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Zumba: not boring fitness

Zumba - quite young, but a very popular trend in fitness. This dance fitness program under incendiary music combines hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, dance belly,

 as well as lunges and squats . Zumba will not only improve your figure, but also positive charge. Bored on this workout is simply impossible!

The name itself comes from the Zumba Colombian word meaning " to move quickly "or" buzzing like a bee. " As fans joke, McDonalds is known only in 120 countries, and Zumba dance in more than 140 countries. And such a dizzying "career» Zumba made ​​a little less than 20 years!

It all began in the 90s of last century, when Colombian fitness instructor Alberto Perez forgot the music for the home occupation. With him he had only wheels with salsa and merengue, and he had to improvise,

combining different styles and exercises. Lesson well liked his customers that Perez decided to make their own mix of different dances. In 2001 he moved to the United States and founded Zumba Fitness, which quickly gained popularity worldwide. Now fans of this program in the world more than 140 million people .

Hudey dancing

Of course, if the program Zumba was just another novelty in the world of fitness, it would not have received universal recognition. Zumba - a whole philosophy, direction, which teaches how to turn a boring

 workout in real pep party and lose weight to give a lot of pleasure. In addition, Zumba fans claim that it helps them to recover not only the physical, but also psychological form, become more liberated, confident.

Zumba: not boring fitness - photo 2
Training focuses on the elaboration of various muscles so that people do not feel the fatigue that comes from multiple repetitions of the same exercises at regular fitness training.

That's the charm and Zumba - an hour, seemingly fun and crazy dances, according to various sources, a person spends 400 to 800 calories. Moreover, in the classroom there is such an emotional lift and a rush of adrenalin that energy is spent much more training and she is a lot more efficient.
With someone to emulate

Zumba added popularity and big names stars who turned the program into your schedule. Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham , Halle Berry, Obama - all these women gladly joined the cheerful rhythm of Zumba.

"We women are used to take care of others. And do not forget about yourself. If once a week you can afford to go without the kids shopping, and then spend an hour a week for Zumba classes you can also quite. This is a great way to feel the music and stay in shape, "

- said in an interview, Jennifer Lopez. Zumba love and men - even world-renowned martial arts expert Jackie Chan was somehow captured on video during exercise.

Home or at the fitness center?

About what is Zumba in terms of professional tells Alina Karelson, fitness coach "Atrium":

«Zumba - kardioprogramma lovely , it is good in terms of emotional satisfaction and energy costs. But as a full body workout, I do not see it. This is a wonderful option practicing at home, you can at any time "pozazhigat" music, improve your mood. However, in the group it gets even better

- triggered moment of unity with other people, and the program begins to work out better and better. Looking at each other, they get an extra emotional recharge. When we observe how people behave in Zumba, it is a great feeling - sometimes girls arrange wild emotional dance.

  People relax, cool them, and returns more than if they were doing at home. Women love Zumba also because many training - not just an hour of calorie burning and muscle study, it should be combined with the emotional aspect, the joy of working in a group or an opportunity to communicate.

Often, even the girl-beginners who have never engaged in fitness on group lessons realize that they like the atmosphere in training, like an emotional lift, and they are gradually drawn and already can not imagine life without exercise . "

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