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There are many types of yoga. What's the real yoga?
"The goal jogičkih practice is to raise the level of your life, that the vehicle of your spiritual development in first gear. Then you can go into second gear, perhaps in the third, and then, after the initial climb, but you can safely cruise the hills.

This is not typical of most secular people who just fall down the cliff hills not knowing how to stop thinking that happiness is somewhere below that awaits them.

 They are going straight down the hill, faster and faster in many accidents such as cancer, AIDS, high blood pressure, heart disease. Soon it becomes too late for them and they experience a breakdown. Although it is a path of least resistance, please, do not fall. We will show you a different way.

way is lighted, he was beaten by Hata Yoga Pradipika e, an ancient text that yogis used to gain power through which you can climb to the top. Way paved the enlightened teachers who were appointed by the big things: Macjendranat, his pupil Gorakšanat and others, which is fourteen.

  Pradipika is one of the oldest debates (scriptures) of hata yoga; all of today's books on yoga are based on that discussion. This is a pivotal time. What all we can do is only to spread it out and offer a variety of interpretations. "

Hata Yoga pradikpika a collection of classic texts on advanced exercises hata yoga (Kundalini yoga). Compiled by them in the 17th century Himalayan yogi Svatmarama.

 Book is intended for those who wish to to practice the advanced stages of hata yoga which gradually change in kundalini yoga. purpose of the exercise was exposed

 To through spiritual practice starts sakti (kundalini energy) from its dormant or stationary states in a dynamic situation.

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