Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pain should not be underestimated

All of us has ever been hurt and it's certainly not a pleasant experience to hit the earth, toasted us suffer from headache or back pain. The pain can come and go, but may also remain, which is the main feature of chronic pain, which is a common accompaniment of aging.

 According to some data, half of the elderly suffer from constant pain, and the Slovenian Association for the treatment of pain highlight the need for its effective lightening.

Pain is difficult to define or measure, it is a feeling of individuals, which can range from mild discomfort to unbearable and painful sensations. Most often caused by irritation of specific sensory nerves after injury or illness from which the information is transferred to the brain, where it is actually detected.   

 The stimuli for pain may be pressure, heat, chemical release of the substance (in the case of diseases of the cells). The origin of the pain can also be a psychological, and even though there is no actual tissue damage, pain, however, present, and (at least) the same grave.

Perception of pain varies from individual to individual, is marked by historical experience, current emotional and mental state and welfare. The body is an unpleasant stimulus may also react reflexively, arm, for

example, immediately move to a hot flame, or even changes in blood pressure. May therefore be useful - points to stop with an activity that does not lead to injury.


 Otherwise, the chronic pain accompanying cancer, osteoarthritis, and other. In these cases, it is difficult to discover what the true meaning of pain, and justify the fact that many elderly patients still do not receive enough drugs to facilitate pain.
Silent suffering

pain in the elderlyPain in the elderly often lack respected and treated. All too understood as part of the aging process, although it could be otherwise, because we have enough knowledge. Older people are also less pain in relation to complain.


While younger people are usually at the same time exposed to only one or two sources and pain, such as headaches and sports-related injury, it occurs in older persistent pain of different origins, their pain-burden is therefore much larger, and treatment more challenging.

Association for pain management estimates that chronic pain is a public health problem, which is lack of awareness. On the perception of pain in the elderly is also affected by the termination of service, loss of partner and friends exodus of children, loss of independence, depression, poor sleep, poor nutrition and movement restrictions. In addition, pain in the elderly much more than that you yourself acknowledge or express - all too often suffer in silence.

The most common causes of chronic pain
- Cancerous diseases

- osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease of the joints and associated structures
- shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia)

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