Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Treatment for anemia: how to treat iron deficiency

How to treat low iron?
In scientific terms, the anemia is characterized by a lack of iron in the human body, causing a decrease in red blood cells. But what does this mean in practice?

Why this is a disease that affects so many people today? How can we do to treat it, and the best, prevent it? The answers are simple and prepared a list below for you to understand everything about it, and may even recognize it before its installation marked in the body.
lack of iron

1 Coma, of course, foods rich in iron
As we have seen, it is the iron (or rather, lack thereof) responsible for the arrival of anemia. To do this, choose foods like parsley, beans and açaí. But do not stop there: if possible, merge these delicacies with other foods rich in vitamin C , like acerola, orange, grapes, http://nancynicon.likes.com/33285063

, apricot, rose apple and fig. Also, if you are finding this diet without a little color & grace, do not worry: using flour and milk enriched your special cake of the weekend will also serve as an element of combat anemia, due to its richness in iron. How about, then fill it up cake with fruits? Delicacy (for good!) Guaranteed.

lack of iron
2 Avoid foods that impair iron absorption
It may seem pretty obvious but that just is not: to avoid foods that impair iron absorption you leave your more prepared to precisely capture this substance more easily in other foods body.  

 Is perhaps a little difficult, but avoid: coffee, black tea, colas, chocolate , beer and alcoholic beverages in general. Also, avoid eating calcium-rich foods, as they compete absorption of iron in the body.
3 In early childhood, breast milk

That goes for anyone who has a baby in the family still lactating. Studies indicate that those who consume breast milk at this time are less affected by the so-called iron deficiency anemia, precisely this which we are skinning this post, caused by lack of iron in the body.    

So, whether you're responsible for this baby or a friend / close relative, recommend an intake of breast milk as a preventative measure in the long run.

Then realize the vital importance of the element iron in our body. He is, in fact, one of the most important pillars for our health, so abuse of foods rich in this substance and continue avoiding those that impair their complete absorption.


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