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How to lose weight with the bike: important rules

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In the West have long noticed that the bike helps to lose weight faster than most other simulators, and even created a special program for fitness clubs: cycling and spininng. Fashion on bicycle training and got to us:

such classes can be found in many gyms. And you can not look - with the right approach will become slim and regular bicycle ride. Why?

First, it is very energy-intensive: half an hour of cycling at a moderate pace we burn about 250 calories. And if during the walks and even abandon or a piece of chocolate cake, the amount you can save 500-600 calories - three such days a week will help to quickly get rid of all the excess.
Second, it helps to make a quick relief and strengthen the calf muscles of the legs: it is this musculature is actively involved in the work, as we pedaled. With the bike can pump and upper body - after all, "trainer", first you need to get out of the apartment and put on the street.

Third, improve mood cycling and contribute to achieving happiness hormones - endorphins : and with them, as we know, does not want to "jam" stress something sweetly.

Add here and benefit the cardiovascular system, speed up the metabolism and reduce the load on the joints - and get a universal simulator.

Choose the "shell" and uniforms

Buying a "trainer" , guided by your goals. If you want a quiet, peaceful ride through the park, choose a city bike or cruiser. It is comfortable, stable and easy to handle. If you want not just a pretty urban transport, but a real street simulator approach to buying must be serious. "For training best suited to hybrid, - said Ruslan Panov, Coordinator of Federal saykl fitness clubs «X-FIT». - This bike will pass and on flat roads and over rough terrain, it thin wheels, a lot of speed and good suspension. "

If you are going to pedal at least half an hour (and about as much and you need to start the process of fat burning), dress as comfortable as possible. "It is desirable that shoes are well fixed to the leg and had thick soles. Make sure to keep the foot firmly standing on the pedals, " - said Ruslan Panov. If you ride a bike for a long time or not very confident in their abilities, and secure the following: wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and "gloves" on the wrist.

How to lose weight with the bike: important rules - photo 2
Lose Weight with the bike: important rules
Experts recommend not to gorge before cycling, but also on an empty stomach should not ride too. Ideal option: an hour and a half before classes eat something protein, for example, a portion of yogurt. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water - this will protect you from dehydration and, therefore, ride will be much more comfortable.

Lesson cycling experts recommend regularly. But not necessarily to pedal around the clock - to lose weight with the bike will help the novice 30-40-minute walk three times a week. A month later, to the weight loss process is not slowed down, the program can be complicated. Especially for this, we have made together with experts from several options by bike.

Interval training: this is an option for a long bike ride in the park. "easiest option exercise bike, which is particularly well suited to everyone - Riding with the change of the road when you alternate driving on rough and smooth road - said Ruslan Panov. - Going up the hill, you get the power load, which strengthens muscles, on a flat surface - aerobic, fat-burning. "

Begin training at medium speeds. This is the optimum load - not too strong, tiring, but also to develop the muscles. "While driving, you should feel the tension in the muscles, - said Ruslan Panov. - The most effective ride about 1.5 hours " . During this time, change the way every 5-10 minutes: so you do not have time to get tired or bored.

Short sprints: this mode cycling will help you not only lose weight, but also to develop endurance. For him to have to find the terrain difficult terrain - hills and hillocks. Engaged in the following way:

0-10-minute - Mash: move on a horizontal surface in the saddle.
10-12-minute - Increase load: uphill, standing on the pedals.

12-14-minute - reduce the load: sit in the saddle, back on a flat surface.

14 19 minutes - increase the load: sitting, fast pedaling 30 seconds and 30 - relax, repeat 4 times.

19-23-minute - move on a flat surface in the saddle.

23-26-minute - uphill.

26-30-minute - move on a flat surface, fast pedaling for 20 seconds and 40 - relax, repeat 3 times.

30 35 minutes - restore breath move on a horizontal surface in the saddle.

After the lesson be sure to do simple stretching - it will protect you from the pain in the muscles of the back and legs. Several slopes forward and side supplement two or three movements of our complex . And remember, the most effective exercise for weight loss is that brings you the most pleasure.

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