Friday, 11 July 2014

Noninvasive glucometer

Check your blood sugar levels in the near future it will be possible without puncturing the skin. Noninvasive glucometer is developing one of the Tomsk companies.

Funded the work of the Fund of the Russian Venture Company, which has allocated 21 million rubles Tomsk citizens. When innovative device will be released, it will be a breakthrough in the field of endocrinology and make life easier for the many millions of people with diabetes.

Unique device resident develops technical innovation zones, a company specializing in medical electronics. In order to make life easier for diabetics, young scientists decided to use an optical method and penetration of light.

Dmitry STARODUBTSEV, CEO: "We expect that this will be the earlobe. Will clip that will be attached to the lobe. On one side of the light will be supplied, on the other hand it will be removed.

  Thereafter, the light arrives at the receiver, where it is handled, subjected to mathematical treatment. We obtain quantitative data on the sugar content "

On the analysis will be less than 5 minutes away. While laboratory device instance looks clumsy blood substitute different solutions, ear - glucose solution. But if you look closely, the meaning becomes clear.

Yegor KOLMAKOV, an employee: "Here he is a laser diode, it acts on the object - glucose solution. Produces a signal that is processed filter. Instead cuvette will earlobe "

Laboratory tests have shown that the method is fairly accurate, its error - no more than 5%.

Olga Trepovs, reporter: "To measure the level of sugar in the blood by a conventional method to do a finger prick. In this case, no puncturing is not. There is another competitive advantage - cost of diagnosis "

In normal glucometer most expensive - it supplies. In a year it costs the use of at least 15 thousand rubles. When Tomsk development reaches the consumer, its value will be lower due to lack of supplies.

Such non-invasive blood glucose meters are now trying to develop scientists in the United States and Israel. But the finished product in the market. Tomic, hoping to beat the competition.

Toward the end of this year to begin clinical trials. And next summer, scientists expect to collect a sample of the first signal.

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