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Interval training: Weight Loss professionally

Savvy athletes and fitness theorists know that the pulse - a sure indicator of how effectively you work. Heart rate at 65-75% of maximum (it is defined by the formula "220 minus your age")

 is optimal for the body began to burn fat. However, the release of fat cells and their transition into the muscles occurs no earlier than 30 minutes after the beginning of the exercise, so the optimal time employment, taking into account warm-up and cool-down will be one hour. Usually lasts much aerobic exercise.

Interval training offers a different approach. Calculation of the pulse in the time of such employment begins from 85 and up to 95 percent of maximum. During this exercise, the body "burns" 90% carbohydrates, 10% fat and 1% protein. However , at maximum speed pulse can be engaged only in the presence of an experienced coach.

Also, there are differences in muscle work. Most often interval training is aimed at stimulation of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Let me remind you that the slow responsible for overall stamina, fast - for the ability to rapidly develop speed or lift heavy weight. Therefore sprinters 70-90% of muscle tissue is made up of fast twitch fibers, while the marathoners 70-90% - of slow.

Laws governing the construction of interval training
- Activity should start with a warm up. Warm up using jumps, swings and running in place. Remember that the "cold" muscles will not work well.

- The duration of the load - from 2 to 12 minutes. Do not hesitate to start small, and only then move on to more serious training.

- Duration of the resting phase is always equal to the duration of the load phase.

- But do not rejoice, pulse rate resting phase should be at least 40-50 percent of the maximum. This leisurely sit-ups or running. Just catch his breath on the bench will not succeed.

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- Do not run after records and did not increase the duration of the interval a heavy load for one lesson. Better to use the rule of ten percent - increase the load by ten percent per week.

- Cycles of exercise and rest in one workout repeated 5 to 10 times.

- Before you begin to engage in this system, you should consult with a cardiologist. And in case of sickness or pain in the heart, immediately stop training!

- Do not spend more than two interval workouts per week.

Following the basic principles of construction of interval training can be scheduled as cardio and power load. Interval training can be applied to any type of activity is: a running track , running in the street, walking, elliptical trainer, swimming, biking, etc. The possibilities are endless!


- Efficiency. Interval training is not for nothing are considered some of the most useful training. Body not only burns fat cells during the occupation, but also after it.

- Save time. Interval training suitable for those who do not have time to grade 4-5 classes per week and who wants to achieve the effect of "3 in 1". Studies show that interval training for 15 minutes three times a week can replace an hour on the treadmill the same three times a week.

- Will not be boring. During such sessions do not have to count the number of lifts lazily torso, gathering on the third and top ten in the break chatting with a girlfriend. Here have to work to wear, because high intensity - is, for example, 25 sit-ups in half a minute, then ten seconds of rest, then squats and stay again. And muscle escape the effect of habituation.

- Savings on clothing and equipment. Interval training - a new approach to old exercises. For it does not need any special hula-hoop or pylon, no special gloves. Only your desire for change and freedom.


With all the charm of interval training, I admit, they have three major shortcomings:

- Motivation. I will say from my own experience, interval training - it's hard. Body resists heavy load and wants to return to his native cardio. Without serious motivation for even interval training is not worth taking.

- Health. To participate in this system may not all. Untrained people or those with poor cardiovascular workout such contraindicated.

- Time. They are not suitable for regular classes. Interval training - it is rather basic training fitness SWAT weekly load than an ordinary girl. After several weeks of such sessions should be "rest" for 5-8 weeks, ie switch to your workout routine.

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