Friday, 25 July 2014

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight fast?

Usually the morning is not good, and at this time of the day did not want to do anything. Even there. Many drink only coffee. Many women even like it - at least calories without the fight against hunger.

 This is a mistake, this food helps to accumulate extra pounds increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2 and heart disease. More "hungry" breakfast upsets the whole metabolism slows and the brain. But the rich, protein-rich and well-off carbohydrates and fats helps to lose weight . And this is not fiction fashion nutritionists and scientific facts.

Even if there is no appetite in the morning, the body still craves protein and carbohydrates to give the body energy and strength. And we need that energy was the LP. Requires no fast-burning sugar and slow carbohydrates that are absorbed with difficulty. They feed off the energy furnace long and qualitatively.

 They can be found not in the ladle, which is so loved for breakfast, and not in the usual bread, which uses the most, and bread made ​​of flour , meal, in buckwheat, oatmeal (not the rice) and only in breakfast cereals, in that do not add sugar.

For many traditional bread and butter for breakfast - it's okay, but not necessarily more important than the morning is not fat, and proteins. This is a mandatory supplement to the right carbohydrates.

 Best proteins in eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, milk and meat products (sausages always worse ham, ham, bacon and other meat whole). All this is well combined with cereals, even if they seem redundant morning meal. That proteins create long satiety. Thanks to them, lunch does not start very early and, most importantly, does not stop overeating. Research shows that people who skip breakfast, lunch and dinner
 are often very abundant. We have breakfast as usual during the day there is no such brutal appetite, as those who have not had breakfast. It is interesting that attempts to move a hearty breakfast at a different time of the day did not reduce excessive consumption of calories. Ie breakfast indispensable and useful gluttony is only possible in the morning.

On a diet is better to eat breakfast almost half of all daily calories. Was a very interesting experiment involving overweight women. They were put on two different diets. The first is very tough, women received just 1,085 calories, about a quarter of them (290 kcal) could be eaten for breakfast. The second one was softer, it contained 1240 kcal, and of them half eaten for breakfast (610 kcal).

  At the beginning of the experiment on the strict diet women won by a narrow margin. But then again they scored more than 8 kg, previously lost, ending the test weight loss with a very modest result - minus 4.3 kg. But the second group of women strengthened success and by the end of 32 weeks of tests dropped

 18.1 kg! That is more than 4 times as much, and it's more nourishing and therefore easier to perform diet. All this underlines the particular importance of a dense and hearty breakfast throughout life - it helps maintain normal weight.

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