Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stress is only bad and can be harmful?

When we hear the word stress, in most cases some kind of unpleasant, negative things or events we think. However, Hans Selye, a Hungarian-born researcher in the world-famous, put it in terms of survival is necessary to stress. In fact, stress is nothing more than the body's response to the stimuli, situations which require adaptation. Such as heat, noise or even the strength of the crowd.

 But the underlying stress factors are not necessarily bad, threatening. Sometimes, because of the positive and unexpected events specifically similar tension in us. Think back to before the last date of our preparation for, or when a loved one have prepared a birthday surprise!

 Thus, without the stress of our lives would definitely boring. And specifically dealing with little if anything good happens to us. But these processes are an integral part of our lives.

However, differ significantly from each other in what situations we wake up they dangerous or tension. An even greater difference can be observed in how we react to these situations, that is how we cope with stress. Just look at how differently people behave in a supermarket cashier in the standing long queue! Some people quietly standing or talking, because any stress for no expectations.

 Others are a little tense, and with their feet "drumming" in big sigh or complain about their standing around. Still others will react even more strongly, and the cashier or quarreling loudly demanding a new cash register be opened. Ie other stressful situation, the other in a neutral or even positive

  events may be one person. In addition, if you wake up they both voltage is maintained at the situation, you can react to it very differently. In addition, we also differ in how stress intensity can tolerate without significant mental or physical impairment, that is how we are resistant.

However, it must be recognized that these mental and physical illnesses are mostly really depressing situations and distractions of everyday sense-called stress are caused. In themselves, however, these situations do not necessarily cause problems. This is partly dependent on how long it takes for that event. The existing short-term threat or negative events are less burdened by us,

 so you are less likely to experience physical and psychological symptoms. Far more damaging to our health, the persistent or recurrent stress situations again and again. It is worth to point out the relationship and work problems, given that most of them are a major source of stress.

Even these long standing stress situations can only pose a problem if you can not deal with them properly. In such cases, the physical and psychological symptoms reveal that something is wrong. The physical symptoms of the most common gastrointestinal and cardiovascular complaints

 . These include indigestion, stomach cramps, blood pressure fluctuation, frequent dizziness or palpitations. Among the psychological symptoms of fatigue, constant fatigue, sleep problems, restlessness, loss of appetite may appear.

In this case, it is essential to seek professional, organizational and personal because we can not continue to fight the stress-inducing situation in such cases. First, you should definitely consult a doctor to find out the cause of the complaint and, if necessary, to find the right treatment option.  

  In addition, it is advisable to visit a psychologist who can help you effectively coping with the specific problem of appropriate therapeutic methods or advice. So you can easily find the right solution for the specific situation, in fact, it is likely that a similar situation has been playing these coping.

In this case, however, it is true that all these troubles and inconveniences can be more practical to prevent, and not to wait for either physical or psychological symptoms cause stress.

 There are many ways kivédhetőek because the negative effects of stress. One of the best methods of regular exercise. Moderate exercise three times a week is a significant amount of tension to release, in addition to improving the health of our state as well. Specifically to reduce stress serves

  as a form of exercise like yoga, meditation or relaxation. It is also important and the right amount of restful sleep, a balanced lifestyle and to take the time to nurture relationships.

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