exercise 4. logical continuation of the previous exercise. Change leg, turn the body forward so that the rear leg was straightened. Rely on the hands and slowly raise a foot off the floor. Hold still for 10 seconds, then do 30-40 springy strides.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 4
Exercise 5. went on all fours, take a deep breath and one foot very slowly ascending, put aside. It does not have to be straight - even better if it is bent at the knee. Linger in this position for 30 seconds. All muscles, including the gluteus and press tense.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 5
Now you should change the leg to do the same on the right / left, and then change the "working" side. Only this time, do not hold your foot in the air and do a very slow 10 lifts per side. By the way, here you can experiment: for example, does not lift his leg up / down, and move it back and forth. Most importantly, do it very, very slowly and smoothly.

Waist and press

Exercise 1 . ultranovyh No exercises aimed at trying to make himself waist and pump up the press in callanetics not. Rediscover slopes housing should be performed again in slow motion, stretching and trying prochuvstvuvovat every muscle. After 30-40 tilted body tilt forward. Hands just pull ahead. Back straight, stomach in and tense. Legs (for stability) can be put crosswise and bend slightly at the waist. From this position, start very slow rotation of the torso. Think about eternity, space or about Estonia - about anything, if only the lower part of the body - that is, with your feet hip - remained motionless.
Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 6
Do 10 "circles" on one side, and 10 - in another. In conclusion, exercise, relax, trying to reach his fingers to the floor.

Exercise 2. Performed on the floor and puts great strain on the knee. So do not hesitate to use knee pads or special pad (in extreme cases - several times folded towel). Become on one knee, the other leg is put aside. Begin gradually stretch to the foot. Freezes in this position for 30 seconds, then start to wiggle, trying to bend even lower.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 7
Exercise 3 . Lie on the floor with your legs bent. We raise them off the floor. Now the body are drawn up and slightly forward. Hands with extended straight in front of him. When you reach the most comfortable position, if it is possible in this case, stay "upstairs." Start counting: one, two, three, ..., fifty. Or at least thirty.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 8
In conclusion, this complex can execute this "incentive" exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. All muscles are tense. Hugged herself as if you want a hug.
 Need to feel your abdominal muscles, chest and arms. Wait in this position for 60 seconds, then move your hands behind your back at the castle and the maximum "stretch yourself" up. Another minute - and all! Now do not forget to perform the above exercises regularly, or just "dilute" their training in their home for a week.

It is important to remember:

- Given that callanetics really fast helps bring the body and muscles in order, it has a number of contraindications. Lesson by Callan Pinckney system can not be those who have bad eyesight, increased pressure, weak vessels and asthma.

- If any of the above exercises, you will feel headache, sharp rush of blood or pressure on the eye - stop exercising immediately.

- You should never torture yourself: if you can not keep your foot or body in limbo cherished 60 seconds, relax a little bit earlier. Over time, doing the exercises will become much easier 

Zumba: not boring fitness

Zumba - quite young, but a very popular trend in fitness. This dance fitness program under incendiary music combines hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, dance belly,

 as well as lunges and squats . Zumba will not only improve your figure, but also positive charge. Bored on this workout is simply impossible!

The name itself comes from the Zumba Colombian word meaning " to move quickly "or" buzzing like a bee. " As fans joke, McDonalds is known only in 120 countries, and Zumba dance in more than 140 countries. And such a dizzying "career» Zumba made ​​a little less than 20 years!

It all began in the 90s of last century, when Colombian fitness instructor Alberto Perez forgot the music for the home occupation. With him he had only wheels with salsa and merengue, and he had to improvise,

combining different styles and exercises. Lesson well liked his customers that Perez decided to make their own mix of different dances. In 2001 he moved to the United States and founded Zumba Fitness, which quickly gained popularity worldwide. Now fans of this program in the world more than 140 million people .

Hudey dancing

Of course, if the program Zumba was just another novelty in the world of fitness, it would not have received universal recognition. Zumba - a whole philosophy, direction, which teaches how to turn a boring

 workout in real pep party and lose weight to give a lot of pleasure. In addition, Zumba fans claim that it helps them to recover not only the physical, but also psychological form, become more liberated, confident.

Zumba: not boring fitness - photo 2
Training focuses on the elaboration of various muscles so that people do not feel the fatigue that comes from multiple repetitions of the same exercises at regular fitness training.

That's the charm and Zumba - an hour, seemingly fun and crazy dances, according to various sources, a person spends 400 to 800 calories. Moreover, in the classroom there is such an emotional lift and a rush of adrenalin that energy is spent much more training and she is a lot more efficient.
With someone to emulate

Zumba added popularity and big names stars who turned the program into your schedule. Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham , Halle Berry, Obama - all these women gladly joined the cheerful rhythm of Zumba.

"We women are used to take care of others. And do not forget about yourself. If once a week you can afford to go without the kids shopping, and then spend an hour a week for Zumba classes you can also quite. This is a great way to feel the music and stay in shape, "

- said in an interview, Jennifer Lopez. Zumba love and men - even world-renowned martial arts expert Jackie Chan was somehow captured on video during exercise.

Home or at the fitness center?

About what is Zumba in terms of professional tells Alina Karelson, fitness coach "Atrium":

«Zumba - kardioprogramma lovely , it is good in terms of emotional satisfaction and energy costs. But as a full body workout, I do not see it. This is a wonderful option practicing at home, you can at any time "pozazhigat" music, improve your mood. However, in the group it gets even better

- triggered moment of unity with other people, and the program begins to work out better and better. Looking at each other, they get an extra emotional recharge. When we observe how people behave in Zumba, it is a great feeling - sometimes girls arrange wild emotional dance.

  People relax, cool them, and returns more than if they were doing at home. Women love Zumba also because many training - not just an hour of calorie burning and muscle study, it should be combined with the emotional aspect, the joy of working in a group or an opportunity to communicate.

Often, even the girl-beginners who have never engaged in fitness on group lessons realize that they like the atmosphere in training, like an emotional lift, and they are gradually drawn and already can not imagine life without exercise . "

Fitness: controversial rules

Stretching relaxes the muscles, so it is only useful after a workout. If you pull the muscles between sets - will decrease the efficiency of the muscles, "- authoritatively declare some regulars fitness centers. It seems that not argue with that. But things are not so simple.

 "In fact, you need to pull a muscle before and during the time , and after a workout, but it should be done differently. Before you start training at the gym after a short kardiorazminki predstretching needs
  light stretching, which will prepare the muscles for the main load, stimulate blood circulation, improve endurance and reduce the risk of injury. Movement should be easy, short and springy.

  During basic training makes sense to pull those muscles between sets, which participated in the work to improve the access of oxygen to them, but also stretching should not be prolonged.

  I sometimes see the girls in the hall long stretch between sets - this is wrong. Deep stretching, relaxing muscles need after a workout, " - says fitness coach Alina Karelson.

Do not have two hours after exercise to lose weight

Proponents of this radical approach say that the fat after weight training continued to "burn", no need to throw the body no other fuel. Yes, the weight you'll actually lose. But the problem is that "burn" will primarily muscle, so whatever you put in a room, you use it will bring.
"After weight training offers so-called anabolic window . This is a condition where you can significantly speed up the recovery process of muscle tissue. Energy reserves in the body at this time severely depleted, and eating immediately start the mechanism of muscle growth.

 During this period, even those who do interval training with a view to lose weight and not gain weight , you need a small portion of simple carbohydrates - such as an apple , and an hour and a half you can fully dine, eating protein and fat (chicken breast, fish or egg whites, and a portion vegetables), " - says fitness expert.

Do not eat after 18

The view that the best way to lose weight at home - do not eat after 18 extremely popular. By evening, the metabolism slows down, so abundant late meals can actually promote weight gain.

 Nevertheless, time-horizon, after which all that is eaten, unavoidably delayed on the waist and hips, does not exist. It all depends on when you go into the arms of Morpheus.

"This is nothing more than a stereotype. Yes, there once before bedtime is bad, the last meal should be 3-4 hours before the person goes to sleep. But if you are a "late riser" and go to sleep after midnight, of course, you will have time after 18 very hungry.

 As a result, begins to produce the stress hormone - cortisol, and the muscles will be destroyed. Lose muscle tissue in any case can not be - it will improve your appearance (body will look flabby),

  and the metabolism slows down. So that the rule "do not eat after 18" fit only for those who go to bed right after "Good night, kids!". Everything else you need to forget about him, " - confirms our expert.

Do not drink water during exercise

This is more than a controversial statement came to us with physical education in Soviet schools. Coaches of the old school, claiming to drink during exercise can not be a lot of supporters so far.
 Drunk water during training, they say, complicates the work of the heart, which is already experiencing high load. In addition, the "wake up" the kidneys and digestive system, reducing the overall efficiency.

  However, most fitness experts believe that drinking during exercise is not just possible, but necessary: ​​under extreme stresses the body loses through sweat plenty of fluids, and dehydration can cause serious harm to the body. "forbidden to drink during exercise can some coaches,

 preparing his players to compete, for example, fitness bikini . But this emergency measures that harm the body, breaking all processes.
 An ordinary person who trains for the benefit of their health and drinking is required. It must be clean water without gas at room temperature. Of course, poured a liter is not: drink slowly, in small sips. Before you start training a little too good to drink, " - adds a fitness trainer.

How to lose weight with the bike: important rules

Cooking the books: dish of strawberries
In the West have long noticed that the bike helps to lose weight faster than most other simulators, and even created a special program for fitness clubs: cycling and spininng. Fashion on bicycle training and got to us:

such classes can be found in many gyms. And you can not look - with the right approach will become slim and regular bicycle ride. Why?

First, it is very energy-intensive: half an hour of cycling at a moderate pace we burn about 250 calories. And if during the walks and even abandon or a piece of chocolate cake, the amount you can save 500-600 calories - three such days a week will help to quickly get rid of all the excess.
Second, it helps to make a quick relief and strengthen the calf muscles of the legs: it is this musculature is actively involved in the work, as we pedaled. With the bike can pump and upper body - after all, "trainer", first you need to get out of the apartment and put on the street.

Third, improve mood cycling and contribute to achieving happiness hormones - endorphins : and with them, as we know, does not want to "jam" stress something sweetly.

Add here and benefit the cardiovascular system, speed up the metabolism and reduce the load on the joints - and get a universal simulator.

Choose the "shell" and uniforms

Buying a "trainer" , guided by your goals. If you want a quiet, peaceful ride through the park, choose a city bike or cruiser. It is comfortable, stable and easy to handle. If you want not just a pretty urban transport, but a real street simulator approach to buying must be serious. "For training best suited to hybrid, - said Ruslan Panov, Coordinator of Federal saykl fitness clubs «X-FIT». - This bike will pass and on flat roads and over rough terrain, it thin wheels, a lot of speed and good suspension. "

If you are going to pedal at least half an hour (and about as much and you need to start the process of fat burning), dress as comfortable as possible. "It is desirable that shoes are well fixed to the leg and had thick soles. Make sure to keep the foot firmly standing on the pedals, " - said Ruslan Panov. If you ride a bike for a long time or not very confident in their abilities, and secure the following: wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and "gloves" on the wrist.

How to lose weight with the bike: important rules - photo 2
Lose Weight with the bike: important rules
Experts recommend not to gorge before cycling, but also on an empty stomach should not ride too. Ideal option: an hour and a half before classes eat something protein, for example, a portion of yogurt. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water - this will protect you from dehydration and, therefore, ride will be much more comfortable.

Lesson cycling experts recommend regularly. But not necessarily to pedal around the clock - to lose weight with the bike will help the novice 30-40-minute walk three times a week. A month later, to the weight loss process is not slowed down, the program can be complicated. Especially for this, we have made together with experts from several options by bike.

Interval training: this is an option for a long bike ride in the park. "easiest option exercise bike, which is particularly well suited to everyone - Riding with the change of the road when you alternate driving on rough and smooth road - said Ruslan Panov. - Going up the hill, you get the power load, which strengthens muscles, on a flat surface - aerobic, fat-burning. "

Begin training at medium speeds. This is the optimum load - not too strong, tiring, but also to develop the muscles. "While driving, you should feel the tension in the muscles, - said Ruslan Panov. - The most effective ride about 1.5 hours " . During this time, change the way every 5-10 minutes: so you do not have time to get tired or bored.

Short sprints: this mode cycling will help you not only lose weight, but also to develop endurance. For him to have to find the terrain difficult terrain - hills and hillocks. Engaged in the following way:

0-10-minute - Mash: move on a horizontal surface in the saddle.
10-12-minute - Increase load: uphill, standing on the pedals.

12-14-minute - reduce the load: sit in the saddle, back on a flat surface.

14 19 minutes - increase the load: sitting, fast pedaling 30 seconds and 30 - relax, repeat 4 times.

19-23-minute - move on a flat surface in the saddle.

23-26-minute - uphill.

26-30-minute - move on a flat surface, fast pedaling for 20 seconds and 40 - relax, repeat 3 times.

30 35 minutes - restore breath move on a horizontal surface in the saddle.

After the lesson be sure to do simple stretching - it will protect you from the pain in the muscles of the back and legs. Several slopes forward and side supplement two or three movements of our complex . And remember, the most effective exercise for weight loss is that brings you the most pleasure.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Not all gold that glitters

Childbirth is a natural conclusion pregnancy as a method for the continuation of the species, so every woman undoubtedly equipped with a set of instinctive behaviors, how to do it.

 However, because such equipment does not contain a warranty certificate that the process of Chile and live survived every mother and baby (without which modern're pregnant do not even imagines born), the official birth finds itself where such a guarantee is greatest. In the maternity ward .

Antediluvian Slovenia has so today, according to Europeristata one of the smallest of early neonatal mortality in Europe, at least caesareans and vacuum interventions , thanks to a little more

 section of the perineum as well as significantly less tears, causing difficulties in retaining gases and slurries, as in the countries' friendly natural childbirth '. The price of such warranty certificate is less spiritual medicine delivery , device-specific and professional staff who are responsible for (un) successful outcome.
Midwives and doctors therefore do not usually fall backwards with excitement when they trend of naturalness and primeval imbued pregnant women present their 'natural' birth plan within thirty points. If we're all honest, much of the natural man does not rest: he refreshes the air with chemical fragrances, a fresh cow's milk gets diarrhea, having a power outage no idea what would be distracted,

  and completely derail it, if forfeit 20 inches of snow. In this spirit, a significant primal birth customized pregnant women includes a nice room with soothing music player, ball, stool and other devices for giving birth, a comfortable sofa to her husband, who she gently massaging the perineum, and patiently staff to minimize interference with the technical proposals .

 Overloaded midwives and doctors while you just think its because they are too often witnesses to how the collision painful contractions philosophy obstetric plan shrinks to a single point 'Get it already adheres', a stateless' Give me the drugs! ".

Absolutely not stick to rumors that in our maternity wards completely incomprehensible to individual preferences, because the loud comments on the (un) kindness, not even in the country of one of the fourteen who had not been publicly praised and plentiful because of helpfulness and compassionate staff.

  This means that mothers perceive a very different situation. It is also true that some but sometimes encounter congested and therefore the human poor in the mood personnel make every exercise the full range of rights from insurance (while citizens are diligently looking for ways to manipulate the display of personal income paid to him as a small contribution ).

Frightened and dissatisfied pregnant women , therefore, have no choice but to await the establishment of obstetric center or at the option of giving birth at home, where they will probably soon dusty - because even the most natural approach in favor of midwives recognize that diploma equips them with the skills necessary for independent acquisition responsibility for safe delivery .