Friday, 25 July 2014

What products can not be mixed?

Cooking - the science is thin, almost as pharmaceuticals. The difference is that the drugs we do not confuse the matter and trust specialists, but in cooking have to rely only on themselves ...

Meanwhile, the simplest knowledge of chemistry and medicine would be useful to any responsible cook. So what ingredients should not mix?

Cutlets - with olive oil

Watching advertising, many housewives rushed substitute sunflower oil for olive oil, because the latter, they say, does not contain cholesterol, but on the contrary, it helps to reduce the level. Let's start with the fact that no one vegetable oil contain cholesterol can not in principle. As for the beneficial properties of olive, they "die" as soon as the miracle oil gets into the pan. Therefore it is not

pic.427024.3.329x237.jpgspend money for nothing and just add the olive oil in salads. And the best burgers in general steam thoroughly or bake in the oven, as when frying in oil form carcinogens.
Rye bread - with coffee

Sandwich on rye bread or whole grain loaf - great breakfast, rich in vitamins and minerals. And a cup of coffee is full of antioxidants that protect us from cancer and premature aging. Trouble one caffeine prevents the absorption of many nutrients, which means that all your efforts will go down the drain to eat properly.

Alcohol - Coke

Even tracking your figure ladies sometimes allow themselves to miss "the small." But at the same time do not forget to count calories - and diluted spirits Diet Coke, soda, etc.
From the perspective of weight loss, it may be true, but that's like "Desugared" soda very quickly absorbed in the intestine and is passed as quickly there alcohol. As a result, the number of ppm in your blood - is significantly higher than if you drank sweet cocktail; ie intoxicated you stronger, and the hangover will certainly tougher.

Peanuts - with beer

This bean (peanuts and refers specifically to the legume family and not to the nuts) combines a large amount of vitamins: D, E, PP and group B, and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron. But alcohol most of these nutrients breaks, so if you are used to consume peanuts just as beer snacks - wean.

Kiwi - with milk and yoghurt

It would seem that this tropical fruit will be an excellent addition to muesli, porridge, milkshakes or yogurt. Often kiwi slices and used to decorate cakes, so why not put it on top of the butter cream? 

The answer is simple: because the very nature made these culinary combinations impossible. The fact that the kiwi contained special enzyme which under the influence of milk protein ... decomposes and becomes very bitter. No harm from this, but the dish is, of course, is hopelessly flawed.

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