Thursday, 24 July 2014

Created a phone that will not allow too much to eat

According to the inventors, the new unit will facilitate the maintenance diet and will go on a healthy diet.

The Japanese company NTT Communication launched a new mobile phone , which will be indispensable for dieters. The device is able to instantly calculate the caloric content of any food.

The owner of this number is enough to take a picture with the dish, and the phone will calculate how many calories it contains.
 first recorded number plates on their hands. Or how people stormed carts with sausage. They simply pushed "behind the scenes" shop and started a dump. Remember rationed buyer tried to "grab" more pasta, and if you managed to take an extra two kilograms per card inscribed in mom and dad a child - it was bliss. I also remember that at some budget year our family has become so tenuous that we eat for weeks "dumplings" - meatballs of potato flour with salt, boiled, seasoned with soy sauce .

 All this was, I can not deny it. But those days are forever, I hope, left, and an assortment of products in stores changed. Of course, this is reflected in prices. But think about this. Saving on products you spoil your health and, as a consequence, their figure.
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I'm not saying that you need to eat pounds of caviar to be in shape. But once the heavy communist days are gone, is not it time to rethink their eating habits. Of course, make it difficult for one day, but gradually make small changes is quite real. Remember that the current addiction evolved over the years, so that there - for decades.
Recently my eyes came across an interesting information: a table called "Set of food for the main socio-demographic groups," and quite simply - minimum food basket for 2000. After examining her,

  I came to the indescribable horror. Following statistics, the average Russian woman aged 16 to 54 years old must do a certain amount of products. Performing calculations,

  I realized that every day you need to eat 340 grams of bread, 290 g potato, 20 g sugar, 30 g of oil, and it is not a complete list of hazards! But the share of vegetables, fruit, meat and cheese make respectively 200 g, 60 g, 70 g and 5 g!
You object that no one will refer to these data when drawing up its menu, because the table was compiled for the poorest. However, these are not taken from the ceiling. People accustomed to limit yourself to something that often can not change their thinking, even with a certain amount of money.

 We continue to stick bread dumplings, cook soups on fatty meat broth (to make it more filling), fry the potatoes in butter, mayonnaise and water dishes in large quantities.

I remember how one of my friends took a new au pair, complaining that she spends a bottle of vegetable oil per week for daily cooking dinner for three people!

 And my husband complains that I do not cook burgers, because they have too much meat! From childhood he used to, that they should be a large amount of bread.

Is it always will be, or you can change something today to shift their habits off the ground and begin to eat differently? I firmly believe that change will happen, if you want them to make. 

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