Monday, 4 August 2014

Excessive eating sweet breast cancer alert eat sweet ten cons

Carbohydrate is more like a female friend of a taste, and this is applied to the taste of life in a variety of foods, cakes, juices, desserts, exquisite people defenseless, but eating sweets is not a good thing actually it? Here you will uncover the sweet tooth of the major problems, excessive eating sweets may cause various gynecological diseases, please sweet tooth beauty who must be careful and appropriate amount!
  The harmful effects of excessive eating sweet
  1, breast cancer

  Excessive intake of sweets women will promote the development of breast cancer, because a lot of intake of sweets, will increase the body's insulin secretion, and early breast cancer is in need of large amounts of insulin, which would promote the growth of breast cancer cells multiply .

  2, gallstones
  Women eating too many sweets will cause gallstones, because excess sugar will stimulate the secretion of insulin, causing bile cholesterol and bile acid metabolism disorders, prone to gallstones.
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Excessive eating sweet breast cancer alert eat sweet ten cons
  3, vaginitis
  Women will increase the risk of excessive intake of sweets vaginitis possible, it is because too much sugar intake will lead to high blood sugar and urine sugar, glycogen in the vagina will increase, the role of intestinal bacteria in the vagina The acidic environment will change, acidity increases,

  the growth of this acidic environment suitable for a large number of bacteria breeding opportunity to cause vaginitis.  4, fickle old
  Long-term excessive eating sweets, the body will become neutral or slightly acidic environment, an increase in free radicals, which will accelerate the aging of cells.

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