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Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week

 It may seem too thin, that to lose weight easily. In fact, the golden rule of "eat less, more move "does not always works, and reasons why it happens, can be set so that the experts do not understand without.

 That is why we started a new special - "Lose Weight with" Lady ", which we hope will inspire many feats.

More information about the menu girls you can read here . And today, you know, so the first heroine managed to not gain weight on vacation, as the second heroine experienced the pressotherapy, and what a
Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week

Upon returning from vacation, I thought that my weight has increased dramatically. Imagine the surprise when at the doctor's nutritionist told me that it took 400 grams of fat!

As I wrote previously, in Thailand 100% failed to comply with the diet, but I tried to stick to its maximum, however , the weight of the portion was more than my usual. Favored fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates strictly to 18 hours, three-four-hour intervals between meals

, dinner for three hours before bedtime, and of course plenty of water. Apparently, all these simple rules and helped me not to get better!

Morning after returning home immediately started correctly: an egg, a slice of bread with cheese, some vegetables, tea and, of course, walk with your favorite dogs!

In my fridge now always stored frozen vegetables and fish - if you do not have time to stop in the store for fresh food, always have stock. It was his and I left before leaving

, knowing that you will need. Half an hour - and ready for lunch and dinner a few days ahead to catch and acclimate to purchase everything you need. And when I have time, I usually experiment with dishes, try to cook something new.

I more and more like my new lifestyle. I always know what I eat and how much, and yet I am able to save not only time but also money, while eating healthy and healthy foods!

 My nutritionist is not just support me and inspires new feats (I first arrived from leave without new clothes size!), But also sends recommendations recipes, after a long break I again started to play sports, all thanks to her advice! It will be very sad when the project ends ...

Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week - photo 2

Very little is left to the first turning point numbers -10 kilograms. I so wanted to see the numbers on the scale desired in the early weeks, but the body has again decided on his own - again five days the weight was on the spot, and then two days flew 800 grams.

 Of course, much more interesting to observe stable results every day, but there is no way, the main thing that I was doing something right. May affect the body so the changed fiznagruzki. Volumes also go down, and finally began to diminish waist and hips.

This week I experienced the pressotherapy. This electric current is much nicer! The whole body below the chest is wrapped in a suit inflates gradually suit different areas filled with compressed air and turns feet, knees, hips, abdomen, stimulating blood circulation. To good hand massage is true, nedotyagivaet, but a feeling of lightness in the legs strongly increases.

On nutrition all turns out okay, I decided not to harass a chicken breasts and still gather additionally lack of protein curd and yogurt. Tips readers about separation of fruits and milk also took note of, well, my norm until carbohydrates - stogrammovye bag of cereal in the morning.

 With fat-containing products is not too scary: the maximum daily permissible to eat 50 grams of fat, but I'm not even that figure dohozhu despite not the dietary meat or fish, cheese and milk. Meat reason I have eaten well in the morning, fruit gradually shifted to the middle of the day, and evening milk remains.
At the beginning of the experiment, I was very afraid that will never be able to lose weight, that evil genes, bad heredity, poor metabolism, body memory, aliens and solar flares will force me to keep the weight off, but now coveted 65 kilograms seem to me a very real purpose.

  In my environment there are people who have already passed the same way of losing weight, they become much angrier and more critical to the food to the people, some even offering to buy banana scary - for them it would be an insult.

  I hope I will not have this fear or anger to food, which strongly manifested in the early weeks, and I can be adequate for a society.

3 heroine. Julia, 22 years old, height - 174 cm, weight (up to) - 101 kg. Observed in the clinic "weight factor". Slimmed down to a total of 6 kg.

Lose Weight with "Lady": the seventh week - photo 3

After returning from vacation, I found that the weight has shifted almost nowhere, ranges of which I was gone, he is firmly entrenched and standing in one place. On the one hand, it is good that he is not crawled up, and on the other - I was very active, I drank a lot of water and moved, ate only authorized products, although there was a sea of ​​temptations in the form of sweets, ice cream and other attributes of the rest.

Since most cooking does not go, I could not tell whether the food is cooked without adding extra oils - minus, of course, because the oil can not eat more than normal, and it was impossible to control.

Generally noticed that the best weight goes in the first week after the cycle, the water is not retained, and the most effective fasting days. Result after the discharge of the day I have not manifested the next day and the next day. So I plan to continue to arrange fasting day once a week,

  and my hope is what nutritionist and advised the meeting after my trip. But here's what else happened: Somehow, I do not know how, did not have time to track down,

I went to two meals a day, which clearly does not help in dropping weight in my main error in these one and a half weeks - is the conclusion that we have a nutritionist. So again rebuilt the entire diet, and now it is again pyatirazovoe, every 3.5 hours.

Let's see what happens, but I very much hope that it will work. I still could not find for themselves the very diet that gives stable and smooth weight loss - over this and will run until the end of the project after its completion to stick to the plan and further reduce weight.

The following Monday, read about how the girl for himself summed up the first results of the experiment. And, of course, remember that there  food diary  and  calculator for counting calories  - for those who inspired to lose weight with our heroines.

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