Friday, 25 July 2014

7 tips for slimming unexpected

The fact that a person is not able to control the amount of food consumed, when focused on something else - reading, watching TV, chatting and so on. brain simply can not, and does not want to perform these two tasks simultaneously. As a result, according to research Vansinka, watching TV during the time of food consumption significantly increases the time and, of course, the amount eaten. And you doom your stomach into overdrive, and the waist - for the extra inches.

Tip 2. Hide all edible. Over 20% of dieters people admitted that they begin to eat even when just see food that they like. The conclusion is simple: do not keep candy , fruit and cookies on tables and shelves, where they are always in sight. Many housewives love to decorate the kitchen with different vazonchikom some goodies, but, besides decorative, no other benefits it will bring. And kids if you have them, carry these sweets a lot easier.

Tip 3. Notice dishes. Low utensils for drinking - a continuous optical illusion. As well as deep, but the small plates. Tall, narrow glasses create the illusion of a larger volume of fluid than it actually is, and their broad counterparts - on the contrary, because of them that you drink a lot and do not realize that.

As for the dishes, people probably just not geared to thinking "deep." Studies show that in a pot, we usually can not adequately assess the extent of their portions, which means that if you eat something other than soup or gruel conventional flat plate - the best option.

Tip 4. Learn to eat with chopsticks . Another result of scientific observations: overweight and obesity are mostly eaten European appliances even in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. A thin people increasingly prefer sticks. It's harder, slower and less convenient for us, and that is why does not overeat as a spoon or a fork.

By the way, the brain takes about 20 minutes to get a signal that we are full; hence, the longer you will have the same dish, the more likely it will feel complete satiety to its end. If you are quickly gobbled up even excessive portion sizes, can not immediately realize that no longer hungry, and continue there.

Tip 5. Semifinished not eat . Do not buy those foods that can be eaten without cooking or with minimal effort (heated in a microwave oven, for example). The quicker to bring a dish to manageable condition, the more chances you have to turn into some full meals snack, you'll chew and chew, without even noticing it. Besides cooking process spends any time you could spend on food and calories, so it does not settle in the form of extra pounds.

Tip 6. Rearrange refrigerator . Employees of the trade for a long time know that the first thing sold out what lies on the upper shelves. Specifically, on the shelves that are at eye level for the buyer. Therefore, items that need to sell quickly, lay literally in our faces, and all sorts of candy and coloring books, for example, lower - where they see a child.

With refrigerator situation is similar. Look into it in search of "something to eat", you are likely to take something from the top shelf; if you can not find there - go below the eyes, then vegetable drawers, door and certainly least, maybe look in the freezer (if completely starved). Conclusion: The most harmful and caloric need to hide it there. If harmful products should always be stored at the top, push them away and cover some safe saucepan: As we already know, out of sight out of mind.

Tip 7. Buy good bulbs . Lighting quality - as well as the outside temperature - a significant impact on how much we eat. Proved that in bright light a person eats a lot less than with a muted dim lighting; and there in the dark theater can do forever.

With the temperature dependence such as: hotter than on the street, in the kitchen, restaurant, etc., the less our body needs energy to keep warm; the fewer we therefore eat. But note: if the increase is justified in the cold portions unnecessary energy costs, the dim light no calories, of course, does not spend. So it is in your interest to have, where you eat a good chandelier, and in cafes and restaurants on the opportunity to choose a window or on the sundeck.

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