Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Linc at any price

Complications with harmful consequences for the patient are nothing outrageous - according to the European Commission's happening in every ten medical procedure in the European Union.

Embarrassing statistics consists of several causes, but the so-called medical error that is professionally qualified as a "violation of the generally recognized rules of treatment due to a lack of due care or precaution"

, aka as "Doc has no idea" represents a small part. The larger part is called the complication that primarily occurs despite the fact that the doctor leading the process with due diligence  

, taking into account all the principles of good practice. Source of danger is not only in treatment but rather in their own disease and uniqueness of each diseased body as annoying to have to hear. In the second row complications result in poorly organized health care system , in which health professionals do advise, but our policy has butter in my ears ... and more.

This does not mean that mistakes can be overlooked. Their number could likely be decreased if they were doctors consistently and publicly confessed, in order to allow analysis and creation of conditions which would not be repeated. Of course, the medical guild is not thrilled about this, and this for a reason, because recognition errors in the Balkan mentality interpreted as inability, to which must necessarily be followed by withdrawal of the license . Immediately!

This is a vivid example of Novo Mesto show pathologist who is unhappy mixed test results so that the hospital finally removed a healthy heart. And he admitted it affected the hospital has even personally apologized, which is actually a pleasant novelty.

And then we read that this otherwise beautiful and she got compensation ... but it will not be reimbursed stomach or offset physical and mental pain - the doctor still works, how to?!

Although the error was administrative and not technical in nature, he found himself in exactly the same manure as a doctor in the case Nekrep, who did not recognize anything. Really encouraging inspiration to other colleagues

Otherwise, the abstraction licensing long-term detrimental especially for the people. A single mistake does not mean that "Doc general have no idea." Doctor is not the Minister, by following the resignation may be replaced by anyone who knows anything, if not in my portfolio. doctor can only be replaced by another physician , that a man who after finishing high school, went to school

 for 12 years to even be able to independently work, and that because of new medical knowledge on a regular basis until the end of life improves. These, however, thanks to the misguided assessment of health policy in the 90s, when we are chronically short supply.

If linĨamo anyone who has ever made ​​a mistake, the meager remainder so overloaded that errors occur more frequently. And when we get out of the way last doctor will be in the land finally prevailed health

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