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Ayurvedic Health Care And Medical Procedures

Ayurvedic health care and healing processes
of the ancient Vedic tradition, every man can be found in the core of perfect health. The overall teachings of Ayurveda show the way in which we can reach peace and quiet of this place.

Below we can recognize various options to restore the balance. The home can be carried out can be done without undue fatigue without practice divided into two parts.   

1: Purification 2: Regeneration first Cleaning every other activity is a prerequisite to detoxify the body and remove waste products. Therefore, we propose a 10-day course that helps ama, ie the removal of toxins and metabolic products. Key elements of this therapy light meals and improve digestion.

Ama-Home Therapy: Nutritional requirements: morning after getting up to drink a glass of warm boiled water with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

 Breakfast may be omitted if hungry balanced prítós bread. lunch: noon light, warm rich food drink. Listen to live well, but avoid too belakjon. dinner: It is best if you skipped the dinner.

  In case of severe hunger, like the breakfast, freshly squeezed juices or rice and vegetable soup consumption recommend. should dine between 18 and 19 hours. strictly avoided during the course of treatment: the fried, fatty,  http://johnbarban.iconosites.com/

Acidic foods, raw food, raw cereal grains made ​​from cereals, fish , pork and beef, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt. Recommended foods: white (basmati) rice, leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, fresh salads, vegetables and grain soups. Massages: To get your body rid of it accumulated slag and toxins Ayurveda recommends regular massage. The invigorating massage and a balanced effect

 Good effects on the body, the spirit and the soul. Oily massage: rub the use of good quality, cold-pressed sesame oil. The oil slowly heat up to 110 degrees.   http://venusfactor.inube.com/blog/3969038/surprising-reasons-why-you-overeat/

  To monitor the temperature, use a thermometer. Oil lingers in my massage is suitable for long periods of time and can be stored. bath set to heat up the water body temperature, as warm oil is not only pleasant, but quickly seeping into the skin

 . massages in the morning also carried out before showering. Lubricate all of us from head to toe. Smoothing a circular motion. contains more than 40 kinds of rare herbal extracts, this classic massage oil that have excellent skin nourishing and anti-inflammatory effects.

 The oil nourishes, softens, smoothes your skin, improve the texture, the stiffness of the muscles and helps to block the release of the stress, increases circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins. Regular use can increase the skin cell regeneration, delaying the aging process

  Regeneration of detoxification relieve the body, allows the renewal. According to the Ayurvedic approach to regeneration means to stabilize and restore our balance.  http://fatburnreview.livejournal.com/

 Healthy Exercise: According to Ayurveda, a natural form of exercise or activity specific exercise is very important. The movement should be easily enforceable, pleasant

 Friendly and body be to fill up with fresh energy. The best corresponds to the free nature walk at this goal, as the walk is a natural activity that brings everything balanced. designed exercises: yoga exercises yoga breathing exercises

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