Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fitness: controversial rules

Stretching relaxes the muscles, so it is only useful after a workout. If you pull the muscles between sets - will decrease the efficiency of the muscles, "- authoritatively declare some regulars fitness centers. It seems that not argue with that. But things are not so simple.

 "In fact, you need to pull a muscle before and during the time , and after a workout, but it should be done differently. Before you start training at the gym after a short kardiorazminki predstretching needs
  light stretching, which will prepare the muscles for the main load, stimulate blood circulation, improve endurance and reduce the risk of injury. Movement should be easy, short and springy.

  During basic training makes sense to pull those muscles between sets, which participated in the work to improve the access of oxygen to them, but also stretching should not be prolonged.

  I sometimes see the girls in the hall long stretch between sets - this is wrong. Deep stretching, relaxing muscles need after a workout, " - says fitness coach Alina Karelson.

Do not have two hours after exercise to lose weight

Proponents of this radical approach say that the fat after weight training continued to "burn", no need to throw the body no other fuel. Yes, the weight you'll actually lose. But the problem is that "burn" will primarily muscle, so whatever you put in a room, you use it will bring.
"After weight training offers so-called anabolic window . This is a condition where you can significantly speed up the recovery process of muscle tissue. Energy reserves in the body at this time severely depleted, and eating immediately start the mechanism of muscle growth.

 During this period, even those who do interval training with a view to lose weight and not gain weight , you need a small portion of simple carbohydrates - such as an apple , and an hour and a half you can fully dine, eating protein and fat (chicken breast, fish or egg whites, and a portion vegetables), " - says fitness expert.

Do not eat after 18

The view that the best way to lose weight at home - do not eat after 18 extremely popular. By evening, the metabolism slows down, so abundant late meals can actually promote weight gain.

 Nevertheless, time-horizon, after which all that is eaten, unavoidably delayed on the waist and hips, does not exist. It all depends on when you go into the arms of Morpheus.

"This is nothing more than a stereotype. Yes, there once before bedtime is bad, the last meal should be 3-4 hours before the person goes to sleep. But if you are a "late riser" and go to sleep after midnight, of course, you will have time after 18 very hungry.

 As a result, begins to produce the stress hormone - cortisol, and the muscles will be destroyed. Lose muscle tissue in any case can not be - it will improve your appearance (body will look flabby),

  and the metabolism slows down. So that the rule "do not eat after 18" fit only for those who go to bed right after "Good night, kids!". Everything else you need to forget about him, " - confirms our expert.

Do not drink water during exercise

This is more than a controversial statement came to us with physical education in Soviet schools. Coaches of the old school, claiming to drink during exercise can not be a lot of supporters so far.
 Drunk water during training, they say, complicates the work of the heart, which is already experiencing high load. In addition, the "wake up" the kidneys and digestive system, reducing the overall efficiency.

  However, most fitness experts believe that drinking during exercise is not just possible, but necessary: ​​under extreme stresses the body loses through sweat plenty of fluids, and dehydration can cause serious harm to the body. "forbidden to drink during exercise can some coaches,

 preparing his players to compete, for example, fitness bikini . But this emergency measures that harm the body, breaking all processes.
 An ordinary person who trains for the benefit of their health and drinking is required. It must be clean water without gas at room temperature. Of course, poured a liter is not: drink slowly, in small sips. Before you start training a little too good to drink, " - adds a fitness trainer.

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