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Fitness instruction: Callanetics

Exercise 1. Before starting a workout is best to warm up muscles with slow squats. Starting position: stand straight, stretched out at attention. Hands raise up. At the same time all the muscles maximally stretched. This is the essence Callanetics - even in the preparatory position of the entire body must work in full force. Bend your legs at the knees and drop the hands down. Squat stretch five accounts.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics
Linger at the bottom for 20 seconds. This time interval is negligible for Callanetics, but it is only warming up.

Exercise 2 . Take the chair (also suitable folding chair, sofa, or even a table), rely on his hands. Right leg slightly bent at the knee, and slowly raise allot ago. Linger in this position and count to thirty. Now this same leg moves forward, remove your hands from the chair and translate body slightly back. Another 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.  

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 2
Exercise 3. Performed on the floor. Sit on the leg bent at the knee. The second elongated side. Hands abut the floor . Raise a straight leg 25-30 degrees from the floor. Linger for 10 seconds, and then do 30-40 small springy lifts the same leg, without touching the floor.
Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 3
Exercise 4. logical continuation of the previous exercise. Change leg, turn the body forward so that the rear leg was straightened. Rely on the hands and slowly raise a foot off the floor. Hold still for 10 seconds, then do 30-40 springy strides.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 4
Exercise 5. went on all fours, take a deep breath and one foot very slowly ascending, put aside. It does not have to be straight - even better if it is bent at the knee. Linger in this position for 30 seconds. All muscles, including the gluteus and press tense.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 5
Now you should change the leg to do the same on the right / left, and then change the "working" side. Only this time, do not hold your foot in the air and do a very slow 10 lifts per side. By the way, here you can experiment: for example, does not lift his leg up / down, and move it back and forth. Most importantly, do it very, very slowly and smoothly.

Waist and press

Exercise 1 . ultranovyh No exercises aimed at trying to make himself waist and pump up the press in callanetics not. Rediscover slopes housing should be performed again in slow motion, stretching and trying prochuvstvuvovat every muscle. After 30-40 tilted body tilt forward. Hands just pull ahead. Back straight, stomach in and tense. Legs (for stability) can be put crosswise and bend slightly at the waist. From this position, start very slow rotation of the torso. Think about eternity, space or about Estonia - about anything, if only the lower part of the body - that is, with your feet hip - remained motionless.
Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 6
Do 10 "circles" on one side, and 10 - in another. In conclusion, exercise, relax, trying to reach his fingers to the floor.

Exercise 2. Performed on the floor and puts great strain on the knee. So do not hesitate to use knee pads or special pad (in extreme cases - several times folded towel). Become on one knee, the other leg is put aside. Begin gradually stretch to the foot. Freezes in this position for 30 seconds, then start to wiggle, trying to bend even lower.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 7
Exercise 3 . Lie on the floor with your legs bent. We raise them off the floor. Now the body are drawn up and slightly forward. Hands with extended straight in front of him. When you reach the most comfortable position, if it is possible in this case, stay "upstairs." Start counting: one, two, three, ..., fifty. Or at least thirty.

Fitness instruction: Callanetics - photo 8
In conclusion, this complex can execute this "incentive" exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. All muscles are tense. Hugged herself as if you want a hug.
 Need to feel your abdominal muscles, chest and arms. Wait in this position for 60 seconds, then move your hands behind your back at the castle and the maximum "stretch yourself" up. Another minute - and all! Now do not forget to perform the above exercises regularly, or just "dilute" their training in their home for a week.

It is important to remember:

- Given that callanetics really fast helps bring the body and muscles in order, it has a number of contraindications. Lesson by Callan Pinckney system can not be those who have bad eyesight, increased pressure, weak vessels and asthma.

- If any of the above exercises, you will feel headache, sharp rush of blood or pressure on the eye - stop exercising immediately.

- You should never torture yourself: if you can not keep your foot or body in limbo cherished 60 seconds, relax a little bit earlier. Over time, doing the exercises will become much easier 

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