Friday, 25 July 2014

How to Choose the sweet watermelon?

Watermelons have already begun to fill the shelves in shops and markets. A good watermelon is very useful to both adults and children. He - a great base for

, best thirst quencher and just gives a lot of pleasure. However, unnatural fruit can bring a lot of problems, including severe poisoning. Therefore, we must be very careful to find the sweet, ripe and juicy treat for your table. Here are some tips that will help you in the difficult choice.

- Never buy watermelons "of the land" under the fruit must be flooring. The same applies to the dismantling roadside watermelon.

- Buy no watermelons in the markets and in stores - Council doubtful. And in fact, in both cases you can slip substandard skipjack.

- From slim watermelon series pick fruit is large, but not gigantic, and not the smallest. Small green, is likely to be just immature, and an unusually large size - a sign of "intensive production technologies."

  Best bidder for your table - large yet lightweight watermelon, he sang all.

- Dozrev, watermelon "detached" from the melon. It then ceases to have produced unwanted pigment chlorophyll, absorb sun light and provide food and development of plants in response to light yellowish spots appear. They - a sure sign that watermelon ripe.

- Remember the riddle: " Belly grows, dries and tail ... "? A sign of maturity - dry watermelon ponytail.

- Bright contrasting stripes on the jacket of watermelon - as a sign of maturity.

- Ripe watermelon simply not  fingernail. And all because of that "break" with the melon fields, watermelon do not absorb moisture, and its crust solidified. Well, if the nail easily within the watermelon skin - so it's not even peel and peel and fruit before you immature.

- Scratch and sniff watermelon - the smell of freshly cut grass, too, speaks of immaturity. Berry buggy.

- The "unnatural" watermelon cut surface glossy and smooth, and the "naturalization" - grainy.

- If ripe watermelon pat on his side, he will bounce sound must be ringing.

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