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6 people usually make you stressed at the end of the year

Feeling depressed, stressed in winter, especially in the last year were considered pathological and stems from the following reasons.Use stress of ginseng extract combined with vitamins and minerals 7 signs that your body is experiencing stress Stress: the risk of heart disease
1. Sedentary

Chilly air of winter makes us more sedentary. The research data shows that people may be feeling sluggish around climate impact. Our brain directs the body's muscles to relax. It was thus that in this period the maintenance schedule exercise becomes more difficult and you will feel the lack of motivation for going to the gym as usual.  http://www.bubblews.com/news/5221672-things-that-affect-the-daily-weigh-in

Lack of exercise will make you more susceptible to stress when faced with pressure from work and family life.

2. Lack of vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D is a common feature of many of the winter, not only the last day of the year. In winter, the sun becomes more scarce makes vitamin D synthesis under the skin also difficult. The problem is ominous, vitamin D is an essential vitamin helps us increase the resistance and avoid the symptoms of stress.

The deficiency of this vitamin makes the risk of stress, depression and even higher in the winter.
3. Worried about the financial

The last day is often associated with the festival. If young glad partying and gift, this is the time to compute adults spend the most. The need to pay the debt, the main goal should be spending, consumers are charged for late season really exploded cause stress in many families.

6 people usually make you stressed at the end of year 1

4. Lack of scientific Eating

The food in the winter, especially in the last five days have many party items are usually high in fat and carbohydrates for partying habits and food reserves at the end of the season. This habit along with the main concept of comfort eating in the festive season makes the body lacks the vitamins and minerals vital.

The lack of excess fat and make the stress hormone secreted more, leading to erratic emotions and ultimately feelings of sadness, irritability respect.

5. Having abandoned feeling

One of the underlying causes of stress and depression in the winter is feeling abandoned. Many studies have demonstrated that the more relatives and friends to travel in winter season as well as last year, the more you are at risk of high psychological stress felt abandoned.  


Therefore, experts advise if not psychologically conditioned reward yourself with a vacation last year, you can start a crash course to reduce the feeling of boredom .

6. Addressing backlog

The busiest time of the year always falls at the end of the year, as well as to the east. A lot of backlog to be addressed before the new year. This is the reason why many people are forced to work overtime, rest periods suddenly shrunk.  http://www.bubblews.com/news/5221844-necessary-good-for-yoga

Main massive workload required to complete in a short time is one of the leading causes of stress are you at this time.

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