Thursday, 4 September 2014

Re Books On Yoga

The Council is obsessed with fighting aging so anti-aging programs bring huge profits: anti aging fitness, anti-aging super foods and nutritional supplements

Anti-aging cosmetics, aesthetic surgery, bioidentični hormones ... For thousands of years it is in the hands and feet everyman free tool to enhance the youthful body,

Calmness of the soul and the spirit of creativity - yoga. The book Hormonal and yoga courses this important energy ...odpri


Alenka Košorok Humar is the anatomy of movement (yoga, pilates, dance) and Kinesiology words (amateur also writes and plays with words) has been working for over thirty years. Red thread and lead it has always been the center of interest and depth of movement and words

 . He is a teacher of hatha yoga with an additional diploma holders from hormonal Yoga (Yoga Hormone Therapy) at the famous Brazilian professor Dinah Rodrigues. It also has a Diploma in Reflexology. ...odpri

I had a great and wonderful opportunity of a lifetime that I realized renowned Brazilian teacher Dinah Rodrigues, who has developed a method of hormone yoga

 Therapy, which has been working for about twenty years (Hormone Yoga or Yoga Therapy Hormone), also on a scientific level. A few years ago

I read about it in a German magazine. I first visited her initial course in Paris (June 2009, Rasa Yoga Center, Paris) and then me ...odpri

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