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5 myths about healthy food

You see a gopher? - No. - And we're not. And he is! "Also the case with our meals. Buy products in the shop for dinner, choose all the most useful, without the "E-nis" and other elements of the periodic table, diligently consider calories , and then read on the Internet that store apples in wax, milk is not kisnet because entirely preservatives meat is impossible - mutiruesh, water to drink can not - become a kid. Understand this stream of consciousness sometimes very hard even dietitian specialist.

But the author Ledi
Mail.ru Alexander Trifonov coped with this task. So, on the agenda of the myths and legends associated with nutrition. 5 myths about healthy food The first myth. Bread - worst enemy figures See also: 9 most dangerous breakfast 5 easiest diets 10 habits that prevent us from losing weight 7 principles of good dinner

 Weight Loss eat: eat than 150 calories? In fact: the truth - but only partly. In blacklists worth bring white bread. Studies have shown that white bread of more than two-fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women. Baton and white baguettes absolutely no B vitamins, vitamin E and PP,

 as well as a serious shortage on selenium, which protects us from cancer all utility go during grinding grain. People who eat white bread daily for several pieces, more than others at risk of kidney cancer.

 Oil in the fire and pour yeast insidious: getting into our body, they multiply rapidly and suppress the normal flora that will surely only benefit the bacteria. With each new white bun we increase the chances amass problems with the pancreas, liver and intestines. Any indigestion, constipation,

 to buy bread useful: for example, sprouted grains (rye, wheat) - it is well absorbed by the body, protects against cancer and diabetes. Previously considered waste bran flour production, and now bran bread recognized physicians most useful. In coarse grain contains essential vitamins B and E and minerals, as well as vegetable fiber, useful for bowel. Myth two: alcohol - it's poison In fact:

 if you decide to lose weight, then yes - it is necessary to surrender not only cracklings, but also from goblets. Because alcohol increases appetite. And in liqueurs, dessert wines and soft drinks also contain a lot of sugar. But this particular. In general, alcohol in small doses very comme il faut.  

American obstetricians, for example, do not mind that pregnant women drink daily glass of dry red wine (assuming that the first one is not followed by a second!). Red wine useful to use to improve metabolism, salt metabolism,

 you should take note of losing weight. Moderate consumption of wine strengthens arteries, lowers blood cholesterol and is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases. French, for example, like to appeal to all known data of the table hudeyuschego doctor Eylo whereby light white wine and champagne strengthen the heart muscle; hot red wine helps with bronchitis; small portions of port, Madeira, sherry - great help with loss of strength, and cold champagne facilitate state upon vomiting. But remember: alcohol and alcohol is not recommended if you have problems with the skin, as well as people who are prone to allergic reactions. Myth Three: raw vegetables - the most useful In fact: do raw foodists rule.

They get maximum fiber, useful for digestion and a whole list of vitamins and minerals to boot. But there are nuances. For example, in fresh spinach, sorrel and rhubarb contain acids that interfere with absorption of calcium. As a result - can form kidney stones. Fiber raw carrot prevents absorb vitamin A - so this orange vegetable is better to cook, rub on a grater and eat a small amount of vegetable oil. Zucchini,

carrots, cabbage, turnips, peppers, beets and cucumbers even better not to drink allergies and lady's finger, as well as people suffering from pancreatitis, pancreatic diseases, gall bladder and colitis. Myth Four: eggs - is a continuous cholesterol In fact: generally egg has always been a useful product.

But in the XXI century ponabezhalo many scientists with their research, resulting in egg accused in excess cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis. Cholesterol in the yolk really is. But that is no reason at all to deny from eggs in which a storehouse of vitamins A, E, D, B 3 , B 12 , selenium and magnesium.

 Just hand over the analysis on cholesterol and, if everything is normal, safely eat up to 5 eggs a week. If elevated cholesterol, reduce the dose to two egg yolks and four proteins. The smaller the heat treatment, the more useful the egg, so the best option - a soft boiled egg (or egg white is better absorbed). If you are a grandmother in a village and are confident in local products, you can use raw eggs.  


 But with so shop the best not to experiment. Myth five: meat - "dead" junk food In fact: the argument from a staunch vegetarian sounds like: a poor cow for years stood in the stall deep in mud, forage fed with chemicals, and then it led to the slaughterhouse, where the poor animal to stand in line for death, feeling and absorbing the suffering of their tribeswoman

 Did you climb after such a lump in the throat? However, most physicians steadfast meat contains the necessary body proteins and amino acids (amino acid composition of meat proteins correspond to the structure of the human body to digest and contrary to many stereotypes is quite normal).

 In a lot of meat vitamins A and D (although they survived to better prepare meat for a couple and not put the chops). WHO both hands on the meat: a strict vegan (and even vegans do not eat eggs!) Experts rank to mental illness. However, life is possible without meat proteins can be produced from soy, fish, eggs, legumes and dairy products. And for those who can not no meat at all, recommend fish as an alternative.

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