Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Americans throw away almost half of the food

Despite the ongoing financial crisis and the rise in food prices in the U.S., as if nothing had happened, emit huge amounts of quality food. According to rough estimates of the Council on the protection of natural resources, about 40% of the products are sent to the trash. The average American emits about 10 times more food than a resident of Southeast Asia.  http://termlinking.biz/News/melanie-addington-scam-or-not/

Causes wasteful attitude to food in the United States a few. First, high quality standards forced shops to get rid of unsold goods. Fruits, vegetables, baked goods and other products are not the first, and, say, the second freshness can not be disposed of, and ruthlessly sent to the garbage cans.  

  Second, large product losses occur already in the homes of Americans. Habit to fill the refrigerator with food in store and forget about them typical of many U.S. citizens. 

  In addition, Americans are afraid to use products with expired shelf life, even if it took only a few days, and the product is not classified as

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